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50 Flirty Texts For Her


Want to text the girl you like but you’re not sure what you want to say? At a loss for words? Trying to get it out, but you just can’t!? We understand that feeling. That’s why we’re here to help you today. First we have to ask… What happens when you’re talking to a girl, but you neglect to properly flirt with her? Well, we can tell you straight up that it probably won’t work out for the two of you. Why? Because flirting is the ultimate way to raise someone’s self-esteem and also the best way to get them to develop feelings for you in return. You absolutely cannot  build a romantic relationship of any sort, with anyone if you don’t flirt with them first. We promise, it just won’t happen! So, read closely. There are so many different ways that you can flirt with someone. And we definitely mean a lot of different ways.  Because of that we can totally see how it might be difficult to project the type of flirting you want. Whether it’s a girl you just met or a girl you have had your sights set on for a long time, a potential girlfriend or someone you just feel attracted to… Don’t worry…  We have so many different flirty texts for you to try out, you definitely won’t be disappointed no matter what the situation you’re in is. Cheeky flirting, warm flirting, steamy flirting, harmless flirting, cute flirting or plain and simple flirting… Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got it here for you! Try out any of the following flirty text messages below and we are sure you will see amazing results shortly after!

I lost my only teddy bear, do you want to come cuddle with me instead?

How adorable it is of you to let her know that you are thinking of cuddling with her! She’s sure to love this flirtatious text.

There isn’t a word in the dictionary that can explain your type of beauty.

Meaning her level of gorgeousness is absolutely indescribable!

Can you send me a picture? I want to prove to all of my friends that angels really do exist.

This is a classic flirty pickup line, perfect to send as a text during anytime of the day.

You might need to call an ambulance… Missing you this much is killing me.

Let her know just how seriously you are missing her beauty with this flirty message.

Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite one.

Every girl likes to hear how attractive she is, but step outside of sexualizing her by complimenting something more simple… Like her smile. She will definitely love the effort and surprise behind this flirty text.

I was feeling a bit off today, until you turned me on.

Things are getting a tiny bit spicy with this one! However, it’s just a little tease and still remains more than appropriate. However, before saying anything like this, make sure it is a girl who is seemingly comfortable talking with you on this level. Try not to use these types of flirty texts on a girl you just met or someone who hasn’t reciprocated your affection.

Roses are red, violets are blue, lava is hot and so are you.

Ahhh, the classic roses are red, violets are blue line. You can spice up the original poem by using this creative and endearing ending instead.

If I were an octopus, all three of my hearts would belong to you.

An octopus actually does possesses three hearts! No joke! Tell her how they would be all hers if you were this cool, multi-hearted and mysterious creature of the sea!

Is your dad a preacher, ‘cause girl you’re a blessing!

A perfect flirty text to send if she is the type of girl who practices any sort of religion.

I’m not an organ donor, but I’d give you my heart any day.

Even if you are an organ donor, your girl is going to love that you’re offering your heart up on a platter just for her.

Do you have a band-aid? I seemed to have scraped my knees falling for you.

You will appear to be the sweetest gentlemen when using this cute flirty text.

They say nothing lasts forever. Will you be my nothing?

How charming! Asking her to be with you forever is definitely a way to up your cuteness level. However, be careful when using this one. You don’t want to use this on a girl you barely know. She might feel a little suffocated and run for the hills. Use it only on a girl you’ve been talking with for a long period of time or that you know has developed deeper feelings for you.

Charming, smart, handsome… Enough about me, tell me more about you.

If you think that you are the type that likes to add a small touch of humour to your flirtatious messages, then this text is the perfect one for you! Not only is it terribly funny, but it opens up a gateway for the two of you to get to know each other a little better than before.

Hey you dropped something. (Wait for her to ask, what?) My jaw.

If you want to send a flirtatious text and get her involved in the conversation quickly, use this one. She’ll surely feel nothing less than flattered after playing along.

You must be google, because you have everything I’ve been searching for.

You will sound not only clever, but also very adorable when using this sly one-liner.

You looked beautiful today. I haven’t seen you, but you always look beautiful everyday.

Flattery, flattery, flattery! Let us say this loud and clear! Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE when it comes to flirty texting with the girl you like. You cannot flirt properly without using lines like these!

If I could change the alphabet I would put U and I together.

Another classic for you to try out when you’re raising your flirt factor.

Hey you! I know it’s hard but stop thinking about me! (Insert winky-face emoji)

Is your main goal to make her blush? Then you have wandered across the  most perfect text to send her with this one! Adding emoji’s into your texts will also display a clearer message that you’re trying to flirt with her.

I’m on a mission to stop daydreaming about you. I call it Mission Impossible.

This is one of the coyest pick-up lines that you could use when trying to flirt with any girl.

I’ve never seen dark eyes full of such light.

If you are trying to compliment her physique, use this flirty text! She will love that you’re thinking of her eyes.

Are you a believer in love at first sight or should I walk past you again?

We can almost see her mouth drop to the ground as she reads this one! She will feel your effort come through with this cute text message.

Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?

This one may be be a full on cliche, but who cares! It’s still adorable as all heck.

I’m so starstruck every time I see you that I forget my pickup line.

Does your girl have the same effect on you as a celebrity would? Then use this perfect flirty text. She will recognize that you’re trying to tell her how much just her appearance impacts you, in the best way of course.

It’s a beautiful day, but not as beautiful as you.

Simple, but flirtatious nonetheless.

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was busy chasing you around in my dreams.

What girl doesn’t want to hear that you’ve been dreaming of her? If she’s not blushing after this, then maybe she’s not for you!

Are you a 90 degree angle? Because you are looking right to me!

A great flirty text designed for those who like mathematics.

You’re my favorite weakness.

These are four simplistic words that will get your point across in seconds.

If happiness starts with H, then why does mine start with U?

What an intelligent way to let her know that you like her as more than a friend.

I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile.

Hopefully this flirty text gets the smile from her that you are hoping for.

Do you have a name… Or can I call you MINE?

What can we say… This one is smoother than smooth.

If you were a fruit, you’d be a FINEapple?

If you want to appear quick-witted in the ways of your flirting then this text is the right one for you.

You be Dairy Queen and I’ll be Burger King. You treat me right and I’ll do it your way.

This one may be a little steamy, but it is still an appropriate pick up line for some late night flirty texting.

Are you legs tired from running through my mind all day?

Flirting is an art and with texts like this one, you’ll seem like the ultimate artist!

My name is _____, but you can call me YOURS.

Another way to appear cunning, yet draw her into you.

Are you WI-FI? ‘Cause I’m feeling a connection.

A more modern day pickup line you can use when sending the girl you like a flirty text.

If looks could kill, you’d be a weapon of mass destruction!

If she’s a looker, then this flirty text is perfect for you to send.

Like a broken pencil, life without you is pointless.

An ingenious way to let her know just how much she lights up your life.

I can’t stop thinking about you, not matter how hard I try not to.

If you don’t want to put too much effort in, then this a more relaxed way to flirt with her.

If you were words, you’d be the FINE print.

Yikes… You’ll be unstoppable in your flirting with this sly message.

Oh! The things you do to me.

Maybe you’re not the type to send cheesy, funny or romantic long messages. If that’s the case, then keep it light but still delightful with this flirty text message.

No other woman could ever compete with you, I hope you know that.

What girl doesn’t love to hear she’s the only one you can see when it comes to all the women in the world?

You look familiar… I think I’ve seen you in my dreams.

You’re telling her that she’s the girl of your dreams. It’s so romantic, she’ll have no choice but to reciprocate.

You must be a time-lord, because you have two hearts… Mine and yours.

This flirty text is set up for people who watch the show Doctor Who.

Your smile could light up an entire city.

This one line may be just a tad bit generic but it’s certainly dripping with sweetness that she won’t be able to deny.

Are you a beaver, ’cause dam girl!

Jokes are one of the best ways to flirt with someone. Not only are you bringing her confidence up a notch, you’re also getting her to laugh. Both play vital parts in building a relationship with a girl!

Hey girl, feel my shirt. Know what that’s made of? Boyfriend material.

A little arrogant, but still totally adorable in every way.

The moon and the sun are both jealous of how brightly you shine.

What a mystifying complement to dawn on her. She will definitely love this one, as it’s full of charm.

Are you related to Yoda? Because yodalicious!

Both of you will totally be geeking out if you send this quick and hilarious flirty text.

You must be the square root of two? Because I feel irrational around you.

Another more than clever pick up line that involves math! Perfect to use if you’re both a little nerdy.

It may be cloudy out, but you create rays of sunshine wherever you go.

A beautiful way to flirt if she isn’t having such a good day. This complement will surely lift her spirits!


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