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150 Fantasy Basketball Team Names


You have the perfect fantasy basketball team. Now, you just have to find the right name. Finding a name is the last step before catapulting your team to the top spot. If you need help thinking of fantasy basketball team names, we have a list of 150 team names that you can use to get yourself started. You can use these as just inspiration or as they are written to create an awesome team name.

150 Fantasy Basketball Team Names   basketball team names generator

1. Shaq to the Future: This is based on the popular show, Back to the Future.

2. Nash It and Dash It: This is an awesome fantasy basketball team name.

3. Silence of the Slams: This name is based on the horror film, Silence of the Lambs.

4. Beals on Wheels: You’ve heard of Meals on Wheels, right? This one is way more awesome.

5. It’s Not Ova ‘Til Ilyasova: This is clever option.

6. What Should I Brew?: Personally, I would just brew up some beer.

7. Bros Before Hawes: Clever, very clever.

8. Wade A Mehmet!: What if you don’t want to wait a minute?

9. Kobe Wan Kenobi: This is one of the fantasy basketball team names that works well for people who also happen to be Star Wars fans.

10. Central Parker: Awesome.

11. Lanceformers: This is like an updated version of the movie, Transformers.

12. The Slam Dunkeroos: This makes me think of kangaroos every time I see it.

13. Half Blaked: If you are a 4/20 friendly gamer, then this is a great option.

14. It Takes DeJuan to Know One: Yes, it does!

15. Super Mario Brewers: I really miss the early 1990s version of this game.

16. Death at the Net: Nice one.

17. Trading Coaches: This is based on the television show name, Trading Places.

18. Mr. & Mrs. Swish: This fantasy basketball team name comes from the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

19. Allstars: This is a fairly obvious name choice to go with.

20. Wake & Blake: This is another name that is perfect for 4/20 friendly people.

21. Air Ballers: Nice one.

22. Dream Team: Just about everyone chooses this name. You can do better than this.

23. Laying down the Lawson: Because sometimes you have to lay down the law.

24. Assault and Battier: This is a clever choice.

25. Curry the Team on My Back: If one player is carrying the team, you have a problem.

26. From Kosta Coast: For your coast-to-coast dream team.

27. Dolla Dolla Beal: This is a fun option.

28. Curry in a Hurry: There are so many different puns that you can make with the name Curry.

29. The Big Lebronski: This is based on the popular movie title, The Big Lebowski.

30. McHale to the Chief: Awesome.

funny basketball team names list

31. Cool Shots: This is an easy choice.

32. Alley-Oops: If you hate having a long name, this is one of the shorter fantasy basketball names on this list.

33. Howard can free throws be?: I don’t know. How hard should they be?

34. Don’t Curry, Be Happy: I love this Bob Marley song.

35. Beal or no Beal: This also works great if you happen to be a fan of Deal or No Deal.

36. Lions, Tigers and Goberts: Lion, tigers and bears, oh my!

37. Naan and Curry: Both foods are delicious.

38. Space Jammin’: Does anyone else remember the movie Space Jam from their childhood?

39. Dunking Donuts: This is a play on the popular doughnut shop name.

40. A Team: If you have a low self-esteem, you could also name yourself the B Team. Plus, it would psyche out the other team because they would never see you coming.

41. Big Ballers: Nice one.

42. I can’t believe it’s not Butler: I can’t either!

43. Kobe or Not to Be?: That is the question, isn’t it?

44. Ball Busters: This is a fairly easy option.

45. Free the Throws: Just about every movement seems to have a Free the ___ in it.

46. Dunk Driving: This is much, much better than drunk driving.

47. Dribblers: This is a fairly basic option.

48. Beal Me Later: Done.

49. Batum & Robin: This sounds like the ice cream brand, which reminds me of something that I should definitely put on the grocery list.

50. CambyLand: This is a take on the kids’ game, Candy Land.

51. Tim Slam Duncan: Awesome option.

52. Nashional Treasure: Because he happens to be a national treasure, right?

53. Kawhi 5-O: This is a cute choice.

54. Shock & Diaw: This is based on the military operation, Shock and Awe.

55. Horton Hears a Jrue: Did you ever read the Dr. Seuss book. Horton Hears a Who as a kid?

56. Grabbing Assets: This is not a particularly mature team name, but it works.

57. The Linsane Asylum: Because your team is straight out of the insane asylum.

58. Waka Waka Ibaka: This fantasy basketball team name is quite fun to say.

59. LeBrocalypse: The apocalypse is near, so watch out!

60. Smokin’ Aces: Nice one.

funny basketball team names for 3 on 3

61. There’s Something About Amar’e: This comes from the popular movie, There’s Something About Marie.

62. Monroe Row Row Your Boat: This one might be cute, but it is a bit too long to be a convenient name option.

63. Nash Potatoes: Mash potatoes are awesome. Nash potatoes? Even better.

64. Linsane in the Membrane: This name is great because you get a automatic theme song to go with it.

65. Yao, My Foot!: This is fairly simple, but it works.

66. Harden My Heart: Cute.

67. Noah Doubt: I like some of the more simple ones like this.

68. Miller Light: When in doubt, use a beer name as a part of your fantasy basketball team name.

69. Nothing But Nets: This is a fairly obvious name choice.

70. Amar’e Jane: This is another team name that would be a great choice in a 4/20 friendly state.

71. Men in Blatche: This team name is based on the popular movie series, Men in Black.

72. Shake and Blake: Unsurprisingly, some of the most clever names on this list are great for 4/20 friendly places.

73. Run Foye the Hills: And then keep running!

74. Breaking Batum: This is a pun on the television show, Breaking Bad.

75. Shaqramento Queens: Nice one.

76. Sinking of the Bismack: If you happen to be a history buff, this is one of the best fantasy basketball team names to choose.

77. Rub Me on My Belinelli: No, thank you.

78. Sour Blatche Kids: You know what your game snacks should be with this name.

79. Planet LoveBron: Nice.

80. A Place to Calderon: This comes from the title, A Place to Call Their Own.

81. Kidd Gloves: This is a clever option.

82. Catcher in the Frye: If you happen to be a literary fan, you will instantly get this pun.

83. Ring a Rondo Rosie: Nice.

84. The Lincredibles: This makes your team sound like a group of superheroes.

85. Jrue let the dogs out: Does anyone else remember this popular song from the 1990s?

86. MJ > LBJ: Obviously, you might have to switch the greater sign around if you believe the opposite.

87. Stairway to Kevin: With a team name like this, you will automatically get a theme song as well.

88. Dwight Where You Stand: This is a nice option.

89. The Teague of Extraordinary Gentlemen: This is such a clever name.

90. Houston Rockettes: An easy option.

91. Uh Oh! Maggette-O’s!: This makes me hungry.

92. Relax, I’m Joakim With You: This is a cute choice.

93. Hoops! I Did It Again!: This is another fantasy basketball team name that comes with a ready-made theme song.

94. The Chronicles of Reddick: Nice.

95. The Price Is Dwight: Awesome.

96. Blake Superior: Because he’s superior, obviously.

97. The Count of Monta Ellis: This is an awesome choice.

98. Filthy Manimals: I think that there are actually better names on this list.

99. I Camby What I Wanna Be: Yes, you can!

100. Midnight Kawhiboys: Awesome name choice.

101. Jump Balls: This is a fairly easy choice.

102. Calderon Cartel: Nice one!

103. Kareem of the Crop: Because your team is the cream of the crop.

104. Duncan Donuts: This is a clever choice.

105. Nowitzki or Never: Because it’s now or never!

106. Ice Cream With Sprinkles and Carmelo: This is another one of the fantasy basketball team names that makes me feel hungry.

107. Lin On Me: This one is cute.

108. Make It Dwayne: It is time to start making it rain!

109. Love Don’t Kosta Thing: No, it doesn’t.

110. Flying Squirrels: Flying squirrels are almost as cool as flying fish.

111. LeBron Land: This is an easy choice that wins bonus points for alliteration.

112. Bogans Heroes: Awesome.

113. Soup-A-Stars: Everyone can be a superstar.

114. Out of My Teague: Hopefully, this fantasy basketball team name is not actually the truth.

115. Berries and Kareem: An excellent choice.

116. Luck of the Diaw: This is a clever option.

117. Noahwhere Man: Nice.

118. Hawks: This is a bit too easy and simple.

119. Zach Randolph with My Love: That sounds unfortunate.

120. Bed, Bath and Biyombo: Clever, very clever.

121. Sold-Out Arenas: At least, they will be sold out soon!

122. Corey Maggette and Meatballs: Awesome.

123. Kyrie on My Wayward Son: With this team name, you get an easy option for a theme song as well.

124. Isiah Thomas Drafted Me: Awesome.

125. The Dwight Stuff: This is an easy choice.

funny basketball team names for 3 on 3

126. Kevin Love is in the Air: Don’t take this team name too literally.

127. Rock Harden: For people who don’t want to sound too mature.

128. Howard Is It to Make a Ft?: Beats me.

129. A Festus for the Rest of Us: Awesome option.

130. Mo Williams Mo Problems: This is a clever choice.

131. Joerger Bomb: With a name like this, you have an obvious drink to pick during the game.

132. You Noah Nothing Jon Snow: This is for all of the Game of Thrones fans out there.

133. Lebron Flames Up With Heat: Nice one.

134. Peanut Butter and Jeremy: Awesome.

135. Three Six Latvia: This sounds like such a cool name.

136. The Defending Champs: You might not be the defending champs yet, but you will be.

137. Clear and Present Granger: This is a clever choice.

138. Dirk Knight Rises: The movie was great too.

139. Duhoney I Shrunk The Kids: Did you watch this film as a kid?

140. Anyone Have a Brand Aid?: Very clever.

141. Carmelo Out Man: Nice.

142. Don’t Go Blakin’ My Heart: You know what song you have to play if you pick this team name.

143. Roy Story: Toy Story was a great film.

144. The Mayo Clinic: Clever.

145. Apocalypse Noah: This is one of the easier fantasy basketball team names.

146. Watermalone: This is a fun option.

147. It was a monster Nash: I always wondered what a monster mash was as a kid.

148. Guy Walks Into a Jabar: This comes from the popular way to start the joke, “A guy walks into a bar . . . “

149. Tim Shootin’, Tim Duncan: Awesome.

150. Isiah Thomas You Say Uh Jordan: This is a fun team name to go with.


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