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30 Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl Which Will Make Her Eyes Wet


The best part of being in a relationship is all the flirting, right? So it’s important in any relationship, whether long-term or just starting out, to keep things heated up and interesting. That’s not the easiest task in the world. Sometimes you just can’t think of great discussion topics off the top of your head without some critical thinking. However, there’s no need to worry! We have thirty spicy questions that hold a whole lot of flirtatious vibes. These questions are perfect to hold amazing conversation with the girl you like. There’s even an explanation to describe how each of these flirty questions are beneficial to building a stronger bond with her!

#1.) What’s your biggest turn on?

This is probably the number one flirty question there is out there! There’s no way you won’t get a few blushes and giggles out of her when you ask her something as personal as this. This will also put a little bit of sexual tension in the air possibly! That’s kind of what flirting is all about, right?

#2.) What do you look for in a guy?

Surely she’ll smile at this one! She will probably figure out that you are baiting her into talking up some of the characteristics that you hold. It’s going to lead to some warm, fuzzy feelings. This is also a great question that doubles as not only flirty, but also as personal enough to get her to open up to you about her ideal man/relationship.

#3.) What was your first love like?

There’s never been a more perfect question that let’s the two of you bond over your first loves. Nothing more romantic than feeling a little embarrassed while reminiscing. Yet the question still leaves room for deeper discussion as well.

#4.) Where’s your favorite place to be kissed?

Well, it’s certainly getting hot in here with this naughty question, don’t you think? It’s a bold question, but definitely one worth asking to someone you’re crushin’ hard on. She might even just answer you and maybe she’ll even show you where it is… If you’re lucky!

#5.) What would a perfect date look like to you?

What a great question to ask! It will raise the flirt factor between you and her in seconds. It’s a perfect way to get her daydreaming with you and then maybe the two of you could plan that perfect date in the future. Better yet- Keep it fresh in your mind and surprise her by following through! Nothing is flirtier than date-dreaming!

#6.) What’s a perfect romantic getaway?

You have already asked her what her perfect date is, but if you two have been in a relationship long term you may want to ask something a little different. To keep things new and exciting, of course. You can go ahead and start fantasizing about her perfect getaway. If you have a little extra cash laying around you could even go through with making her dream vacay a reality!

#7.) Could you see our relationship going to the next level?

This question is probably best saved until you are sure that you and her are heading down the right path. Try to avoid asking it to a girl you just met or don’t really have much interest in. This is an exciting question to ask because then you can get a look inside her mind and what she thinks about the bond that you have. Maybe you’ll even get to take things up a notch. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

#8.) What’s your weakness when it comes to a guy?

A perfect, sly question to ask her. Maybe you’ll even get it to use against her when you need her to soften up in some situations! This will definitely have her letting out a laugh and smiling from ear to ear.

#9.) What do you sleep in at night?

Nothing is more flirty than finding out what she wears to bed, if she even wears anything at all. You’ll be the one blushing this time around!

#10.) What do you like to be called for a pet name?

This ultra flirty questions serves as a perfect opportunity to establish cute names for one another. You don’t want to skip this question, especially if you’re in the earlier stages of a relationship with someone or just getting to know them! Why? Because you might go right ahead and start calling her by a pet name she despises. You could even accidentally call her a name her ex-boyfriend called her and ultimately turn her off. Don’t risk it! Ask away.

#11.) Have you been working out?

Flattery is everything when you’re trying to flirt with someone you have feelings for. She’ll feel a boost of confidence when you ask her this question and you’ll definitely get a smile from her! Compliments are everything when it comes to flirting. Remember that!

#12.) What do you like best about me physically?

Just as flattery is important to her, it’s also important to get her to rain it down on you! This way the compliments can go back and forth while building up the tension between you. Flirting equals flattery in the equation of love.

#13.) Are you a kisser or a cuddler?

Some people like to make out all of the time, but some are much fonder of just spending a lot of their time cuddling with someone else. It’s a great idea to find out which she is. That way you can avoid pushing her away by doing something too often that she doesn’t prefer. This question definitely amps up the flirting between you and may even lead you to do one of the mentioned acts!

#14.) Do you dig intellect over brawn or vice versa?

A perfect way to flirt with someone is by figuring out what types of conversations they prefer to have. Does she love guys who get super into fitness? Does she enjoy sports more than reading books? Or does she prefer someone who’s read all the latest books or someone who keeps up with current events. Or does she have a soft spot for a little of both? Ask her and find out!

#15.) What are three words that you would use to describe yourself?

When it comes to wooing someone you always want to make sure to keep the conversation focused on them. This is a great chance for you to build up her self esteem. You might be wondering how this question helps you do that. Well, if she ends up using a not so positive word to describe herself it’s your opportunity to jump in and tell her she’s wrong! This will bring her confidence up and make her feel like you really like her.

#16.) Have I told you how pretty/beautiful you look today?

She’ll be going, “Awhhh!” Immediately after you ask her this immensely flirty question. In turn she will most likely give you a compliment and the flirtatious banter can continue on.

#17.) What makes you feel protected?

Women love when a man can make them feel safe and comfortable. This is a great question to ask to strengthen the bond between you and your flirty friend or girlfriend!

#18.) Can I call you later?

This doesn’t seem like much of a triumphantly flirtatious question. But it really is. That’s because she will truly appreciate the fact that you want to call her. Most guys will offer to text or use some other sort of application, but calling her is a more personal way to get in touch. This also leaves a gateway for you two to talk again and she will adore the gesture!

#19.) What are your thoughts on love and relationships?

What’s more romantic than getting to the center of what she thinks about it? The two of you could probably talk for days on your thoughts and feelings on love, relationships and everything in between.

#20.) Do you like to talk dirty in bed?

Ohhh, be careful- This one is HOT! You might just burn yourself. Kidding… Kidding… But what is not a joke is how flirty this question is! There’s nothing sexier than talking about the dirty deed itself, is there?

#21.) What turns you off when it comes to the way a man acts?

Woman love being able to tell you what they don’t like in a guy just as much as they love telling you what they do like! This is a great question to ask because it also gives you some insight into what not to do when trying to court her! You don’t want to mess up the flirt fest by doing or saying something she finds unattractive.

#22.) If we were stuck in a room for one day together, what do you think we’d do?

This question rocks at getting the flirting to the next level, because it paves a path into discussing what you’d do if you had to be alone for 24 hours. Things might get a little steamy if you’re locked away together for a long period of time. What’s more flirty than talking about that?

#23.) What do you like to do to relax?

What a wonderful question to ask someone you like! This way you can find out what will calm her down after a bad day. Then you can test out one of her answers! This will only make her more attracted to you in the end.

#24.) What are you doing next week?

Girls like it when you take the time to get involved in what they’re doing. Asking about the future let’s her know you’re interested in her for more than just one night. You can use this question to prep another time to talk or plan a date with her, too.

#25.) Do you like to give massages or receive massages?

Nothing gets things more heated up than talking about intimacy like this. This is an awesome way to initiate some physical contact between the two of you, if she’s up for it! Massages are amazing and giving them is definitely a great way to flirt with someone.

#26.) How on Earth are you still single?

Watch out: Blush attack inevitable with this one! She will be giggling like a schoolgirl after you ask her this. Letting her know that you can’t believe she’s still single is a great way to let her know how beautiful and attractive you think she is.

#27.) What would you do if I kissed you right now?

Catch her off guard with this romantic, flirty question and see how she reacts! Surely it’ll get a few smiles out of her. Hopefully she gives you the answer you are looking for.

#28.) What was your last relationship like?

What’s a better way to break down how she’s feeling about love right this second than by asking her how she was affected by her last love? The answer: There isn’t a better way to do so. So give this way a shot!

#29.) If we could travel anywhere right now, together, where would you choose for us to go?

Nothing cuter than asking her where’d she would elope away with you. It’s like asking her what her idea of a fairytale is!

#30.) What do you want to do for our first date?

Obviously this question doesn’t work if you two have already had your first date. This question is more aimed at someone who is trying to flirt with a girl enough to get her to go out on a date with them. It’s a perfect way to ask her out and get an idea of what she wants to do at the same time.


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