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170 Food Puns


Food is a gigantic part of our lives. We eat everyday, so it is only natural that food puns and jokes would be funny. These food puns are a great option to use, but you can also modify the puns to make your own jokes. Many puns are made from words that sound the same, but others are based on slang phrases. Have some fun with this list and add any of your favorites that we may have missed to the comments section of the page.

best Food Puns

Food Puns

1. “Hey, waiter, will my pizza be long?” Of course not. It will be round.

2. “What did the banana say to the orange?” Nothing, silly, because bananas can’t talk!

3. “What is the name of the king of vegetables?” Elvis Parsley.

4. “Why did the banana need to go to the doctor?” It wasn’t peeling well!

5. “What do you call a phony noodle?” An impasta.

6. “What did the baby corn ask its mother corn?” Where’s pop corn?

7. “What does a nosy pepper love to do?” Get jalapeno business, of course!

8. “Did you hear about the famed Italian chef who finally died?” They say he pasta way.

9. “What game does a vegetable like to play at a casino?” Baccarrot!

10. “Why was the tomato blushing?” He saw the salad dressing and was embarrassed.

11. “Mom, this food tastes funny.” Then why aren’t you laughing?

12. “Why didn’t the sesame seed have to leave the casino?” He was on a roll.

13. “What type of fruit do twins eat?” Pears!

14. “Why did the cabbage always win the races?” Because it was always ahead!

15. “Did you hear the funny joke about the jelly?” I can’t tell you because you might spread it.

16. “What do you call a peanut that is wearing a space suit?” An atronut.

17. “Why didn’t the slice of bread like warm weather?” Because it gets too toasty.

18. “Why did the students decide to eat their homework?” They heard the teacher say that it was a piece of cake.

19. “What did the tomato say to the bacon?” Lettuce get together, baby!

20. “Why was the cucumber always so mad?” Because it kept getting into pickles!

21. “Where do carrots go to have a nice drink?” The salad bar!

22. “What do you call an epileptic who is standing in a vegetable garden?” Seizure salad.

23. “What did the burger decide to name her baby daughter?” Patty!

24. “Why do watermelons always have fancy weddings?” Because they cantaloupe, of course!

25. “Why did the orange go out to dinner with the prune?” Because he couldn’t find a date!

26. “How do you fix a tomato that breaks?” With a tomato paste.

27. “Why did the orange do so badly in school?” Because only orange juice is able to concentrate.

28. “Did you ever see the film about the hot dog?” They say it was an Oscar Wiener.

29. “What do you do when life gives you melons?” Go to the doctor because you are probably dyslexic.

30. “What sounds like a parrot and looks orange?” A carrot!

31. “How do you make a berry turnover?” Roll it down a hill.

32. “Why are potatoes such great detectives?” They know how to keep their eyes peeled.

33. “What type of cheese is made backwards?” Edam.

34. “What do you get when you divide a jack-o-lantern’s circumference by its diameter?” Pumpkin Pi.

35. “What do you get when you blend a shellfish and an apple?” A crab apple.

Food Puns

36. “Why was the chef jailed or assault?” The police caught him beating an egg.

37. “What should you give a sick lemon?” Lemon aid.

38. “What do you call a very spiritual cheese?” Cheese of Nazareth.

39. “You know, the bully who used to take my lunch money everyday still takes my money.”” The good news is that he makes delicious Subway sandwiches.

40. “Why did no one laugh at the maize?” He only told corny jokes.

41. “What did the pickle say to his date?” I’m kind of a big dill.

42. “They say that becoming a vegetarian is a huge mis-steak.” This might be one of the more amusing food puns, but vegetarians probably will not agree with you.

43. “Why did the can crusher finally quit his job?” He just found it soda pressing.

44. “How can you make gold soup?” You just have to put 24 carrots into it.

45. “What do you call it when milk has been in the fridge for four weeks?” A true spoiler alert.

46. “What do you call a cheese that is not yours?” Nacho cheese!

47. “On St. Patty’s Day, my wife made me a green hamburger. I asked her what she did to color it, and she had no clue what I was talking about.” Eek. You might want to be careful then!

48. “What do you call a potato’s baby?” Tater tots.

49. “What do you call a pizza that is asleep?” PiZZZZZa.

50. “What is the name for a stolen yam?” A hot potato.

51. “Why do the vegetables always invite the mushroom to their parties?” They heard that mushrooms are really fun-guys.

52. “They told me that milk does the body good, so how much have you been drinking?” Unsurprisingly, there are a number of food puns that are also great pick-up lines. At the very least, you will get your crush to smile at your corny jokes.

53. “When you start a new relationship, you are the best thing since sliced bread. A few years in, you’re toast.” True enough.

54. “They say that bacon and smoke will kill you.” But if you smoke bacon, it will cure it.

55. “Some day, I will probably choke to death on gummy bears. I hope that people say I was killed by bears at my funeral and leave it at that.” Me, too.

56. “First day of my diet: I removed all of my fattening, fried food from the house. It was delicious.” That’s one way to start a diet!

57. “I just burned 2,000 calories.” I have to stop leaving the brownies in the oven before my naps.

58. “Do you know the difference between an egg and yourself?” An egg can get laid, but you can’t.

59. “When I posted what I ate into the fitness app, it sent an ambulance.” This is a very real fear for new dieters.

60. “Is your name Pepsi?” Because you are just so-da-licious.

Funny Food Puns

61. “If I knew I was dying, I would ask for pop rocks and soda so that I could leave the world on my terms.” An interesting choice.

62. “What is a cow called during an earthquake?” A milkshake, of course!

63. “What do you call 2,000 pounds of Chinese soup?” A won ton.

64. “If you see a woman who is eating ice cream directly from the carton, don’t ask how she is doing.” This is actually fairly good life advice.

65. “Why did the teenager start making friends with babies?” He realized he could get free cake once a year for life.

66. “When I eat my taco, I put another tortilla on the plate. That way, the stuff that falls out makes another taco.” Forget about a joke, this is a brilliant life hack.

67. “I saw my father chopping up onions today and cried.” Onion was a very good dog.

68. “They say that your body is a temple.” Pancakes are just my way of praying.

69. “Hey baby, do you know what’s on the menu tonight?” Me-n-u!

70. “Do you know when pigs fly?” When we launch them to the Mars colony to give astronauts bacon!

71. “Why do the French like to eat snails?” They don’t like fast food.

72. “My mother told me that I could not make a van out of spaghetti. You should have seen her face when I drove pasta.” Clever, very clever.

73. “Why did the awkward teenager become a butcher?” He wanted to meat people.

74. “Why do seagulls always fly over the sea?” If they flew over the bay, they would be bagels.

75. “What do you call a person who is scared of picnics?” A true basket case.

76. “Hey, do you work at Little Caesars?” Because you’re hot and I’m ready.

77. “Until I bought my first bag of chips, I had always thought that air was free.” Chip bags are so deceptive.

78. “Subway wins the healthiest fast food chain award because they make you get out of the car.” Why is that, anyway?

79. “For Halloween, we decided to dress up as cashews.” Everyone could immediately tell that we were nuts.

80. “How does Moses like to make his tea?” Hebrews it, of course!

81. “My boyfriend said he didn’t want a date.” On the same day, I found him eating one.

82. “Honey, if you were a fruit, you would be a fineapple.” So many pick-ups lines, so little time.

83. “What should you do when someone hands you a baby?” Say, “No, thanks, I’m a vegetarian.”

84. “What do you call a cow that doesn’t have any legs?” Ground beef!

85. “I was trying to write a song about tortillas, but it came out as more of a wrap.” Nice food pun.

Puns about Food

86. “What is dog meat called?” Pet food.

87. “What happens when you eat shoe polish and yeast?” Each morning, you rise and shine!

88. “Did you hear the story about the hungry clock?” They say it went back four seconds.

89. “I’m against buying fat-free milk because I don’t want to give the cows body complexes.” That’s one way to look at it.

90. “What is the best thing about Valentine’s Day?” Afterward, all of the chocolate goes on sale.

91. “What do you call the boss at the fish market?” The Cod Father.

92. “What do you call a slice of bread that gets good grades?” An honor roll.

93. “Pork and leek would be an excellent sausage flavor.” But a terribly name for condoms.

94. “Why do cannibals never eat clowns?” They just taste funny.

95. “I tell people I’m on a seafood diet.”” Because every time I see food, I eat it.

96. “When my wife packs a salad for my lunch, I always wonder what I did wrong.” Good question.

97. “My dog, Minton, ate my homework.” Bad Minton.

98. “They say that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but they might be aiming a bit high.” This food pun is probably the truth.

99. “Did you hear about the pessimist who really hated German sausage?” They say he feared the wurst.

100. “Why do women love to eat at Chinese restaurants?” Because when you spell won ton backwards, it says Not Now.

101. “Where did the sauce take the spaghetti dancing?” To the meatball!

102. “Did you know you can get a bunch of fat birds into a bed?” It’s a piece of cake.

103. “Did you hear about the vegan who was transgendered?” He was a herbefore.

104. “My husband’s such a bad cook that he uses the fire alarm as a timer.” This is one of the food puns that wouldn’t be funny unless it were sometimes true. We all have a person like this in our life.

105. “Did you hear about the two cheese trucks that crashed into each other?” There was de brie everywhere.

106. “What do you call the vegetarian brother of Bruce Lee?” Brocco Lee.

107. “Birthdays are a sign from God that we should eat more cake.” Let’s have our cake and eat it too!

108. “Why are frogs always so happy?” Because they can eat whatever bugs them.

109. “Why did Eve eat from the forbidden apple?” It tasted a lot better than Adam’s banana.

110. “What do you call a turkey without any feathers?” Thanksgiving dinner.

111. “What type of candy can never be on time?” ChocoLATE.

112. “What is the best thin you can put into a pie?” Your teeth!

113. “Why should you never do math in the jungle?” Because if you add four and four, you get ate!

114. “What is an alien’s favorite type of candy bar?” A Mars bar.

115. “What happens when you blend a hamburger and a cheetah?” You get fast food.

116. “Why did Burger King get Dairy Queen pregnant?” He completely forgot to wrap his whopper.

117. “Why did the depressed cow stop making milk?” She felt like an udder disgrace.

118. “The worst thing about being a birthday cake is being set on fire and then getting eaten by the hero who saves you.” That is certainly a negative take on the situation.

119. “When I put mustard on my sub, I always feel like I’ve done it before.” I guess I’m just suffering from De’-Jonvu.

120. “What do snowmen like to eat for breakfast?” Frosted flakes, of course!

The Best Food Puns We've Ever Seen

121. “Did they give you a bowl of soup with that haircut?” Burn.

122. “Why was Cinderella a terrible field hockey player?” Because her coach was a pumpkin.

123. “Why did the blonde keep getting Chinese food?” She thought fortune cookies would make her rich.

124. “I burned my Hawaiian pizza again today.” I guess you should have set it on aloha temperature.

125. “What did one Dorito say to the other?” I can’t tell you because it was just too cheesy.

126. “What fruit should people eat when they feel sad?” Blueberries.

127. “Baby, do you sell hot dogs?” Because you sure know how to make a wiener stand.

128. “I ended up getting fired from my chef job for stealing the equipment.” It was a whisk that I was willing to take.

129. “If you weigh 99 pounds and eat a pound of cake, you will be made of 1 percent cake.” That is rather awesome when you think about it.

130. “You must be peanut butter because you make my legs feel like jelly.” This is one of the food puns that works rather well as a pick-up line.

131. “Why did the prawn leave the dance club?” He pulled a muscle.

132. “Why do cannibals always have a lot of friends?” They like to meat people.

133. “What types of bees can make milk?” Boo-bees.

134. “Ginger ales slogan should be, “I hope you feel better.” Actually, this would be a great slogan.

135. “If you think about it, a cauliflower is just a vegetable explosion in slow motion.” Another food pun that actually makes sense.

136. “What did the pig say after it fell asleep on the beach?” I’m bacon!

137. “Who never eats on Thanksgiving?” The turkey because it always feels so stuffed.

138. “Really, any salad can become a Caesar salad if you stab it enough.” It’s safe to say that Julius Caesar would not like food puns like this one.

139. “What do dildos and tofu have in common?” They are both considered meat substitutes.

140. “Did you hear about the Roman fighter who ate his wife?” They say that he was glad ‘e ate ‘er.

141. “Nutella is the number one reason I buy bread.” If something is far too true, I’m not sure if it counts as food puns or jokes anymore.

142. “Do you know what the cheapest meat is?” Deer balls because they are always under a buck.

143. “Why do bananas always use sunscreen before they head to the beach?” Because they are afraid they might peel.

144. “Is your mother Vietnamese?” Because I am falling pho you.

145. “Why did the boy want to throw butter out of the window?” he wanted to see a butterfly.

The Funniest Food Puns Of All Time

146. “What type of dog can never bark?” A hot dog.

147. “How do you keep people from judging you for eating a bowl of guacamole?” Tell them you ate an avocado salad.

148. “What do cannibals always do at a wedding?” Toast the bride and groom.

149. “What type of cheese do you use to get a bear out of the woods?” Camembert.

150. “Honey, you must work at Subway because you’re giving me a foot long.” This pick-up line is way too cheesy.

151. “They say Jesus made a miracle when he fed thousands of people with just a loaf of bread and two fishes.” That isn’t a miracle. It’s called tapas.

152. “What is the best cheese for disguising a horse?” Marscaponie.

153. “What did the tomato say to the pickle?” Olive you so much!

154. “Why was the pickle always out on dates?” She was a real cutecumber.

155. “Why wouldn’t the puppy hang out with the rest of the pack?” He heard it was a real dog eat dog world out there.

156. “Why was the chef always late?” He kept running out of thyme.

157. “What did the mama roll tell her baby roll?” Stop loafing around!

158. “Why were the vegetables always in trouble?” Problems kept cropping up.

159. “Why couldn’t the fruit think of something to say?” She was s-peach-less.

160. “Why was the candy picky about buying a car?” He wanted something in mint condition.

161. “Why were the Fruit Loops afraid?” They heard there was a cereal killer on the loose.

162. “Why wouldn’t anyone talk to the dessert?” They thought he was a real fruit cake.

163. “Why wasn’t the fried chicken ever rude?” It wasn’t the way he was bread.

164. “Why should you never live next to a vineyard?” They love raisin the roof.

165. “What did the priest say to the vegetables?” Peas be with you.

166. “Why wouldn’t the taco let the burrito help?” She said it was nacho problem.

167. “Why was the lettuce great in a fight?” He could always romaine calm.

168. “Why did the vegetables pass out?” They were really beet.

169. “Why did the knife and spoon break up?” They had reached a real fork in the road.

170. “Why did everyone watch the snail on the road?” They wanted to see escargot.


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