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65 Egg Puns


For truly egg-cellent egg puns and jokes, check out this list. Whether you just want a funny joke to enjoy while cooking or raise chickens, these egg puns and jokes are for you. They will really have you “cracking” up before long!

Egg Puns And Egg Jokes

Egg Puns

1. Why did the chicken cross the internet? It wanted to get to the other site.

2. What is a chicken’s least favorite day of the week? Fry-day.

3. What happens if you try playing table tennis with a really bad egg? It first goes ping, then pong.

4. What is a rooster’s favorite book? The hen-cyclopedia.

5. What did the chicken say after acing the exam? Omelet smarter than I look!

6. How does a hen leave her house in the morning? Through the correct eggs-it.

7. Why should you never tell an egg a funny joke? Because it’ll really crack up.

8. Why did the egg decide to cross the road? It wanted to get to the Shell station.

9. Why did the eggs want a clown at their birthday party? Because he really cracked them up.

10. Did you hear about the witch who turned her best friend into an egg? They say he kept poaching her ideas.

11. Why should you never tease egg whites? They really can’t take a yolk.

12. Why did the chicken cross the playground? It wanted to get to the other slide.

13. Why did the chickens have the cook arrested? They say that he would beat the eggs.

14. What do you call a city that has 20 million eggs? You call it New Yolk City.

15. How many eggs do you need to screw in a light bulb? None because eggs don’t have hands.

16. How can you drop an uncooked egg seven feet without actually breaking it? Drop it eight feet because it won’t break for the first seven.

17. Why do they make chicken coops with just two doors? If it had four doors, it would be a sedan.

18. What do you call an egg who likes to go on safari? An eggs-plorer!

19. What is an egg’s best exercise program? Running.

20. What do eggs look for when they are driving on the highway? The nearest eggs-it.

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21. Why can’t an egg get a driver’s license? Because they like to egg-celerate too much.

22. Why wouldn’t the farmer let the bad hens back in the hen house? Because they kept laying deviled eggs.

23. Why did the celebrity egg lose all of her closest friends? They thought that she was a shell out.

24. Why was the little egg afraid of the dark? He thought that there was an egg-stra terrestrial hiding under his bed.

25. Why aren’t monsters allowed into the chicken coop? They always make the eggs terri-fried.

26. How did the mother egg get to the supermarket? In the eggs-press lane.

27. What did the doctor tell the hen with heart problems? To lay off eggs for a few weeks.

28. Where do Eskimos put their eggs to keep them cold? In their egg-loos.

29. Why did the eggs enroll in school? They wanted to become egg-ucated.

30. How do you know when it is too hot in a barn? When the hens start laying hard-boiled eggs.

31. What do you call someone who eats too many eggs? An egg-oholic.

32. Why wouldn’t T-Rex take part in the school’s egg hunt on Easter? He kept coming up short-handed.

33. Why did the eggs invite the mother hen to the egg party? Because they knew that she would bring coop cakes.

34. Why should little eggs never play on the computer for too long? Because it can leave their brains friend.

35. Did you hear about the farm hens that stopped producing eggs? The farmer had a lot of eggs-plaining to do to his customers.

36. Why should you always be careful around eggs? Because they are real practical yolkers.

37. Why did the lazy hen decide to lay her egg on an ax? She wanted it to hatchet early.

38. Why was the gourmet chef arrested? They say that he whipped the cream and beat the eggs.

39. Why did the retired general refuse to color his Easter eggs? He had heard that old soldiers never dye.

40. Why did the mother hen rinse out her chick’s mouth with soap? He kept using such fowl language.

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41. When is the best time to eat your eggs? At the crack of dawn.

42. Why did the two eggs break up with each other? She thought that he wasn’t all that he was cracked up to be.

43. What did the runner eat after his morning jog? Scrambled Legs and Achin’.

44. Why was the hen so stressed out? She was really scrambling to get all of her work done.

45. Why can you only eat one egg on an empty stomach? After that, your stomach isn’t empty anymore.

46. Why was the egg late for school this morning? He was afraid he hadn’t studied enough for the eggs-am.

47. Why did the rooster ask the hen out on a date? He was feeling plucky.

48. What do you call an egg that was laid on the roof of a barn? An egg roll.

49. Why was the little hen the best at everything? Because she was an eggs-pert.

50.Why couldn’t the cooked egg go out to the party? He was feeling a bit friend.

51. What is an egg’s favorite kind of tree? The mighty y-oak.

52. What is the hen’s favorite part of a baseball game? When it goes into egg-tra innings.

53. Why couldn’t the egg be a stand-up comedian? He kept cracking up at all of his own yolks.

54. How do baby chicks like to dance? Chick-to-chick, of course!

55. A rooster lays an egg on a roof that ha a 45 degree angel on one side and a 90 degree angel on the other. Which way did the egg roll? It didn’t go anywhere. Roosters don’t lay eggs.

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56. Why shouldn’t you ever confuse your chickens? Because they will end up laying scrambled eggs.

57. Why was the egg afraid of his final exam? He was terrified of cracking under the pressure.

58. What does a chicken like to order at Starbucks? A piping hot eggs-presso.

59. Who tells the best egg puns and jokes? The comedy-hens.

60. What is the only type of plant that can live in a hen house? Eggplants.

61. Why don’t hens have a television in the hen house? The channels are always scrambled.

62. What happens when you blend a computer manual with a cookbook? You get an egg-shell spreadsheet.

63. Why was little Johnny sleeping on top of the hens? He wanted a feather bed.

64. Why do hens take so long at the grocery store? They keep balking at the prices.

65. What happens when you mix a chicken and a cement mixer? You get a brick layer.


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