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50 Egyptian Names for Your Baby Boy


If you had to pick one ancient civilization that’s considered to be the most advanced, it’s said to be the Egyptian one. With centuries of learned men passing on their knowledge to the next generation, their culture is rich with written texts that give us a glimpse of what life was like back in their day.

Egypt has a vast history of great rulers, fallen queens, and deities that are said to have guarded the realm. With this comes a host of wonderful names that carry the weight of the people who used to bear them.

You have the pharaoh Ramses, who was as a brother to the biblical moses. You have Nephi, the good son who founded the Nephite people. And you have the great architect Imhotep who designed the step pyramid in Saqqara.

In terms of deities, you have the most famous god, Ra, who is the god of the sun. You also have Montu, the corageous falcon-god of war. And of course, you can’t forget Horus, the god of light.

If you want your baby boy to have a meaningful historical name or a name from one of the Egyptian deities, you’ve come to the right place!

Abanoub is the name of a 4th-century Christian martyr from Egypt. Abanoub literally means “father of gold” in Coptic. He was killed when he was 12 years old for refusing to leave Christianity. He is known as the Child Martyr.

Amon means “the hidden one”

Aten means “sun disk” or “heat and light of the sun”

Aton means “Solar disk”

Bast means “fire, heat.” Bast was the goddess of fertility and the sun who was considered a protector of Lower Egypt.

Donkor means “The one who is humble”

Eshaq means “prophet”

Femi means “one who loves”

Hager means “flight” or “stranger”

Hanbal means “purity, pristine, perfect”

Horus means “god of light”

Husani means “A handsome boy”

Imhotep means “he comes in peace.” This is the name of the architect, priest, physician, and chief minister of the pharaoh Djoser. He is said to have designed the step pyramid in Saqqara, Memphis.

Jabare means “a man known for his bravery”

Jabari means “one who is brave”

Kamuzu means “healer”

Kosey means “lion”

Lateef means “one of kind and mild nature”

Lukman means “he who is a prophet”

Makalani means “clerk”

Masud means “a person of good fortune”

Masuda means “a happy and joyful Boy”

Masudah means “a man whose personality is happy and joyful”

Masudi means “a merry and delighted person”

Menefer means “established and beautiful”

Moeshe means “born of the water.” Moeshe is an Egyptian variant of the name Moses.

Moise means “a person of ebony complexion”

Moises means “a kind and compassionate person”

Moishe means “clearance on unfruitful land, Defrayal on barren land.”

Moisis means “The noble Lord who shows a kindly or tender nature.

Moke means “The person who is sweetened with honey, who is remarkably fine.”

Montu is an ancient Egyptian god who takes the form of a falcon.

Mosiah means “born of the water.” Mosiah is an Egyptian variant of the name Moses.

Naguib means “an innocent person”

Nephi means “a good son.” Nephi was the founder of Nephite people and the author of the first two books of the Book of Mormon.

Nkosi means “the law”

Odion means “yellow daffodil flowers”

Ozymandias means “King of Kings.” Ozymandias is the Greek name for the pharaoh Ramses.

Pilis means “the second born son”

Ra means “the sun”

Radames means “An Egyptian name meaning hero”

Rah means “sun.” Rah is the Egyptian sun god who is identified as the noon sun.

Rameses is said to be the son of Ra. He was one of the Eleven Egyptian kings.

Seb means “god of the earth” or “venerable”

Sef means “yesterday”

Sefu means “sword”

Tutankhamon means “image of the life of the god Amon.” The discovery of his tomb led to the worldwide interest in ancient Egypt.

Shakir means “grateful”

Zaliki means “well-born”

Ziyad means “he shall add”

Give your baby boy a name fit for a pharaoh, a learned one, or if you’re feeling audacious, the name of one of Egypt’s ancient gods. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect Egyptian name for your baby boy in this list!


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