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100 European Baby Names


Europe is a huge area, so there are many different names that have been popular over history. Some European baby names date back thousands of years, and others are more recent. Often, the most common names were names like Robert, Alice, William and Elizabeth. During the classic period, Italian and French names became more popular. Spanish names also became trendy. We have compiled a list of 100 European baby names from different time periods, areas and trends.


50 European Baby Names for Girls

1. Sophia

Sophia has been a popular name for years, and it has grown in popularity recently. Over the years, it has been the name of film stars and European intellectuals. It comes from a root word that means wisdom, which makes it an excellent name for a baby girl.

2. Peyton

This European baby name can be used for boys or girls. It means a fighting man’s estate.

3. Eleanor

Elanor first became popular after Queen Elanor of Aquitaine brought the name over from France to England. It has risen and fallen in popularity over the centuries.

4. Sarah

Sarah is still a traditional, popular name. This name means princess and actually first appeared in the Bible.

5. Chiara

Chiara is such an adorable Italian name. This pretty name means light, which makes it a great name for the light of your life.

6. Audrey

Audrey is a European name that means noble strength. It remains popular because of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s star, Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn was born in England, and her thin figure was a remnant of growing up during World War II.

7. Madelyn

Madelyn is a name that comes from France. The original French version of the name was spelled as Madeleine.

8. Violet

Violet is one of our favorite floral names, and it was also once popular in England.

9. Hannah

Hannah is a name that was once popular among the aristocracy. It means grace and looks the same spelled backward as it does spelled normally.

10. Lilou

If you are tired of Louise, Lee and Lily, then Lilou is a more modern take on these names.

11. Mia

Mia comes from Germany where it means mine. We think that this would be an adorable name for a baby girl.

12. Maja

Maja sounds like it is from the Middle East, but it actually comes from Sweden. This Swedish name means pearl, so its meaning is just as pretty as it is.

13. Annabelle

Annabelle may have been more popular in the last century than now, but we still think that this old-fashioned name is worth taking a look at. It has a melodious, charming quality that makes it perfect for a baby girl.

14. Gabriella

Last year, there were more than 5,000 girls who were given this name in Europe. This popular name can also be easily shortened into nicknames like Gabby or Ella.

15. Esmeralda

Esmeralda means Emerald in Spanish. It was popularized as the name of the pretty gypsy in Disney’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame. You can also shorten this adorable name to Esme.

16. Diane

This name has been popular among English royalty. Originally a name of a mythical goddess of the hunt and the moon, it was also the name of the United Kingdom’s Princess Diana.

17. London

If you want a name that has more obvious European connections, then this is a good one to go with. It could work for both a boy or a girl.

18. Alice

Alice is a European name that was popularized by the Alice in Wonderland book.

19. Kennedy

Kennedy can be used for boys or girls, and it was once the surname of a United States president.

20. Ava

Ava was originally a Latin name that meant life. It was essentially the Latin form of the name, Eve.

21. Ingrid

Ingrid is a Danish name that means Ing’s beauty. Long ago, Ing was the god of the earth’s fertility.

22. Isla

Isla means island in Spanish, but it is also the name of a river in Scotland.

23. Abigail

This is a lovely European name. Abigail was the wife of David. She was known for her beauty, wisdom and prophetic abilities. The name actually means my father is joyful.

24. Mareike

Mareike is a name that means bitter. It is a German variation on the name Mary.

25. Anna

Anna is a variation on the name Ann or Anne. Many of these names have been used by European royal families as well as commoners in Europe.

26. Olivia

Olivia is a feminine name that means olive tree. It was also the name of a Shakespearean character.

27. Lola

Lola is actually a French name. In French, this name means sorrow.

28. Stella

Stella is a beautiful name that has been used for years in Europe.

29. Logan

Logan may have originally been a boys name, but it is also used by girls in more recent years. This name means hollow.

30. Penelope

This name means weaver and can be shortened to nicknames like Poppy, Penny or Nell. It was famously the name of the wife of Odysseus in Homer’s epic poems.

31. Alzbeta

This name comes from the Czech language where it is a variation on the English name, Elizabeth.

32. Serenity

Serenity is a word that means peace, which makes it an appropriate name for a baby girl.

33. Isabella

Isabella is a lovely name that was once the name of the queen of Spain who sent Christopher Columbus to the Americas. You can also shorten this to nicknames like Bella.

34. Maya

Maya is a lovely Spanish name that is sweet and delicate.

35. Michalina

This is a Polish name that means no one compares to the lord.

36. Lillian

Lillian is a variation on the name Elizabeth, but it is a good alternative to the popular name, Lily.

37. Katherine

Katherine is a European name that has been used by many European royal families. You can also shorten this to nicknames like Kate or Kitty.

38. Illona

Illona comes from Greece and means torch of light.

39. Grace

Grace is considered a virtue and is actually a popular name in Northern Ireland. i

40. Autumn

This baby name is popular in Europe, and it calls to mind the bright colors and crisp air of the fall season.

41. Caroline

Caroline is a classic European name that means free man.

42. Charlotte

Charlotte has become a popular name among the European royal families, and it would be a lovely name for a baby girl.

43. Emma

Emma is a name that has returned to the top 10 name list.

44. Adriana

Adriana is a name that comes from the Netherlands. The Dutch often shorten this name to nicknames like Rie.

45. Abella

Abella is an adorable name that originated in Spain.

46. Clare

Clare is a more classic sounding version of the name Clara. While Clara was quite popular in Italy, Clare is growing in popularity in the United States.

47. Emily

Emily is a lovely name that was once the name of authors like Emily Dickinson and Emily Bronte.

48. Samantha

Samantha is the female version of Samuel.

49. Eliana

Eliana is a lovely name that is said to mean God has answered.

50. Arianna

Arianna is one of the top 25 names in Italy and would be a pretty choice for a baby girl.

50 European Baby Names for Boys

1. Cyrilo

This Portuguese name means lordly.

2. Alejandro

Alejandro is a Spanish version of Alexander.

3. Hugo

This Latin name is an older version of the name Hugh.

4. Evan

This European name means the lord is gracious and was quite popular in Wales during the 19th century.

5. Remy

Remy started rising in popularity in 2009. This may be due to the name’s appearance in the 2007 Disney movie, Ratatouille.

6. Stefan

Stefan means crown.

7. Matteo

Matteo is the Italian version of Matthew, but it certainly has a more exotic sound to it.

8. Pietro

Pietro is a Greek name that means rock. It is a variation on the name Peter.

9. Lotte

Lotte is a European name that is one of the top 100 names in the Netherlands. It means masculine.

10. Paolo

Paulo is an Italian version of the name Paul, but it sounds extremely exotic.

11. Phillipe

This European name certainly has an exotic, beautiful sound to it!

12. Ferdinand

Ferdinand was the name of several Roman emperors, Italian kings and Spanish kings.

13. Jasper

This European name means bringer of treasure.

14. Marcel

This name means little warrior and was the name the French Oscar winner Marion Cottilard gave to her son.

15. Gabriel

Gabriel was once the name of the archangel who announced that Jesus Christ was born. This Biblical name means God is my strength. It appears in the Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy books.

16. Mikel

This is a European variation on the name Michael. It means one who is like God.

17. Jan

This unusual name comes from Nordic Culture. In Danish, it is a variation on the name John.

18. Xander

Xander is a cool sounding name that comes to us from Greece. In Greek, this hip name means defender of people.

19. Eryk

This name comes to us from Polish, but it has a cooler meaning in Nordic cultures. In Norse, it means eternal ruler.

20. Gustav

Gustav is a fairly popular name in Sweden and Germany. This name is said to mean staff of the goths. We think it would be a strong, unusual name choice for a baby boy.

21. Hector

Hector was the name of a hero in the Greek’s Trojan War. The name actually means holding fast, and it is rarely heard today.

22. Blaise

Blaise is a lovely name that was once the name of a Christian martyr in ancient times.

23. Xavier

Xavier is a European name that means brightness. Because of the saint, many people use this name with Francis.

24. Henrik

Henrik is a hipper, more traditional version of the name Henry. Since World War II, it has grown substantially in popularity. It has remained in the top 50 names for about 20 years.

25. Davide

This is a unique alternative on the name Davide. In Italian, this name means beloved.

26. Oliver

Oliver is a popular name in Sweden right now. This name is said to mean affectionate.

27. Adorjan

We love this name that comes to us from Hungary. It was originally created in the Finno-Ugric language, but we think it would be a great name in English-speaking nations as well.

28. Raymond

This is a fairly traditional name in Europe, and it can be easily shortened to the nickname Ray. The name is said to mean wise protector.

29. Enzo

Enzo is such an adorable name. Originally, it was more common to hear it as a nickname for the name Lorenzo. The name Enzo is said to mean estate ruler.

30. Javier

The J in Javier is pronounced like an H since it comes from Spain. It was well known as the name of the Spanish-born actor and Oscar nominee, Javier Bardem.

31. Leon

Leon is gradually becoming popular in the United States, although it has remained quite popular in Europe for years. The name actually peaked in popularity in the 1920s. This name means lion, which makes it a fun name for a baby boy.

32. Benito

Benito is a Portuguese name that comes from the name Benedict. This name is said to mean blessed.

33. Isak

Isak is a cooler, more unique take on the name of Isaac. This Russian variation comes from the original Hebrew name, Isaac. You can easily shorten it to cute nicknames like Izzy and Ike.

34. Kristoffer

This is a Scandinavian name that is a different variation of the English name, Christopher. As such, it also means bearer of Christ. Long ago, it was the name of a popular saint who is now the patron saint of travelers.

35. Rhys

Rhys is the Welsh version of names like Reece and Reese. It is quite popular in Ireland, Scotland and England. This name means ardor.

36. Giovanni

Giovanni is an Italian name that is one of the top 125 names in the United States.

37. Alban

We love this old-fashioned name. Back when Romans ruled the land, it was the name of a Christian martyr in Britain. This name originally meant white, and it can also be spelled as Alben.

38. Adelmo

This is an adorable, exotic name that comes to us from Germany. While some German names sound abrupt, this name has a pretty ring to it. In German, this name means noble protector. We think it would be a great name for a baby boy.

39. Luis

This beautiful European name means famous warrior.

40. Bence

This is a Hungarian version of the name Vincent. The name actually means conquering.

41. Florian

Florian is such a pretty name. While Florence used to be more popular, Florian is quickly rising in popularity. This Latin name would be a great first or middle name for a baby boy.

42. Victor

We love this European name. Over the years, it has been the name of saints and popes. The name commemorates and symbolizes the victory of Jesus Christ over death. Right now, it is quite popular among fashionable parents in London.

43. Rocco

This cute Italian name is said to mean rest. Right now, it is making a comeback among hipster parents.

44. Etienne

This is such an adorable European name. It means crown. Famously, it was the name of the amazing fashion designer, Etienne Aigner. If you want a fashionable, beautiful name, this is the option to choose.

45. Emilio

This is a variation on the name Emil. It is a popular name in Italy and Spain. This name is said to mean work.

46. Baptiste

Baptiste is a variation on the word Baptist. In Greek, baptist meant dip. For many years, this was primarily a surname, but we think it would be a great given name as well.

47. Giotto

This is one of our favorite European baby names. It was once the name of an Italian painter and architect known as Giotto di Bondone.

48. Marcello

Marcello is a Spanish name that originally came from Latin. In ancient times, Mars was the god of war. This turned into the Latin name, Marcellus. Later on, both versions were turned into the Spanish name, Marcello. This name is said to mean young warrior.

49. Kristian

Kristian is a hipper looking version of Christian. This Greek variation was actually a female name during the middle ages.

50. Armand

This is such a romantic sounding name for a baby boy. It originally became common after the production of Camille. If you are outside of Europe, you probably will not hear this name that often. It is said to mean soldier, which makes it a great name for your little soldier.


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