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150 Fantasy Hockey Team Names


Get ready to have some fun playing fantasy hockey. All you have to do now is to figure out the best fantasy hockey team names. If you are struggling to find the perfect team name, we have you cover. You can use these exact team names or use them as inspiration as you brainstorm a new name for your team.

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150 Fantasy Hockey Team Names

1. Big Doughty Kane: This is a fairly basic option, but it works fairly well.

2. Malkin in the Middle: This one is based off of the popular television show, Malcolm in the Middle.

3. Staal in the Family: Because it’s all in the family.

4. Smokin’ Budaj: Say this one aloud, and you will quickly figure out the play on words.

5. You Malkin to Me?: Are you talking to me?

6. Blades of Glory: This is a fun fantasy hockey team name to go with.

7. Bust a Kapanen: Nice one.

8. Fire and Ice: This works well for hockey, but this also happens to be the title of a recent novel as well.

9. Flippula You Off: This sounds cool.

10. Pour Me a Glass of Malkin: Nice.

11. Baby Got Backstrom: This comes from the Sir Mix-a-Lot song.

12. Ladd Before Time: This team name comes from the children’s show, Land Before Time.

13. The Vezina Monologues: This is a play on the show, the Vagina Monologues.

14. Benn to Hall and Backes: This is a clever option.

15. Quaker Oates: Excellent option.

16. Benn There Done That: This is a fun choice.

17. Orr Diggers: Nice.

18. Vanek at the Disco!: This comes from the song, Panic at the Disco.

19. Fried Cammalleri: This is a good dinner dish, so it makes sense that it would be one of the better fantasy hockey team names.

20. I Hertl Myself Today: Nice option.

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21. Mother Puckers: This is better than what it sounds like.

22. The Fasth and the Furious: This is based on the popular movie title, the Fast and the Furious.

23. Feeling Puck-y: Tell me: Are you feeling lucky?

24. Sweet and Tanguay: This is a fun choice.

25. Arcobello de Triumph: This sounds like a famous architectural site.

26. Balls of Fuhry: Excellent option.

27. Waiting For Gaudreau: The play that this team name is based on is all about some guys sitting and waiting for the entire play.

28. Coffey Break: Who needs a coffee break?

29. Salt ‘n’ Peca: Awesome choice.

30. Theory of a Deadmarsh: This is based on the popular music band, Theory of a Deadman.

31. Grabner Budaj: Say this aloud. It is a play on a less than PG phrase.

32. Kane Is Able: This comes from the biblical story of Cain and Abel.

33. Too Fehr Gone: Hopefully, you won’t be too far gone to play.

34. No Rest for the Fleary: There truly is no rest for the weary.

35. Burns Notice: Did you ever watch that television show?

36. The Brothers Grimson: The Brothers Grimm once wrote a series of dark fairy tales.

37. Shipping and Yandling: This is a clever fantasy hockey team name.

38. Natural Born Hillers: This is based on the hit movie, Natural Born Killers.

39. Hiller High Water: This is one of the better fantasy hockey team names.

40. Honey Nut Chelios: This is cute.

41. On Bended Neely: This is a play on the phrase, “on bended knee.”

42. Schenn Folds Five: This is based on the band name, Bens Fold Five.

43. The Bathroom Staals: Not a pleasant place to be, but a good team name.

44. Empire Strikes Backstrom: This fantasy hockey team name also works well if you happen to be a Star Wars fan.

45. Concussion Junction: This is an excellent choice.

46. Fresh Prince of Brière: This is a play on the popular 1990s show, the Fresh Prince of Belair.

47. Oshie Can You See: Oh say, can you see?

48. Hejda’s Gonna Hate: That is certainly the truth.

49. Pretty Little Liles: This is an update on the show, Pretty Little Liars.

50. Hard to Yandle: Nice one.

51. Zamboners: This is a silly option.

52. Fast & Fleuryious: I love this fantasy hockey team name.

53. Doan Stop Believin’: This is based on an old song title, so your team will automatically get a theme song if you choose this team name.

54. Tatar Sauce: Cute.

55. McLellan Me Softly: This is a fun option.

56. Leave Me All Malone: This is an easy choice.

57. Panarin Bread: This is based on the bakery, Panera Bread.

58. How You Drouin?: How are you doing?

59. The Perfect Strome: Set yourself up for the perfect storm with this team name.

60. Koekkoek for Cocoa Puffs: Are you coo-coo for cocoa puffs?

youth hockey team names

61. Pop That Boyle: Nice.

62. Gudas Gold: Are you as good as gold?

63. Two to Tanguay: It always takes two to tango.

64. Doan Bring Me Down: Hopefully, this team name won’t come true.

65. Midnight in Parise: This was an amazing movie.

66. Barkov Up the Wrong Tree: Hopefully, you aren’t actually barking up the wrong tree.

67. You, Me, and Dupuis: This was an excellent movie title.

68. Greiss the Skids: Classy.

69. Survive and Prospal: Nice option.

70. Hate the Yake!: This is an interesting choice.

71. Multiple Scorgasms: For players who just love to score.

72. The Crosby Show: This is an easy option.

73. Zamboni Noodles: This is an obvious choice for a hockey team.

74. Laich Ness Monsters: The opposing team is about to discover that your team are monsters in hiding.

75. Biron Maiden: This is based on the popular band, Iron Maiden.

76. Carle of the Wild: Did you ever read the book, the Call of the Wild?

77. Aint No Haula Back Girl: This is a line from a popular song.

78. Subban Hussein: Because you are terrorists on the ice.

79. Why the Luongo Face: Why the long face?

80. Best I Ever Ladd: Excellent option.

Hockey Team Names

81. Jagr Bombs: With a fantasy hockey team name like this, you know exactly what to drink while you play.

82. Kanesensual Sex: Awesome option.

83. Pekka Pickled Peppers: This team wins bonus points for alliteration.

84. Parentau Guidance: No parental guidance is required.

85. Chronicles of Sarnia: This is based on the book series, Chronicles of Narnia.

86. Osgood As It Gets: Because hopefully, your team is as good as it gets.

87. License to Ilya: Awesome.

88. Don’t Fehr the Reaper: This is an excellent choice.

89. The Big Letowski: This comes from the movie show, the Big Lebowski.

90. Pardy Like a Rock Star: For fantasy hockey team names that want to party like a rockstar.

91. Crash Test Domis: Excellent option.

92. Gaunce of Prevention: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

93. Bohorvah’s Witnesses: This is based on the religious group, the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

94. Two If by Seabrook: During Paul Revere’s ride, it was supposed to be one light if by land and two if by sea.

95. The Three Weiss Men: Now, all you need is gold, frankincense and myrrh.

96. Staalbucks Toffee: Who wants Starbucks coffee?

97. The Third Line: This is an awesome choice.

98. Hat Trick Swayze: An excellent option.

99. I Love Lucic: Did you ever watch the 1950s show, I Love Lucy.

100. Mad Heeter: The Mad Hatter was one of my favorite characters in Alice in Wonderland.

Hockey Team Names

101. Faulk You!: This is a better version of a slightly different phrase that it happens to sound like.

102. Benn Laden: This is a clever choice.

103. The Mighty Pucks: Did you ever watch the children’s show, the Might Ducks?

104. Ennis the Menace: This is based on the old television show, Dennis the Menace.

105. Voynov’s Vengeance: This fantasy hockey team name wins bonus points for alliteration.

106. Olli Maata of God: This is a more PG version of the expletive (or prayer) Holy Mother of God.

107. Curved Stick: This is an easy choice.

108. Ranger Things: This is a variation on the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

109. May the Forsberg With You: This one is great for sci-fi fans.

110. The Luongo Run: Nice option.

111. Doan Stop Believin’: This is a fun choice.

112. Smashville: If you want a short, easy team name, go with this one.

113. Bend It Like Peckham: This is a play on the title, Bend It Like Beckham.

114. Marleau and Me: This is a variation on the movie title, Marley and Me.

115. Whose Line is it Eberle?: Whose line is it anyway /

116. Pasta Primeauvera: Excellent.

117. Ride My Zamboni: This is a fun choice.

118. Stafford Infection: This is a play on the disease, staph infection.

119. Hedjuk’s, He Scores!: Because he shoots, he scores!

120. Sweet & Sauer Chicken: Delicious!

Funny and Clever Fantasy Hockey Team Names

121. Coyle and Strike: This is an excellent option.

122. Phaneuf Said: Enough said, right?

123. Love Yandles: Hopefully, none of your team will have love handles.

124. The Ott Man Out: For teams that seem like the odd man out.

125. Blue Line Bandits: Nice one.

126. Shame on Ice: This is a fun choice.

127. It’s Not A Job, It’s A Kariya: Because it’s not a job, it’s a career.

128. Semyon & Garfunkel: This is based on the popular band, Simon & Garfunkel.

129. Bleacher Blums: Nice.

130. Kane I get a “Hell, yeah”?: Okay!

131. Eberle Hills Cop: This is a play on the phrase, Beverly Hills Cop.

132. Backes in Black: This is based on the ACDC song, Back in Black.

133. Glass of Marleau: Sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy the game.

134. Eberle Hillbillies: This comes from the television show title, the Beverly Hillbillies.

135. Laich It Down: You got to lock it down if you want to win.

136. Burke Du Soleil: Have you ever seen this circus perform? The acrobats are amazing.

137. Everyday I’m Scheifele: This is a fairly nice option.

138. Keep Calm and Chiasson: This is a fun choice.

139. Biega Bang: This is based on the science term and the television show, the Big Bang.

140. Getzlaf My Lawn: This is one of the more clever fantasy hockey team names.

Fantasy Hockey Team Names

141. Hot Cosby Crosby: Who wants hot cross buns?

142. Redden, White And Blue: This sounds like the team name of an American team.

143. Scary Barrie: Nice.

144. Seguinomics: This is a fun, short option to go with.

145. Malkin Mind Meld: This fantasy hockey team name wins bonus points for alliteration.

146. Maracle on Ice: Awesome option.

147. Nice Berubes: Say this one aloud, and you will quickly get the play on words.

148. Semyon Says: What does Simon say? Did you ever play that game as a child?

149. Succulent Borquechops: Pork chops are great, but this team name is even better.

150. Giroux’ve Got to be Kidding Me: You have got to be kidding me with a team name like this. It is way too long to be convenient.


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