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150 Fantasy Baseball Team Names


Are you looking for the perfect fantasy baseball team names? If you are struggling to find the perfect name, we can help. You can use the names that are on this list, or you can use them as inspiration for your own ideas. Mix and match some of the puns for a more unique option. funny fantasy baseball team names 2018

150 Fantasy Baseball Team Names

1. The Dynasty: This is one of the most popular names for any type of fantasy team, but it can certainly be used for baseball as well.

2. Stroman Troopers: Star Wars fans will love this play on the Storm Troopers.

3. Gettin’ Wiggy With It: If you pick this as your fantasy baseball team name,you will automatically get a theme song as well.

4. Teheran, Teheran So Far Away: This is such a cute option.

5. Dragons: Who doesn’t like dragons?

6. Extra Bases with Happy Faces: It’s time to go for those home runs!

7. Kluber Lang Knockout: This is a clever option.

8. Long Balls: Nice one.

9. The Pap Smears: I’m not quite sure what you would be going for with this one.

10. Hot Pocket Corner: This is an awesome option.

11. 1864 Rules: Fun!

12. Matt Harvey: This is an overly easy choice to go with. You could do better.

13. Underdogs: Everyone loves to root for the underdogs, so why not make this your fantasy baseball team name?

14. Don’t Bogaerts That Joint: This is one of the fantasy baseball team names that works best in a 4/20 friendly state.

15. Rebel Yasiel: I like this team name.

16. Selig’s Pick: This is a fairly easy choice.

17. Conner Lingus: This is a simple option.

18. Life’s a Beach: You could also use “Life’s a Pitch.” There are a lot of puns you could use with this one.

19. Gaby, Gaby Don’t Get Hooked on Me: Because baby, baby, don’t get hooked on me!

20. Yadier Mind: Nice.

21. The Walk-off Homers: Awesome.

22. The Morel of the Story: This is such a clever option to go with, although it might be a bit long to use in its full version.

23. Bottom Feeders: Nice.

24. Cubbies: This is a fun choice.

25. The Constant Gardner: Cute!

26. Little Cacique: This sounds like a fun option for fantasy baseball team names.

27. Batter Up: This is a fairly obvious choice for a baseball team, but that does not mean that it’s a bad one.

28. Yoenis Envy: Clever, very clever. Sigmund Freud would have a field day with that one.

29. Zach Brexit: I suppose that you would also have to be a Brexit fan to like this one.

30. Here’s My Number, Cameron Maybin: This is a play on a line from a popular song that goes, “Here’s my number, call me, baby.”

fantasy baseball names 2018

31. Love me, Ortiz me: At least you won’t love me and leave me!

32. I fought the Lawrie: Hopefully, you fought the law and the law didn’t win.

33. Aoki Breaky Hart: With a name like this, you can automatically get an awesome theme song for your fantasy baseball teams.

34. Whirling Darvish: This is such an awesome name.

35. Yankees Suck: There are a lot of people out there who really hate the Yankees. Why bother with a more clever team name when you can just tell it like it is?

36. The Choo Balls: Mature. Really mature.

37. San Diego Padres: This is an obvious option.

38. Detroit Tigers: When in doubt, this name always works for Detroit fans.

39. Firing Blancos: This is a funny fantasy baseball team name.

40. Dread Pirates: An awesome option.

41. Mariner in the Making: If you are a Seattle Mariners fan, then this is the fantasy baseball team name for you.

42. Grand Theft Votto: This is an even better choice if you also love to play Grand Theft Auto.

43. Light-Tower Power: Nice one.

44. Long Wong Silver: This one is based on the restaurant name, Long John Silvers.

45. Home Run Heroes: This is a fairly basic option, so you would be better off picking one of the more clever names on this list.

46. Shove it up Yoenis: This is decidedly not nice or mature, but at least the pun is a bit clever.

47. Honey Nut Ichiros: This is such a clever option. It gets bonus points for being cute as well.

48. A to the Rizzo: Nice!

49. Lindor Truffles: This is a good option.

50. Short Porch Party: Awesome.

51. All for Dunn, Dunn for All: This comes from the line that the Three Musketeers said.

52. North Correa: This is such a clever choice.

53. The Realmuto Housewives: Excellent option.

54. The Hounds of Hellickson: I love this play on words.

55. Brauny Men: This is a play on the word, “brawny.”

56. Looking Illegal: It has to be illegal to look that good, right?

57. Mark Reynolds Wrap: Awesome.

58. Justin Upton Funk: This is a basic option.

59. Skaggs to Riches: This is based on the phrase, “rags to riches.”

60. Dotel Me It’s Over: Don’t tell me it’s over until it actually is.

best fantasy baseball team names 2018

61. Rockford Peaches: Excellent.

62. The Balking Dead: This is a clever play on the show, “the Walking Dead.”

63. You Say Tomato, I Say Tabata: This is a clever option.

64. Carry on My Heyward Son: This is based on the song line that says, “Carry on, my wayward son.” It is from the theme song on Supernatural.

65. Twist and Trout: Awesome.

66. Sherlock Gomes: This also works well if you happen to be a Sherlock Homes fan as well.

67. Three strikes, You’re Trout!: Clever, very clever.

68. Eaton Disorder: Probably not the best choice if you actually know people with eating disorders.

69. Soup or Salas?: Awesome.

70. The Price is Wright: Does anyone know if this game show is on television anymore?

71. A Mighty Lind: Nice one.

72. Big League Choo: This is a clever choice.

73. Louisville Sluggers: This is fairly easy—you could probably find a more clever, funny name on this list.

74. Rock the Vogt: Awesome option.

75. Arms of an Angel: Excellent.

76. This Could Be Heaven or This Could Be Hellickson: The name is a bit too long to be convenient, but it certainly wins bonus points for being clever.

77. Angels in the Troutfield: This comes from the title of the popular movie, “Angels in the Outfield.”

78. The Loney Bin: This is one of the cutest fantasy baseball teams out there.

79. Holding Out for Masahiro: Because you are holding out for a hero!

80. Boys of Summer: Awesome.

81. Your Score is Always Tulo: Hopefully, your score is never actually too low.

82. Jose Reyes of Light: Excellent choice.

83. Big Dawgs: This is an easy option.

84. Let’s Burnett Down: Burn it all down! Just kidding. Just have some fun playing America’s favorite sport.

85. Tulo Window Tulo Wall: This comes from the rap song line, “To the window, to the wall.”

86. Awesome New York Yankees: If you are a New York Yankees fan, then this name is a fairly straightforward option.

87. Robins: This works, but it is one of the least clever names on this list.

88. Red Sox Nation: Fun.

89. Upton Express: Awesome.

90. I’m Lowrin’ it: This comes from the McDonald’s tagline, “I’m lovin’ it!”

Fantasy Baseball Team Names

91. The Three Moustakas: This is a play on the literature characters, the Three Musketeers.

92. Troutstanding: A truly “outstanding” name, I’m sure.

93. Brett Lawrie & Order: I used to love that show while it was still on television.

94. You Are Werthless: That’s one way to psych out the other team.

95. The Silence of Mike Lamb: This comes from the movie title, the Silence of the Lambs.

96. Flipping the Bat: An easy option.

97. All the Way Mae: Nice one!

98. Fat Elvis Impersonators: This has nothing to do with baseball really, but it is a fun option.

99. What Can Braun Do For You?: Don’t ask what you can do for Braun. Ask what Braun can do for you.

100. Better Safe Than Soria: True enough.

101. Can’t We All Just Get a Wong?: Very clever.

102. Snell Hath No Fury: Like a woman scorned.

103. Ranger Danger: Ranger critics had better watch out!

104. Rookies: You might be new, but you are figuring everything out.

105. Making a Murderer’s Row: This is a unique fantasy baseball team name.

106. Mench Warmers: This is a clever play on words.

107. Choo Talkin to Me?: This is another one of the top puns.

108. Where My Pitches At?: Don’t be surprised if your wife or girlfriend hates this team name.

109. Senators: This is an easy option.

110. Everyday I’m Russellin’: Because everyday, I’m hustling.

111. Practice Safe Sexton: Clever, very clever.

112. Pitches and Pros: Another name that does not sound particularly PG when you say it aloud.

113. A Streetcar Named Cuddyer: This comes from the classic film, A Streetcar Named Desire.

114. You Foul. I’m Fowler.: Awesome.

115. Sippin’ On Gin Andrus: This is a clever play on words.

116. Crazy Pitches: Your girlfriend will hate this one.

117. Victorino is Mine: Because the victory is yours!

118. Bryce Krispies: You should eat rice krispies as you play if you choose this as your team name.

119. The Olive Garland: This is one of the cutest fantasy baseball team names.

120. McGlovin’: Nice one.

121. A-Rod Centaur: An excellent options.

122. 50 Shade of Sonny Gray: This comes from the title of a popular novel and film series.

123. Konerko gives me a bonerko: This is decidedly not a mature sounding name.

124. Bandits: An easy option.

125. Shamrocks: Awesome.

126. The Trevor Ending Story: This comes from the show, The Never Ending Story.

127. Desmonds Are Forever: This is a cute play on words.

128. Sexson the Beach: I feel like you should drink a Sex on the Beach when you have this team name.

129. Votto Loco: Awesome.

130. Diamond Kings: This is an easy choice.

131. Diamond Cutters: Cool.

132. House of Karns: This sounds like the Netflix show, House of Cards.

133. Talkin’ Baseball: Let’s get talking!

134. Just My Ludwick: Not everyone can have good luck, but you can always hope for the best.

135. Wolfgang Amadeus Cozart: This is a play on the composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

136. I Was Born a Collmenter’s Daughter: This is a clever pun.

137. The Roark of the Covenant: Nice one!

138. In It for the Longoria: Awesome.

139. Bryce, Bryce Baby: This is a fun fantasy baseball team name to say aloud.

140. The Kempire Strikes Back: This is one of the best fantasy baseball team names for Star Wars fans.

141. Soria Winners: Hopefully, you won’t actually be a sore winner.

142. Teheran You Apart: Nice.

143. I’d Hit That: Not particularly mature.

144. Darth Votto: Another great team name if you happen to be a Star Wars fan.

145. Peter, Paulino, and Mary: This comes from the popular band, Peter, Paul and Mary.

146. Kinsler’s List: This is based on the classic book and movie, Schindler’s List.

147. Hosmer-sexuals: Clever, very clever.

148. Brew Crew: If you like to drink and play, use this fantasy baseball team name.

149. Rbi’d for Her Pleasure: This is a play on the famous tagline used by popular condom brands and the baseball term, RBIs.

150. Huff the Magic D-Ray: This is one of the more amusing fantasy baseball team names on this list.


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