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100 Event Planning Business Names


If you want to start an event planning company, then you need to find the right event planning business names. Your name needs to be catchy so that clients will remember it. It also needs to make your company sound like the right type of business for the customer’s needs. Event planning can be for a wedding, a corporate event, a party or something else. Often, an event planning business will specialize in a specific area so that they can cater to their clients better. Because of this, some of the event planning business names on this list are designed for specific subtopics in industry.

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100 Event Planning Business Names

1. Exquisite Events: This is an easy way to show just how exquisite your events are.

2. Picture Perfect: In an age where everyone cares about social media posts and pictures, a name like this is bound to attract potential clients.

3. Event Guard: This name might appeal to clients who want the security of knowing that you have their best interests at heart and will guard the event with your life.

4. Be Our Guest: This phrase originally came from a song in Beauty & the Beast, but it is also an excellent plan on words for your event name.

5. Happily Ever After: While this sounds like it would work best for a wedding events planner, it could really work for other event planning business names as well.

6. Splendid Soirees: This event planning name wins bonus points for having alliteration.

7. iDo Events: Since the popularity of the iPhone, changing the “i” in any word to lower case has become a clever, trendy thing to do.

8. Epic Events: This wins for alliteration and sounds like the type of event planning business that would appeal to gamers as well.

9. Turnkey Events: When someone wants to hire you as an event planner, the last thing they want to do is any of the work. A name like this is an easy way to show that you will take care of all the details so that your client does not have to worry about anything.

10. Panache: Keep it simple with a business name like this one.

11. A Flair to Remember: This sounds like an affair to remember, but it has a lot of added “flair” to it as well.

12. Enchanted Events: After you cater their event, your clients will certainly feel like you are enchanting.

13. Corporate Affairs: If your company caters primarily to corporate events and business meetings, then this event planning business name would well for you.

14. A Series of Fortunate Events: There is a popular children’s book series called a Series of Unfortunate Events. This is a play on that name. While it would be especially memorable for a company that caters to children, this would still work for other clientele as well.

15. Fast n’ Furious: This is a play on a popular movie series, but it also describes how you plan your events each time.

16. Extraordinary Events: many event planning companies use alliteration to make their company a bit more memorable for companies.

17. Occasions: This name is a simple, easy way to show that you plan events for any occasion.

18. Without a Hitch: Your customers clearly want to have an event that comes off without a hitch.

19. Smooth Operations: Your clients are hiring you for smooth planning services, so this event planning business name is one way to show them what to expect.

20. Big Day: This sounds like a wedding planning company, but it can also work for other types of events as well.

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21. Unforgettable Events: After having an event planned by you, your clients will certainly agree that your company is unforgettable.

22. Plan on Perfection: When someone contracts a company to handle their event, then they can bet on a perfect event.

23. Black Tie Productions: If you tend to plan formal, black tie events, then this is the name to go with.

24. Three Cheers: Your event planning services will leave your customers cheering.

25. On the Agenda: This sounds like the name of an event planning group that focuses on corporations and business clients.

26. You’re Invited: This is a cute, easy name to give to your event planning company.

27. The Function Junction: This is one of the few event planning business names on the list that also happens to rhyming. Rhyming phrases are often easier for clients to remember, so this is a good option to go with.

28. Fete n’ Fiesta: This is a fun, creative name for your business.

29. Belle of the Ball: This sounds like the perfect name for formal events, parties and dances.

30. Let the Party Begin: Once you arrive, this is exactly what everyone there will be saying.

31. Eventagious: Your event planning company is truly contagious!

32. Seize the Day: Your event is the perfect way for everyone to seize the moment and have some fun.

33. The Big Bash: This name wins bonus points for alliteration.

34. Lucky Charms: When it comes to party planning, you are every customer’s lucky charm.

35. Strategic Planners: This sounds like the name of an event planning company that caters to corporate events.

36. Party Curators: This certainly makes your company sound rather upper class.

37. Dreams Come True: When someone hires you as an event planner, you know how to make all of their dreams come true.

38. Stress Savers: When someone is having a rough time with their events, it is always good to know that a planner can come in and save them on the stress.

39. Event Couture: This sounds like a very trendy, fashionable planning company.

40. PlanIt4U: This is a way to show that your events are all about the customer.

41. Divine Party Planners: Because your events truly are diving.

42. Wedding Gurus: This is obviously an event planning business name that works best for someone who focuses on planning wedding events.

43. Meeting in Minutes: If you want to show that you cater to business and corporate clients, this is a good option.

44. The Conference Connect: This is another option that works well for corporate event planning.

45. Party Poppers: Once you are on their team, you will make sure that the party truly gets started.

46. Cupcakes and Carats: This sounds like an adorable name for a wedding planning company.

47. Planning Gurus: Once the planning guru arrives, event planning becomes stress-free.

48. Events-ually Yours: This is an extremely cute name for an event planning name.

49. The Magic Touch: Because your company truly has the magic touch.

50. Dream Team: This is a popular option for many different types of companies. The only problem is that it doesn’t really show what your company is about in the actual name. Perhaps “Dream Team Events” would work better.

51. Magnificent Moments: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

52. Weddings Unveiled: This is another option that is great if you primarily plan weddings, engagements and receptions.

53. Plan on It: This is a cute, easy option to go with.

54. Down the Aisle: This is another event panning business name that is perfect for wedding planners.

55. Moments in Time: This is a cute, sweet option.

56. Elevated: Keep it simple with this name.

57. All-Season Events: You can plan events for every season with a name like this one.

58. Revelry: This is a good event planning name to go with.

59. Rel-Event: This name shows that your event planning skills are relevant and on point.

60. Birthday Bash: If you primarily plan birthday parties, this is the name to go with.

How To Choose A Name For Your Event Planning Business

61. Plan With Style: This is a fun, easy option.

62. The Eventalist!: This is absolutely adorable.

63. Your Planning Guardian: When it comes to plan events, you are like the customers guardian angel.

64. Style Savvy: This is another event planning name that wins for alliteration.

65. Elegant Planners: This is a good choice.

66. Your Way to Enchantment: This name might be a little long, but it still works fairly well.

67. The Event Mania: This is another excellent option.

68. Plan Your Event: Keep it simple with this name. It will certainly be easy for customers to tell what your company is all about.

69. Birthday Blings: This is great for a company that focuses on birthday events.

70. Fab Functions: This is a cool-sounding option.

71. The Big Picture: This is for an event planning business that knows how to look at the big picture.

72. Unique Planners: If you want to sound unique, this would be an obvious way to do it.

73. The Newlyweds:This would work well for an event planning business name if you work primarily with weddings.

74. Party Experimenters: Experimenting can be fun, right?

75. Wonder Weddings: If you cater mostly to weddings and engagements, this name will certainly showcase that.

Creative Event Planning Company names Ideas

76. Balloons ‘N’ Ribbons: This is a cute, easy option for an event planning business name.

77. Tie the Knot: This is another good option for companies that cater to newlyweds and engaged couples.

78. P is for Planning: This is a simple option.

79. Your Party Guide: Use this name I you are always a good guide for a party.

80. We Manage Better: This is one way to show that you are better than everyone else.

81. The Classy Events: This is a good way to show that you offer chic services.

82. Occasions on the Go: You offer services for people who are on the go and need help right away.

83. Helping Hand: Because your company gives people a bit of a helping hand when they need it.

84. Events Mean Business: You are a business, but you also happen to mean business when it comes to events.

85. Affairs to Remember: After coming to one of your events, people will surely agree that it was an affair to remember.

86. WOW Event Planning: This is exactly what party-goers will be saying about your event.

87. EventAbility: You have the ability to make every event shine.

88. A-Z Planning: This is a fun, easy option to go with.

89. Plan and Simple: This is a variation on the phrase, “Plain and simple.”

90. Memories Managed: This sounds like the Harry Potter phrase, “Mischief Managed.”

Event Planning Business Names

91. Fun Done: Because you know how to get the fun done.

92. PlanIt Earth: Get it? Planet earth.

93. Plantastic: Because you plan things fantastically.

94. Flawless Functions: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

95. Gorgeous Galas: For an event planner who does giant events and galas.

96. Eventive: This is one of the better event planning business names.

97. Something to Remember: That is certainly descriptive of your services!

98. The Event Collective: This sounds like a cute name.

99. On-Point Planning: Because your team is always on point!

100. Chasing Perfection: Hopefully, you won’t have to chase it for long.


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