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50 Ancient and Modern Egyptian Names for Your Baby Girl


With the names of Egyptian queens and goddesses to choose from, you can’t go wrong with finding the perfect name for your baby girl in this list!

Egypt is known to have a rich culture that we have the luxury of studying thanks to the fastidious work of ancient clerks and historians. Thanks to their efforts, we have glimse of Egyptian life and culture from millenia ago.

In these writings are the names of Egyptian women who have greatly influenced Egypt. You have great pharaohs like the seductive Cleopatra, the beautiful Nefertiti, and the powerful Hapshetsut. In terms of goddesses, you have Isis, Sakhmet, and Tauret.

And among these great names are also names about beauty, intelligence, gracefulness, tenderness, and other good qualities you want to bestow upon your little one. Of course, nature plays a pretty big role in names too, as there are names about the Nile, the rain, and the sky.

Below are just some great Egyptian names for your baby girl. We hope you have fun choosing the right one!

Asenath is the name of Joseph the Dreamer’s Egyptian wife. She was the daughter of a priest of Helopolis. She bore Joseph two sons, the patriarchs of the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim.

Akila means “intelligent”

Aziza means “respected, darling”

Berenike means “one who brings victory”

Chione means “daughter of the Nile”

Dalilah means “one who languishes”

Eboni means “black” or “dark”

Edrice means “a prosperous ruler”

Feme means “a name of love”

Hatshepsut means “foremost of noble women.” Hatshepsut was the name of a pharaoah of the 18th dynasty. She was the first woman to have taken the title of Pharaoh.

Isis is an Egyptian goddess. She was worshipped both in Egypt and in rome. She is known to be the ideal mother and wife, a patroness of nature, and a friend to slaves, sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden. She is also the protector of the dead and the goddess of children.

Issa means “god saves”

Jendayi means “thankful”

Kamilah means “perfection”

Khepri means “morning sun”

Kissa means “sister of twins”

Kleopatra A form of Cleopatra, meaning glory to father. Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt. She bore the son of Julius Caesar, whom she names Caesareon.

Lapis means “a semi-precious stone of the intense blue colour”

Lateefah means “pleasant and kind person of tender character”

Maat is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and orderly conduct.

Mandisa means “sweet”

Masika means “a girl who was born during the rain”

Mensah means “born third”

Meskhenet means “destiny”

Moswen means “the light skin toned person”

Na’eemah means “a caring and compassionate woman”

Nane means “A nice natured person”

Neferteri means “the gorgeous one”

Nafertari means “the most beautiful.” This is the name of an Egyptian queen of the New Kingdom, the favorite wife of Ramses II.

Nerfertiti means “the beautiful one has come.” Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen of the new kingdom. She was the principal wife of Akhenaton, the pharaoh who attempted to impose a monotheistic religion centered around the sun god Aton.

Neferure means “human being, mankind or woman kind”

Nefret means “most stunning, lovely, nice looking”

Neith means “standing high above others”

Nenet means “the person who is spiritual and divine”

Nephthys means “lady of boundaries of temples”

Nour means “light or luminous”

Nubia means “the woman from Nubia, the ancient name of Ethiopia.”

Quibilah means “peaceful”

Rania means “delightful”

Nut was the goddess of the sky. She is depicted as a naked woman covered by stars.

Rashida means “righteous”

Rehema means “a compasionate woman of kind heart”

Safiya means “one who is pure”

Sadiki means “faithful”

Sakhmet the powerful one.” She is a warrior goddess and the goddess of healing. She is often depicted as a fierce lioness.

Salilah means “the agreeable one”

Shani means “a wonderful woman”

Tauret is the hippopotamus-goddess of pregnant women and childbirth. She was the mother of Osiris and Isis.

Thema means “the queen”

Tiye is the name of the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian pharaog Amenhotep III. She was the mother Akhenated and grandmother of Tutankhamun.

Which Egyptian name did you take a liking to? Let us know which names caught your attention so we can discuss your thoughts in the comments below!


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