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40 Awesome Filipino Girl Names


If you’re expecting a bouncing baby girl, congratulations! Now it’s time to find a name.

So what’s in a name? Finding the right name should take a lot of time and consideration. Your baby girl will be using it for the rest of her life – from her days as a baby in your arms until well into old age. So it’s important to think of a name that will suit her as a child and as an adult.

These days, names from the olden days are coming back into fashion. Names like Gloria, Divinagracia, and Ligaya were once thought to have been outdated, but they’re slowly becoming more popular especially to Filipinos looking to get back in touch with their roots.

Now consider for a moment that Filipinos primarily have a Spanish influence to their names, so in this list you’ll find a handful of Spanish-sounding names. And since the Philippines is primarily a Christian country, you’ll also see a lot of biblical and religious names. However, this list also has a handful of native Filipino names which you might want for your baby girl.

So here’s our list of Filipino girls’ names from A to Z.

Angel/Angela. From the Greek word angelos or “messenger of the gods.” Famous Filipinas who bear this name are actresses Angel Locsin and Angel Aquino.

Belen. It’s the Spanish form of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born. It’s also the Filipino term for the miniature nativity scene often displayed during Christmas.

Christina/Christine. A Latin name meaning “follower of Christ.”

Corazon. This Spanish name means “heart.” A popular bearer of this name is former Philippine president Corazon Aquino.

Dalisay. This native Tagalog name means “pure.” It’s also a common Tagalog surname.

Divina/Divinagracia. Divina is a Latin and Italian name meaning “divine or heavenly.” Divinagracia, on the other hand, means “divine grace.”

Diwa. Diwa is a native Filipino name meaning “spirit.” The name may also be transformed to Diwata, which means “fairy.”

Eleanor. It’s of Greek origin, and it means “bright, shining one.” Popular bearers of this name include Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Eleanor Rigby from the Beatles song.

Evangeline. Much like Angel and Angela, Evangeline is a Greek messenger-inspired name. It means “bearer of good news.” Evangeline is also a very Christian-inspired name.

Faye. Faye is of Middle English origin, and it means “fairy.”

Flordeliza. Flordeliza comes from the French fleur-de-lis, meaning “flower of a lily.”

Gloria. This Latin name means “Glory.” Popular Filipinas with this name include actress Gloria Romero, and Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz.

Hazel. Hazel comes from the Old English haesel, which can either be the name of the tree or the color.

Heidi. This French name means “nobility.” It’s a compound name derived from the Old German words athal (noble) and haida (hood).

Iris. Iris is the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow. It’s also the name of a great song by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Jasmine. The name Jasmine refers to the wonderfully scented flowering plant of the same name. It comes from the Persian name of the Yas flower.

Jennifer. Jennifer comes from the Cornish form of Guinevere, the wife of King Arthur. It’s said to mean “white enchantress.” Famous people of the same name include Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston.

Joyce. While originally a unisex name, Joyce (meaning cheerful) has become a girls’ name in modern times. Famous Filipinas with this name include actress Joyce Jimenez and director Joyce Bernal.

Katherine. Katherine (also spelled Catherine) is a Latin name meaning “pure, clear.” It’s also the name of St. Catherine of Alexandria and Catherine of Aragon, first wife of Henry VIII.

Ligaya. Ligaya means “happiness” in Tagalog. It’s also the title of a very popular song by Filipino band, the Eraserheads.

Luningning. Luningning means “brilliance” in Tagalog. It’s a very old-fashioned Filipino name that is quickly coming back in style.

Luzviminda. Luzviminda is an portmanteau of the three major island groups in the Philippines – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It can be shortened to Luz, which means “light.”

Malaya. Malaya is a Tagalog name meaning “free” or “freedom.”

Maria. Since the Philippines is a mostly Catholic country, the name of Jesus’ mother Mary (in its Spanish form) is very popular. Oftentimes, Maria is combined with another name like Maria Anna or Maria Luisa. Famous Marias include tennis player Maria Sharapova, and actresses Maria Bello and Maria Menounos.

Mutya. This beautiful Filipino name means “talisman, amulet, jewel, or pearl” in Tagalog. It has also come to mean “beloved.” It’s also used in pageants where a lady is crowned the mutya of her town.

Nicole. Nicole is one of the most popular names for Filipinas. It is of Greek origin and it means “victorious people.” One famous Filipina with this name is Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.

Noemi. Noemi is an old-fashioned name that has become popular as a second name in the Philippines. It’s of Spanish origin and it means “pleasantness.”

Ophelia. This Greek name means “she who helps.” Ophelia is a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She was the lover of the titular Hamlet.

Patricia. Patrician, in Latin, means noble, so Patricia means “nobility.” It’s a popular name thanks in part to its many possible nicknames: Pat, Patty, Tricia, Trish, and Trixie.

Queenie. There are two interpretations to this name. First is the obvious one, which is derived from the word “queen.” The second interpretation is that it’s from the Old English word cwen, which means “woman.”

Rosario. Seeing as many female Filipino names are derived from religion, it’s no surprise that this name is popular. It comes from the rosary, which in itself means “garland of roses” in Latin.

Sunshine. While an English name, no other country seems to have made this name more popular than it is in the Philippines. Popular Filipinas with this name include actresses Sunshine Dizon and Sunshine Jimenez.

Tala. Tala is a Tagalog name meaning “star.” She is the goddess of the morning and evening star in Tagalog mythology.

Trisha. While a nickname of the name Patricia, Trisha has become a popular name in its own right. Famous people with the name Trisha include singer Trisha Yearwood.

Urduja. Urduja is the name of a beautiful legendary Filipina warrior princess. The name Urduja is of Sanskrit origin derived from the word udaya meaning “rising sun.” Urduja is also a common Filipino surname.

Victoria. Victoria is the Latin word for “victory.” In Roman mythology, Victoria is the name of the goddess of victory. She’s known as Nike in Greek. Famous people named Victoria are Queen Victoria of England, Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls, and actress Victoria Justice.

Vilma. While a well-known Filipino name, Vilma is actually of Swedish origin. It means “determined protector.” Vilma Santos is a famous Filipina actress who popularized the name.

Yasmin. Yasmin is the original Persian form of the name Jasmine.

Zenaida. This Greek name means “born of Zeus.” It’s a more common name for older ladies in the Philippines, and is often shortened to Zeny, another popular name.

Zooey/Zoey. Zoey is a Greek name meaning “life.” It’s quite popular because of the actress Zooey Deschanel.

We hope you find the perfect name for your baby girl in this list of awesome Filipino names!


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