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Flirting Tips For Teenagers


Don’t worry, flirting at any age can be awkward and extremely stressful! However, it is probably a little more nerve-wracking when you are a teen because you don’t have as much practice at doing it. And they do say that practice makes perfect. So what better time to start practicing your flirting skills than now? It’s better now than later, we think!

You might be wondering, ‘Well, what’s so important about flirting? Can’t I just asks someone out straight away?’ Well, yes, you definitely can. Will it go smoothly? Sure, if you mean smoothly like a freshly waxed floor that you keep slipping around on and repeatedly falling on your bum.

Flirting is an important thing to do before you ask someone out. Why? Well think of flirting like oil. And think of the person that you like as a bicycle. Now, you are going to want to oil up the chain on that bike before taking it out of the garage, right? Otherwise it’s going to be one rough ride.

Flirting is the foundation to any romantic relationship, especially at the start, and without it your structure will collapse.

But how are you supposed to go about perfectly oiling up your bike? We got your back on this! We have some important flirting tips and guidelines for you to use anytime, anywhere and we guarantee that by using them your flirtatious situation will go as smooth as it possibly can.

Use Body Language:

Body language is going to be your best friend when it comes to interacting with a person that you like. It really is the most important thing in the flirting world. Without it you will have nothing. Body language is everything. Why is body language so important? Because it sends signals to the person you are talking to in subtle, but effective ways while you do the talking.

What kind of body language should you use when trying to successfully flirt with your crush?

As a teenager you probably aren’t aware of how to use your body language just yet. Don’t worry, it’ll start to come more naturally over time, we promise!

Your posture is going to be the first thing you want to make yourself aware of when you are flirting with someone. It’s of the utmost importance to let someone know how you feel. Having the wrong posture can ruin everything in a split second.

What type of posture do you need to show someone how you feel? You want to stand tall. Standing tall gives off the appearance that you are ultimately confident. Even if you are a little nervous at the time. Keep your head straight and your chin up. Think of it as if you have a book on top of your head that you are trying to balance. That is how your head should be.

Now next you will want to pull your shoulders back. You want to give the look that you have a spine made of steel and that you have never slouched a day in your life! Be careful, you don’t want to look like you have a stick up your bum, you just want to look tall and proud!

The next thing that you want to do when it comes to proper body language is be aware of what your feet are doing at all times. When you stand across from the person you like, make sure that your feet are slightly apart but pointed in their direction. This subconsciously says that you are focused on them and only them.  Weird, huh? We know, but it’s true!

Flirting Tips For Teenagers

Now as you two are getting deeper in discussion think of where you are leaning towards? Is it your crush? No? Well, if it’s not then now is a good time to start leaning in towards them. This will let them know that you are intent on actually listening to what they have to say. Although, you still want to keep a good distance so that you don’t break someone’s boundaries.

Lasty, but most importantly, use your eyes. The eyes are what give away everything! Your eyes will be what draws the person you like into you. You might be wondering, ‘How you can do anything with your eyes besides look at the person?’ Well, truthfully there are a ton of different ways to use your eyes when trying to flirt with someone.

Are you trying to make them aware that you find them attractive? Probably if you are flirting with them in the first place. So let them know by moving your eyes up and down their figure. Slowly of course! Doing it too quickly can spook your crush off because they think you’re being strange. You have to do the right motion.

You want to also maintain eye contact the entire time. It’s okay to look away every now and then, because you don’t want them to feel like you are staring them down. However, you want to focus your eyes on theirs the entire time.

Have Confidence:

Flirting Tips For Teenagers

We mentioned pulling your shoulders back to display confidence, but now we want to discuss actually possessing confidence. Confidence is key to successfully doing anything in life. If you are nervous your crush will be able to tell right off the bat! Try to fake your confidence until you make it a reality! It’s crucial. People like people who have confidence. It makes them appear strong and worthwhile to talk to.

Don’t Forget To Smile:

Smiling is important when flirting. It’s what lets your crush know that things are light hearted and upbeat. It also lets them know that you are having a good time talking with them. Frowning might give them the wrong idea. Having no look at all on your face might just simply weird them out. You’re going to want to avoid that at all cost when you are trying to properly flirt with someone.

Use Your Hands:

Flirting Tips For Teenagers

But definitely not in a gross way, of course! Just be cautious of your hand placement. Not touching your crush at all is okay, but if you want to emphasize your interest in them go ahead and touch their arm or knee while the two of you are talking to each other. This initiates physical contact and makes them aware that you want to jump out of the friend zone and be a little more personal with them. You can even go as far as trying to hold their hand. This is usually best saved if you do this after the two of you have been flirting for a long period of time. Such as days or even months.

Be Kind:

Trust us when we say that being rude will never get you anywhere. Because it won’t. Even if they reject your advances right away, it’s utterly important that you keep your cool! Continue being kind and they might just change their minds. Or, at the very least, you might start to grow on them. But being a jerk because things didn’t go your way is a great way to blow the whole thing!

Now you have some of the best flirting advice we could give you. Go get ‘em tiger!


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