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100 Fantasy Football Team Names for Girls


As you ramp up your fantasy football game, you need to find the perfect team name. While there are a number of names designed for guys in this game, finding fantasy football team names for girls is not as easy. To help you find the perfect name, we have compiled a list of 100 different options that you can use.

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1. Breeze Between My Knees: This team name just sounds silly.

2. Been There, Done That: Nice.

3. Trophy Wife: Normally, a trophy wife is a woman who is pretty and just makes her husband looks good. In this case, your trophies are actually from how much you win at fantasy football.

4. Reggie’s Burnish Bush: This name only works if you are a Reggie fan.

5. End Zone Divas: This is one of the more fun fantasy football names for girls.

6. Diva Dominator: Use this team name if your team puts all of the guys to shame by how you dominate the field.

7. Cleats and Cleavage: In addition to being a great name for fantasy football, it would also be a great name for a soccer team.

8. Hippie Chicks: This is a fun, easy name that you can use.

9. I Shaved My Legs for This: On some days, it seems like playing fantasy football just wasn’t worth waking up for.

10. Mike Vick-in-a-Box: This is a clever name to go with.

11. I Two-Hand Touch Myself: This type of name always makes people look twice when you are a girl instead of a guy.

12. Hair, Makeup and Wins: Who says you can’t look amazing as you score the perfect touchdown?

13. Purple Monkey: This is a fun name to choose.

14. U Guys Be Kitty Whipped: This is a surprisingly popular name for a fantasy football team for girls.

15. Screaming Divas: Basically any name that involves the word divas is a pretty good name for a fantasy football team.

16. Back That Pass Up: This is a clever option to go with.

17. Pink Panther: The best thing about this name is that you have an obvious color choice for your team’s T-shirts.

18. Here’s My Number, Call Me Brady: This is a cute option.

19. Let’s Get Rasharded: Very clever.

20. Rosterbation: This is another clever play on words. It works great if you have an awesome roster of players.

21. Chip Kelly: If you love the Philadelphia Eagles, then this is an awesome team name.

22. Sacks in the City: This fantasy football team name makes me giggle every time I see it.

23. I Like to Touchdown There: I feel like this name would be more popular among a guys’ team.

24. Steve McNair’s Ghost: This is a fun team name if you happen to be a Steve McNair fan.

25. Amazonian Mermaids: Who doesn’t love mermaids? This name might not have anything to do with football, but it is still a pretty awesome name.

26. Diamond Divas: This is another fun option for a female football team.

27. Jamaal My Children: This fantasy football team name certainly wins points for cleverness.

28. Belicheck Yo’self Before You Wreck Yo’self: This is an extremely cute team name, but it is a bit too long to actually use regularly.

29. Fantasy Goddess: You play fantasy football. You are a goddess. It seems pretty self-explanatory.

30. Federal Marshall: This is a clever, easy option to go with.

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31. Naughty by Nurture: Nice.

32. McCown or Never: This is a fun option to go with.

33. Lacy Panties: This does not actually sound like the name of a fantasy football team.

34. Brady Gaga: If you are a Brady fan, then this name makes perfect sense.

35. Fusion Girls: This is an easy, simple option that you can use as your team name.

36. Percy’s Harvin Surgery: Hopefully, this isn’t going to be true this season, but it is still a clever name.

37. Too Many Johnsons: That is certainly the truth.

38. Charles in Charge: Nice one.

39. Smell My Punt: If you say this aloud, don’t be surprised if people think that you are saying something entirely different.

40. Chicks Dig Da Pigskin, Too: I think that this is just an adorable name for a fantasy football team name.

41. Nobody Puts Brady in a Corner: This is a clever play on the popular phrase, “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

42. Eye Candy Chicks: You definitely have to have a good ego about your looks to choose a name like this.

43. ABC, Easy as RG3: This is an absolutely adorable name for a team.

44. Manti’s Python: Clever, very clever.

45. Forte Shades of Gray Are you a Forte fan or a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey? Or both? You decide.

46. Jersey Leshoure: This is a fun, clever option for a team.

47. Multiple Scoregasms: It might not be a particularly PG name, but it is still a fun option to go with.

48. Women Who Score: Nice.

49. F.B.I. Girls: This is a fun one.

50. Kansas City Queefs: This one is definitely not a PG option.

51. Victorious Secret: For the victorious, yet sexy, team.

52. Bone Crushin’ Ballerinas: Only a fool would underestimate you.

53. Ball Girls: Nice.

54. Pink Panthers of Death: This is a bit too long to really be convenient to use.

55. Tom Brady’s Future Wife: At least you have goals in life.

56. Tittsburg Feelers: For Steelers fans who also happen to be ladies.

57. Ladyhawks: This is the perfect name for all of those Seahawk fans out there.

58. Wilfork for Food: Clever, very clever.

59. Jalapeno Hotties: Nice!

60. Bench Warmers: This doesn’t sound hopeful about your team’s future.

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61. Bringing Brady Back: Because you are bringing sexy back with Brady.

62. Rounders: For all those first-round picks.

63. Sherman’s March: This plays on the player’s name and the historical moment.

64. Dangerous Divas: Watch out for this team.

65. Whitie Tighties: For all those tight ends out there who have a sense of humor.

66. Flower Power: This sounds like a fun name.

67. Witten in the Stars: This is a clever name for Witten fans.

68. Living on a Prater: Who needs a prayer when you have Prater?

69. Touchdown Divas: Perfect!

70. Rice, Rice Baby: Very clever.

71. The Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers: This works for just about any kind of

72. Destructive Divas: Watch out for this team!

73. EZ-Dez It: This is a clever option.

74. 50 Shades of Greg Jennings: You could really switch out this name for just about anyone.

75. DeMarco Polo: Nice one.

76. Making in Wayne: Some people make it rain, but you took an entirely different approach.

77. The Flower Fluff Whirls: Very cute.

78. Girls Do It Right: True enough.

79. Teach Me How to Raji: Nice.

80. The Flaming Pink Flamingos: This sounds like a fun name.

81. Pink Fluffy Monsters: I guess that this name works well enough.

82. RG3SOME: Nice one.

83. Venomous Vixens: Watch out for this team!

84. You Just Lost to a Girl: True.

85. Cowgirls: An obvious option.

86. Soaring Eagle: For all of the Eagles fans out there.

87. Naughty or Nice: After they lose, your competitors will never think that you are nice.

88. Kelly’s Heroes: In honor of Jim Kelly.

89. The Brady Bunch: A clever option.

90. Bringing Defensive Back: Nice.

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91. Peyton Place: This is a fun option.

92. Wo-Manning Up: For female teams who like Peyton Manning.

93. Takin’ Offense: For teams that focus on their offense.

94. Griese Sandwich: Clever.

95. William the Refrigerator: You can switch out the first name for your own name in honor of this guy.

96. Flutie Pa-Tootie: Based on the legendary Doug Flutie.

97. Easy, Brees-e: From the player Drew Breese.

98. Graham Crackers: Based on the delicious treat and Jimmy Graham.

99. Bait and Tackle: For football and fishing fans.

100. D-ejected: This is how I feel when I get ejected.



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