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100 Flower Baby Names


Floral names are beautiful for a baby girl or boy. In addition to being a whimsical name, it is also a way to connect your child with the earth and the world around them. Starting in the 18th century, plant and flower names started to become increasingly fashionable. To find the perfect name for your baby, we have compiled a list of 100 flower baby names.

70 Flower Baby Names for Girls

1. Magnolia

Magnolia is a beautiful name for a little girl. This beautiful flower blooms on a tree and leaves a heavy, floral scent around the surrounding area.

2. Orchid

Orchid might be a tough flower to grow, but it is one of the most beautiful exotic names for a ,little girl.

3. Rosemary

Rosemary comes from the Latin root words “ros” and “marinus.” Together, these words mean dew of the sea.

4. Zinnia

Zinnia is an unusual name that has a hip sound to it.

5. Poppy

Poppy comes from a beautiful flower that sounds spunky when used as a name. It also happens to be the flower that produces opium, which makes for an unusual connection.

6. Marigold

Marigold is a pretty flower that would be a lovely name.

7. Ivy

Ivy is one of the most popular flower names and also happens to be the name of Beyonce’s daughter.

8. Altheda

Altheda comes from a Greek word that means like a blossom.

9. Carnation

Carnation is one of the most popular flowers and would be an unusual name for a baby girl.

10. Holly

Holly is a beautiful flower that is popular around Christmas time. In the famous movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, it was also the name of the character played by Audrey Hepburn.

11. Juniper

Juniper would be an incredibly unusual name for a little girl. The actual evergreen plant creates beautiful blue berries. You could also give your daughter nicknames like Junie, Junebug, Juno and June.

12. Violet

Violet has remained a popular name, although it was more popular several decades ago. It means purple, which makes sense since violets produce a pretty purple flower.

13. Phlox

Phlox would be a hip, unique name for your baby girl. As a plant, Phlox produces pretty, little, purple flowers.

14. Myrtle

Myrtle was once a popular name, but it has grown less popular in recent years. The actual plant creates pink or white berries and is incredibly fragrant.

15. Danica

Danica is the name of a famous race car driver. It also happens to be a part of the Royal Copenhagen Flowers of Denmark. In Slavic languages, it means morning star.

16. Alyssa

Alyssa is not just a girl’s name. It is also a variation of a flower’s name as well.

17. Gardenia

Gardenia is one of the most fragrant smelling flowers. It is more unusual than flower names like Rose or Lily. The name was actually created based on the famed botanist, Dr. Alexander Garden.

18. Jasmine

Jasmine is another flower that is incredibly fragrant. In the Disney movie Aladdin, it was the name of the leading female protagonist.

19. Peony

Peony actually means healing, and it is thought to signify riches, fame and honor.

20. Susan

Susan is not just an old-fashioned name. There is also a daisy-like flower that is related to the sunflower known as the black-eyed Susan. In Hebrew, the name means graceful lily.

21. Primrose

Primrose sounds like an elegant, old-fashioned name. It comes from a Latin phrase that meant first rose.

22. Petal

Petal is not a flower, but it is a part of every flower. It sounds exotic and is certainly an unusual name to choose for your daughter.

23. Linnea

This name hails from Scandinavia and is quite popular in Sweden and Norway. It means twin flower.

24. Jessamine

This is a Spanish version of the name Jasmine.

25. Hazel

Hazel may be known for being a color, but it is also a type of nut and tree. There is also a flowering plant that creates long strands of yellow and is known as witch hazel.

26. Amaryllis

This unusual name first appeared in Greek poetry and is the name of a showy, gorgeous flower.

27. Blossom

Blossom is not a flower, but it is the word used when flowers are in bloom.

28. Azalea

This is one of the most popular landscaping plants and is a beautiful shrub. It is often planted alongside rhododendrons.

29. Blimah

Blimah is an unusual Hebrew name that means to blossom.

30. Camellia

Camellia is the name of the wife of a prince of England. It is also one of the prettiest and most fragrant of flowers.

31. Fern

Fern might not actually be a flower, but it is prettier than many of the actual flower names on this list.

32. Daffodil

Daffodil is a pretty name. The Latin, scientific name for this flower stems from a Greek myth about a guy who was so in love with the way he looked that he became a flower that looked at his own reflection perpetually.

33. Chrysanthemum

This would be an incredibly long name, but it would certainly be an unusual choice.

34. Bluebell

This beautiful flower is dainty and pretty to look at.

35. Daisy

Daisy has remained a popular name for centuries. In French, it is a nickname for Margaret. It was also the name of a character in the popular novel, the Great Gatsby.

36. Heather

Heather is a type of ground cover that spreads across the heath. It produces pretty, delicate flower and has been a popular name for centuries.

37. Lily

Lily is one of the most popular flower names and is also one of the easiest ones to spell.

38. Iris

Iris is a beautiful purple flower. It was named after the Greek word for rainbow.

39. Jolanda

Jolanda is an Italian version of the name violet. It may not be popular in the United States, but it would be a gorgeous name for a beautiful baby girl.

40. Lotus

Lotus is a symbol of rebirth in Egyptian culture. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is the ultimate symbol of divide purity and enlightenment.

41. Hyacinth

Hyacinth was a popular name a few decades ago, but it has declined in popularity over recent years.

42. Lillian

Lillian is a popular name in the United States. It is a version of the name Lily. Lillian is thought to mean beauty, purity and innocence.

43. Kalina

In Polish, this is the word for flower.

44. Narcissa

Narcissa is inspired by the Latin word for daffodil.

45. Rose

Rose is one of the most popular flower names for a baby girl. It is also an excellent middle name if you want to combine it with one of the other flower names on this list.

46. Petunia

Petunia is a trumpet-shaped flower that is popular in landscaping. It has an old-fashioned ring to it that makes it sound perfect if you want a more traditional name. Unfortunately, it is also the name of Harry Potter’s mean aunt in the Harry Potter series.

47. Senna

Senna is a name that comes from the senna plant. In Arabic, it means brightness. It produces pretty, bright, blue flowers every year.

48. Posey

Posey was once a popular name, although it has become less fashionable in recent years. Posey technically means a bunch of flowers.

49. Lavender

Lavender makes a beautiful flower, but it is also used in cooking. As an herb, it has been used for medicinal uses over the centuries.

50. Fiorella

Fiorella is an Italian word that means flower. You can also change it to Florence, Flora or Ella.

51. Clover

Clover produces little flowers, although you often mow it down before these flowers can be produced. As the myth of the four-leaf clover shows, this plant is also frequently associated with having good luck.

52. Aster

Aster is a delicate flower that comes from a word that means star. The little girl on the popular television show was named Aster. You could also spell the name like Astor instead.

53. Calantha

Calantha comes from a Greek word that means beautiful flower. It is one of the more unique flower names on this list.

54. Jacinta

This is a softer way of writing Hyacinth. It comes from a Spanish word that is pronounced ha-Seen-ta.

55. Verbena

Verbena is a pretty flower that smells sweet and has medicinal uses as well.

56. Leilani

This is an extremely rare flower name that would be perfect for your unique daughter. In Hawaiian, this is is a name that means child of heavenly flower. You can also shorten it to the nickname Leia.

57. Iolanthe

This pretty name means violent flower. It was made popular in an operetta by Gilbert and Sullivan that was called by the same name.

58. Forsythia

This comes from a yellow bush that is popular in landscapes. While it might not be as popular as other flower names, it would still be a good choice for a baby.

59. Crisantha

This is a shorter form of Chrysanthemum. The name is known to mean golden flower.

60. Chloris

Chloris is a name that would be perfect if you want flower-related names. It comes from a mythological goddess of flowers.

61. Amaranth

This herb is known for its beautiful pink flowers.

62. Begonia

This floral name comes from sweet-smelling flowers that look fairly similar to roses.

63. Lilac

Lila is not just a popular scent. It is also a light purple flower with an extremely fragrant scent.

64. Willow

Willow might be a flower, but it certainly produces beautiful flowers. The willow tree is well known for its grace, flexibility and resilience. The name means resolute or peaceful.

65. Fleur

Fleur is from a French word that means flower. In the Netherlands, it is one of the top 20 names for a baby girl.

66. Acacia

Acacia is a Greek name that comes from the name of a Greek botanist. The actual flower is yellow or white on a shrub. This flower is a symbol of resurrection or immortality.

67. Ayana

Ayana is a name for a beautiful flower and really rolls off the tongue when you say it.

68. Calla

Calla is a name that means beautiful. It is the scientific name for lily and is extremely beautiful.

69. Dahlia

Dahlia is a plant with beautiful, small flowers. In the movies, it is often the name of femme fatales.

70. Flora

Flora was known as the Roman goddess of flowers and the spring.

70 Flower Baby Names for Boys

1. Florent

This comes from a French word that means flowering. While it might be a bit too pretty in meaning for some guys, it is actually quite popular in some areas of Europe. q

2. Yarrow

Yarrow is a powerful herb that has many medicinal properties. This fragrant plant also blooms beautiful yellow flowers.

3. Narcissus

Narcissus was the name of a guy in Greek myth who was famous for falling in love with his own reflection. It is the scientific name for the daffodil.

4. Florian

Florian comes from a Latin word that means flourishing or flowering.

5. Corey

Corey is actually an incredibly common name for a little boy. If you want to make it longer, you could use the name Coreopsis, which is actually a type of long-lasting flower. By itself, Corey means from the hollow.

6. Cedar

Cedar is a beautiful tree and a wonderful name for a little boy.

7. Indigo

Indigo is both a plant and a beautiful color. When you turn the plant into a dye, it makes a purple or blue color.

8. Watson

Watson is not just a name for Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick. It also happens to be a shortened form of the flower name, Watsonia. It means powerful warrior.

9. Saffron

Saffron creates a purple flower, but the plant is used to make an expensive orange or yellow dye.

10. Clem

Clem is a more traditional, old-fashioned name for a boy. It comes from the name Clematis, which is a type of climbing vine that produces distinctive, pretty flowers.

11. Antonio

Antonio was a popular name in the 1600s. It comes from the Greek word Anthos, which means flowers.

12. Sorrel

Sorrel is a delicious tasting medicinal herb that is common in the Caribbean. This pretty flower is red in color and could be used for boys or girls.

13. Jared

Jared does not sound like a flower baby name, but it is. In Hebrew, this name means rose.

14. Arnit

This unusual name means beautiful flower and has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

15. Kunal

Kunal comes from India. In Sanskrit, it is a word for lotus.

16. Ren

Ren comes from a Japanese word. In Japan, it means lotus. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity, rebirth and perfection.

17. Elm

Elm is a beautiful tree that is found in many areas of the world. The Elm tree is known for being strong and robust. It produces gorgeous white flowers in the spring time.

18. Trevor

Trevor comes from the Persian name, Shatrevar. This name is the Persian word for flower. Now, the name Trevor is growing fairly common in the United States.

19. Sage

Sage would be a beautiful name for a boy or girl. It is known as an aromatic herb with medicinal properties. It is also a word for a wise, intelligent person.

20. Basil

Basil was the name of a popular actor in Sherlock Holmes movies. It is also the name of a fragrant herb that creates pretty white and purple flowers.

21. Cypress

Cypress creates flowers that look like pretty, five-pointed stars.

22. Anthony

Anthony is not just a standard boys’ name. It actually comes from a Greek word that means rose.

23. Moss

Moss is the soft, cushy plant that grows along the forest floor. This simple name would be great for a baby boy or a baby girl.

24. William

William is actually a type of flower known as Sweet Williams.

25. Oleander

Oleander is a shrub that creates fragrant, gorgeous flowers. It is also the name of the wand maker in Harry Potter. It can be turned into playful nicknames like Ollie or Olly.

26. Ketak

Ketak is an Indian name that means flower.

27. Bud

Bud sounds like a southern, rural name, but it would also make for a decent flower name for a boy. The bud is the blossom on the flower.

28. Alder

Alder is one of the prettiest trees. It is a part of the birch family and creates pretty flowers. If you use one of the other names on this list as a middle name, it would be a beautiful boy’s name.

29. Fiorello

Fiorello is by far one of our favorite flower baby names for boys. This name became popular in World War II because of Mayor La Gaurdia. In Italian, this beautiful name means little flower.

30. Quill

Quill would be a gorgeous name for a little boy. It is a shortened form of the name Jonquil. The Jonquil is a very hardy flower that grows in spring time.


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