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Father of the Groom Speech Examples and Tips


With your son getting married, you are constantly busy. Everyone seems involved in the wedding in some way. As the father of the groom, you also have to prepare something extra. At the reception, you will most likely have to give a speech or toast to the new couple.

Your speech may include advice for your son as he starts his new life. You may also want to tell a story about him as a child or how he met his wife. Some fathers also talk about their own wedding or marriage. Before the speech, start considering topics like your first impressions of the bride, marital advice or other interesting anecdotes.


You should make sure to practice your speech before the big day. First, try practicing it in front of a mirror so that you can get all of the gestures and mannerisms down right. Then, find a friend or ask your wife to listen to the speech. A friend can point out any problems with your speech or things to add that you may not have thought of. If you are still struggling to think of the perfect father of the groom speech, we can help. We have a number of father of the groom speech examples to get you started. You can use these examples as they are written or modify them to include anecdotes and advice from your own life. You can even mix several of the different father of the groom speech examples to make a longer, more in-depth speech.

Father of the Groom Speech Examples

1. A child is the most amazing blessing that I ever had. While I was grateful and appreciative of my friends and family, my children quickly took on a major role in my heart. They are a part of me and constantly inspired me to become a better person. This is how I feel about my son, (Groom).

Because of these feelings, all I really wanted for my children was happiness. I wanted them to be a success in life, but getting a dream job was less important than being happy and joyful. No matter what, my goal was to be there for him if he needed help and root for him when he achieved his dreams. When I found out that he was dating (Bride), I was completely thrilled. Our entire family was excited to meet the woman who made (Groom) so unbelievably happy.

(Bride), we have never seen (Groom) so happy. You are the reason why he is always smiling and seems so content in life. We can never repay you for making him happy, and I am so thankful that he has found you. Now, I feel like I am gaining a daughter in our family. Welcome to the family, (Bride).

2. One of the hardest things in life is finding true love. The love that (Groom) and (Bride) share is not something that comes along every day. This rare love is something so uncommon that you would be extremely fortunate just to find it. Once found, you have to avoid being foolish and letting it go.

I am so happy that (Bride) and (Groom) have been lucky enough to find each other. I am grateful just to witness this kind of love and see my son marry the woman of his dreams. I may not be able to tell the future, but I know that they will be able to navigate any troubles as long as they are together.

3. Life and love can be funny. Some people know immediately when they have met the right partner. They feel a kind of kinship or energy for each other that helps them realize that they are destined for each other.

Other people do not realize that they have actually met the one. They take time to gradually grow closer before the sparks really start to fly. Slowly, gradually, they start to fall more in love and develop an inseparable bond that can last forever.

If you have been lucky enough to experience this kind of love before, you know what I am talking about. Just from watching them together, I know that (Bride) and (Groom) know exactly what I mean. Whenever I look at them, I see a love that is strong and pure enough to last a lifetime. I know that they will be happy together as a married couple, and I am so grateful to have (Bride) as a part of our family.

4. (Groom), I have known you longer than just about anyone in this room. Not only have I loved you as a baby and a child, but I have had the great pride of seeing you as a young man. You have grown from a little baby into a man that I am unbelievably proud of. It would be impossible for you to know just how proud and impressed I am with you. I love you so much, and I am so happy to see you make this step in your life. Congratulations to you and your beautiful new wife on your wedding day.

5. (Groom) and (Bride), while you have loved each other for a long time, you are finally making it official. You are a married couple and have committed to spending a lifetime together. I am not one for long speeches, so all I can do is give you my congratulations. I hope that both of you feel the outpouring of love that is here in this room for you today.

You are both surrounded by people who are so grateful and happy to be a part of your big day. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that I am grateful for getting to watch this amazing ceremony. I hope that all of us have been able to help in some way to make your wedding day a special one.

8. As (Groom’s) father, I have made it a point to let him know how proud I am, how much I love him and how appreciated he is. He knows that he means a great deal to me and plays an important role in my heart. Today, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to praise (Bride) instead. She is know (Groom’s) wife and my new daughter-in-law.

(Bride), you look unbelievably beautiful today. It feels like I am watching my own daughter get married today, and in a way, it is. You are now officially my daughter and a new part of our family. I am proud to welcome a daughter so amazing, intelligent and beautiful into our family.

9. There is something that is truly special about being a father. From the moment your son is born, it changes your entire life. You realize that you have a child in your life, and your child loves you unconditionally. You have to become the type of father who deserves that great love. Before having a child, I never though that there would be anyone I loved as much as my wife. When (Groom) came along, I found that I was wrong.

I always knew that I would love my child with my entire heart. I just never realized how all-consuming that love would be. When you suddenly become a parent, you realize the depths of what love can be.

Since that day that I became a father, I have always tried to be there to support him in good times and in bad. From riding his first bike to his first day of school, my entire goal in life was to be the type of father that he deserved. (Groom’s) successes and trials felt like they struck me in the same way. It felt like I was going through each pain that he went through, and I have always hoped for the best for him. While he is more than capable of taking care of himself now, I still think of him and pray for him each and every day.

One of my biggest prayers for (Groom) was finally answered. I wanted him to find the type of love in his life like I found with his mother. He deserved someone who would appreciate and love him unconditionally. That special person would become his partner in the good times and the bad. Thank you so much, (Bride), for being such a blessing. Because of you, our lives have been blessed as well.

10. True love is the greatest treasure you could ever have. It is something that is priceless and must be nurtured to grow. Once you find love, you must guard it and treasure it forever. Since I know both of you quite well, I also know that you will treasure each other’s love forever. I know that your married will be built on a foundation of love and respect. As long as you treasure each other forever, you will never want for anything. Together, you can conquer the unconquerable. Let us all raise a glass to toast my son and his bride.

11. (Bride) and (Groom), you both are aware that I have been married for longer than you have been alive. While I sometimes joke about the downsides of being married and the arguments that can happen, these downsides are drastically outweighed by the many benefits of being married. When you are with the right person, being married is the best experience in the world. There are sometimes ups and downs, but each tribulation only makes you grow closer. You two are lucky enough to find true love. Treasure it always.

12. (Bride) and (Groom), alone, you are two amazing people. When together, you are even better. Since I first saw you together, I have watched you finish each other’s sentences and grow closer as a couple. Now, it seems like you can communicate without having to say anything. (Bride), you make my son smile and laugh in a way that I have never seen. I know that you provide each other with great happiness and comfort.

You are two peas from the same pod. When I see you together, I have no doubt that you were meant to be together. You have gone to great lengths to become one couple instead of two individuals. I have developed a profound love and respect for both of you two, and I am proud that you have chosen to get married. Never lose what you have together. Your love is a precious thing that you are blessed to be able to enjoy. Now, everyone, let’s raise a toast to the beautiful new couple, my son and his wife, (Bride).

13. I have always believed that God had a plan for all of us. The problem is figuring it out. Often, you can only see God’s plan in retrospect. Now, I look back and see the path that led me to my beautiful wife. This led to our son, (Groom). I believe that it is also a part of God’s plan that (Bride) and (Groom) met each other and fell in love. Some people call it fate or a mere coincidence, but I see a deeper plan behind it.

Whenever I see (Bride) and (Groom) together, I find it impossible to find a couple better suited for each other. Together, they are more patient, wiser and stronger. Anyone who has ever met them knows how deeply they care for each other. When true love is present, the relationship will stand the test of time. I think it is safe to say that there are many happy anniversaries to come for my son and (Bride).

(Bride) and (Groom): Congratulations to both of you. I wish both you all of the happiness that the world has to offer. While I know you have already been an amazing blessing to each other, I believe that you will continue to receive blessings as man and wife. Congratulations, both of you.

14. Without my own wife, I would be completely lose. She is well aware of it—as are mot people who know us. She has been my inner compass and the little voice in my head that guides me through difficulties. She knows everything about me and has been my strongest supporters. Together, we have worked to achieve the same hopes, dreams and goals together.

My biggest hope for my son and (Bride) is that they will have the same comfort and support in their relationship that my wife and I have. If you ever feel lost or down, look to each other for help and support. When you are happy and achieving your dreams, celebrate together. Each adventure or trouble is a chance to confront the world together and grow as a couple. Today is just the beginning of an amazing adventure as a couple. Enjoy it.

15. I will try to keep this short, and I just wanted to includes some of the hopes and dreams I have for my son on his wedding day. I hope both of you have a long life together filled with love. I hope your home is always filled with abundance, joy, love and laughter. May you always have each other to lean on and love.

16. It is finally official. (Bride) and (Groom) are newlyweds finally. What exactly does this mean though? For starters, you two are now family. You still have your siblings, friends and parents, but your spouse must now come first. From this moment on, you are an inseparable team. You are not just living together and going on dates. You are a single team that decides things together and creates memories.

Always remember to be kind to each other. It is too easy to lose patience or forget to communicate when you are stressed. Never forget to be understanding and loving together. If you can communicate, laugh and love, you will have a happy, long-lasting marriage. If everyone could join me, let’s take a moment to toast the new couple.

17. Having a son has been the greatest blessing in my life. In so many ways, (Groom) is like a younger version of me. When he was a child, he was a mini-me. As he aged, he gradually transformed into his own person. I have tried to teach him so many things over the years, but I was most surprised by the things that he taught me. (Groom) is someone who genuinely cares about everyone around him, and he has always gone an extra mile to help those in need.

I have no doubt that my son will be an amazing husband—and, hopefully—a father one day. Let’s raise a glass to (Groom) and his lovely, new bride.

18. As a father, my goal was to raise my son to be a perfect gentleman. (Bride)–you have landed quite a catch! You know who is even luckier though? My son might be amazing, but he is far luckier in being able to find you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You mean the world to (Groom). Because of how happy you make my son, you already hold a special place in my heart as well.

19. As (Groom’s) father, I would like take this moment to thank (Bride’s) parents for creating such a wonderful, intelligent young woman. I could not be happier in (Groom’s) choice in a spouse. No one else would be able to love him as much as you do or make him happier. You have brought out the best qualities in (Groom), and he is so much happier being with you. Because of all these things, I feel eternally grateful. Congratulations to both of you on your wedding day.

20. What can you really say about love other than how valuable, important and beautiful it is? Because of love, I found my lovely wife and had my son. I love my family more than anything, even life itself. Because of love, you two have come here today to declare your love and commitment in front of all of us. You have exchanged your vows and promised to be there through thick and thin for the rest of your lives.

Is there anything more beautiful than love? Is there anything greater or stronger in this world? When someone is lucky enough to find and keep this kind of love, it should never be taken for granted. Always remember, you two, that you are immensely blessed to find this love in your lives. With love, life is possible.

21. As someone who has fallen in love and stayed in love, I know what it is to fall into a romance. From the moment you found each other, it has been a whirlwind of new experiences. From popping the question to your first date, you have been on a series of romantic adventures that brought you closer together as partners, lovers and now husband and wife.

Following the engagement, you naturally started to plan your wedding. As I remember from my own wedding, this can be quite a stressful, exciting time. There are always so many details to remember, and it feels like the big day arrives all of a sudden. Now, you can both relax as you know that your wedding day has been a success. It has been a day filled with love, happiness and the people who love you.

Now, the next step will be your honeymoon. After the excitement and stress of the wedding, this will be a fun, relaxing time together. This will be your first chance to enjoy life as husband and wife as you break away from the responsibilities and chaos of normal life.

Savor those moments of peace and happiness together. Once you return home, you will return to reality. You will have to work on building your relationship and your new life together. From this moment onward, all of your decisions will be made as husband and wife. New decisions and responsibilities do not mean that the fun is over with. In my experience, your fun is only beginning.


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