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100 Exotic Girl Names


You want a baby name that is different than anyone else’s name. If so, these exotic girl names will be perfect. We have a list of 100 exotic girl names to get you started. You can use these as a first name, middle name or pick two names from the list for the first and middle name.

100 Exotic Girl Names

1. Candie

While some may consider it a stripper name, we think that Candie has an undeserved reputation. This exotic name is often used as a nickname for Candace.

2. Aba

Aba is a name that means born on a Thursday. Obviously, this name will make a lot more sense if your daughter was actually born on a Thursday.

3. Ifeoma

Good luck spelling this name. If you are looking for something unusual and exotic though, this is a good choice. The name hails from Nigeria’s Igbo tribe.

4. Rosalba

This name comes from Spain and is basically a variation on the name Rosa. In Spanish, this pretty sounding name means white rose.

5. Ziva

Ziva is a Hebrew name that means brilliance or splendor. It is connected to the month when the Israelis gained independence. In addition, Ziva is the name of one of the most popular characters in the television show NCIS.

6. Naida

This is a beautiful name that is perfect for any child who has a water sign for their zodiac symbol. This name is said to mean goddess.

7. Elqenna

While it may not be common now, it has been gradually becoming more popular. This name means superior.

8. Helen

Helen is an exotic name that means the bright one. It has actually been a popular name since ancient times. Long ago, Helen of Troy was the reason the Trojan War started. She fell in love with the Trojan, Paris, and they ran away together to Troy to be together. In response, her husband and his allies launched ships to steal her back from the Trojans. As a result of this initial catalyst, the stories in the Iliad and the Odyssey took place.

9. Caressa

This pretty name comes from France and means tender touch in French.

10. Ingrid

Ingrid is an exotic name that means beautiful. It was famously the name of a beautiful Hollywood starlet called Ingrid Bergman.

11. Akello

This lovely sounding name comes from Kenya where it is a traditional Kenyan name.

12. Francesca

Francesca is a Teutonic name and has such an exotic, beautiful ring to it. The male version of this name, Frances, was once the name of several different saints in the Catholic religion. It is also the name of the pope.

13. Ruth

Ruth may be fairly old-fashioned, but it has a certain exotic appeal. This name was the third most popular name for the year 1890.

14. Grahaniya

While spelling this name might be tough, it certainly is one of the more exotic, unusual names on this list.

15. Tulay

This lovely name means veil of the moon.

16. Bastina

This is basically a different variation of the name Sebastian. It means inheritance.

17. Valentina

Valentina is the more modern, unusual version of the name Valerie. It means brave.

18. Consuela

This Spanish name sounds sophisticated and trendy. It means consolation.

19. Nur

Nur is an unusual name that means light. This Arabic name is particularly popular among Muslim parents.

20. Milagros

Milagros is the Spanish word for miracle, which is exactly what your baby will be for you.

21. Darcia

This is a variation on the French name, Darcy.

22. Dita

Before it became Dita, this name came from the Czech Republic. This name has quickly become popular in England and means happy warfare.

23. Victoria

Victoria may be an old-fashioned name, but it is certainly a popular one. It has remained popular because it was once a name of the popular Queen Victoria.

24. Gamela

Gamela is a beautiful baby name that appears in Arabic and Scandinavia. It means the earnest one.

25. Shilin

This Gaelic name means cherry.

26. Odine

Odin is certainly an unusual name. It has its origins in Latin and meant a wise woman.

27. Kamalei

This pretty name is exotic and comes from Hawaii. This pretty name means close to the heart.

28. Calithea

This lovely baby girl name means beauty.

29. Gia

Gia is often used as a shortened nickname for names like Gianna and Giovanna. It means gracious.

30. Chanel

Obviously, this French name was once the name of the fashion designer and trend setter Coco Chanel.

31. Angelika

Angelika is certainly an angelic sounding name.

32. Giulia

Giulia comes from Italy, although it is quickly becoming a popular replacement for Julia in English speaking nations.

33. Regina

Regina has a classical, regal elegance and is one of the top 100 baby names this year.

34. Sadira

If you are looking for an unusual name, Sadira is the one to choose. This unusual Persian name means a lotus plant. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of the path to enlightenment.

35. Nia

Nia is a pretty name that is actually one of the days during Kwanzaa.

36. Beatriz

Beatriz is an old-fashioned name that is popular among Hispanic families. This name means one who brings joy.

37. Murni

Murni is such a pretty name. This Indonesian name is said to mean pure.

38. Bennu

Bennu is an extremely unusual name to hear in English speaking countries. This traditional Egyptian name is said to mean eagle.

39. Fanchon

We love this Teutonic name. This cute name means free, so it is the perfect choice for a free spirit and independent little girl.

40. Kalene

This is an unusual name that comes from a word that means flower.

41. Corazon

This is certainly an exotic name in English speaking cultures, but it is fairly common to hear in Hispanic countries. This exotic girl name means heart in Spanish.

42. Akila

This name comes from Egypt. Akila is said to mean intelligent.

43. Francoise

This is such a sophisticated, exotic name. It is a French variation on the boy’s name, Franciscus. This name means free.

44. Mumbi

Mumbi is such a cute, hip name. This name is said to mean mother of the people.

45. Arianna

Over the last few years, this exotic name has become increasingly popular. We think that this is one of our favorite names on this list. It means chaste and blends well with a number of different middle names.

46. Amrita

Amrita comes from India. This traditional, classic name is said to mean immortality.

47. Linza

Linza is an exotic name that is starting to become more popular. This American name means beautiful.

48. Coco

Coco is the first name of the French fashion designer and trend setter, Coco Chanel. It means help.

49. Lucia

Lucia is a wonderful name that can be turned into nicknames like Luz or Lucy. It means light in Latin, which makes it an ideal name for a baby girl.

50. Raquel

This is a Hebrew name that is fairly popular in Spanish speaking countries. This pretty name means innocent.

51. Kiera

This lovely name is popular in the United States and can be spelled a number of different ways.

52. Humiya

This lovely, exotic name means history.

53. Adele

In Germany, this name means sweet. It is also the name of a popular singer from the United Kingdom.

54. Bernadette

Bernadette is such an adorable name. Long ago, it was the name of a saint who saw the Virgin Marie as a little girl. The name means brave as a bear in French.

55. Penelope

This lovely name remains a perennial favorite and is the name of the popular actress, Penelope Cruz.

56. Carlita

This lovely name means manly, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying its exotic appeal.

57. Dondi

If you want an unusual, exotic girl name, than Dondi is the perfect choice. This name means lady of rank.

58. Selena

Selena is a beautiful name that means moon goddess, which makes it an apt choice for a little girl.

59. Parthena

This lovely name means pure. It is a variation on the name Parthenia, and it sounds like the infamous Parthenon.

60. Iyabo

Iyabo is certainly an unusual name for a baby girl. In Yoruba, this name means reincarnation of her mother.

61. Clara

This vintage name means bright.

62. Layla

The name Layla means born at night. If your baby is born at night, then this name would certainly be a great choice for her.

63. Camilla

In Roman mythology, Camilla is a swift huntress who can run so fast that she can cross a field without a single blade of grass being bent. This name also means noble. The meaning is especially interesting since Camilla is the woman who married Prince Charles after Princess Diana died.

64. Esperanza

This lovely Spanish name means hope.

65. Elise

We love this exotic sounding name. While it was more popular in the 19th century, you still hear it sometimes today. This name means oath of God.

66. Hamisi

This Kenyan name means born on Thursday, so it would be a great choice if your child actually was born on a Thursday.

67. Chiara

Chiara us such a pretty name. It comes from Italy and is quite popular in Europe.

68. Fanaka

This tribal name comes from Swahili and is said to mean prosperous.

69. Siona

This lovely Indian name means star.

70. Sarah

In the Old Testament, Sarah was the wife of Abraham.

71. Gabriella

This graceful name is a female version of the name Gabriel. It is said to mean woman of God.

72. Tawney

This is an Irish name that actually means a green field. We think that it would be such an exotic, pretty choice for a baby girl.

73. Putri

This name comes from Indonesia where it is said to mean princess.

74. Madeleine

Madeleine is a French name that means from the tower. It also happens to be the name of the main character of a popular children’s cartoon.

75. Serilda

Serilda is a Teutonic name. This unusual name means a maiden in battle armor.

76. Lilja

This exotic name comes from Iceland. In Icelandic cultures, it means lily.

77. Augustina

Augustina is a modern version of the name Augusta. Long ago, Augustus was an emperor of Rome. Previously, Julius Caesar decided that he would have a month (July) named after him to symbolize his parity with the gods. Emperor Augustus decided that he was just as good as Julius, so he had a month named after him as well (August).

78. Marisol

Marisol is one of the prettiest names for a baby girl on this list. Since it combines the Spanish words mar (sea) and sol (sun), it is a lovely choice for a baby girl.

79. Ines

This lovely Spanish name means chaste.

80. Peni

This pretty name comes from Spanish and is a variation of the name Penelope.

81. Tamika

In Japanese, this name means child of the people.

82. Bette

This is a more modern variation on the old-fashioned name, Betty.

83. Agatha

Agatha was a Greek name that was popularized following the Norman Conquest of England. It means a good woman. More recently, it was made famous by the mystery novelist, Agatha Christie.

84. Zaliki

This lovely name means well-born and is quite unusual to hear.

85. Sofia

We love this name, although it is quickly becoming quite common to hear. It is said to mean wise.

86. Claudia

This name comes from one of the wives of Nero in Roman history.

87. Nova

This is a Latin name that means star.

88. Antoinette

We love this French variation on the male name, Anthony. It means beyond praise.

89. Svana

This Icelandic name is said to mean swan.

90. Lola

Lola is such a cute name. This Spanish name means a strong lady.

91. Femi

This name may not be super popular today, but you will still hear it occasionally. Femi means love.

92. Wanniya

This lovely name means Spirit in Amharic.

93. Charlotte

Charlotte is an old-fashioned name that is quickly gaining in popularity. It is a female version of the male name Charles.

94. Amaris

In Hebrew, this is a variation on the name Amara. This name is beautiful and means given by God.

95. Kady

Kady is an Irish take on the nickname, Katie. You can use it as a shortened nickname for Katherine, Cadence or Katrina as well.

96. Valdis

This is certainly one of the more uncommon, exotic names on this list. Valdis comes from Norse and is a pretty name for a baby girl.

97. Maya

We love the name Maya, which is said to mean daughter of Atlas. In some languages, Maya also means of the sea.

98. Diamonique

This English name means of high value, which makes sense since it sounds like the expensive gemstone, diamond.

99. Philomena

Philomena comes to us from ancient Greece. In Greek, this pretty, earthy name means lover of strength.

100. Julieta

While Juliet may be quite common, Julieta is a more unique variation on the standard version. This name is said to mean youthful, which makes it perfect for a youthful baby girl.


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