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100 French Nicknames for Friends


When you have a close friend, it is natural to want a good nickname for them. Sometimes, you want something more unique than a standard nickname or a nickname based on their actual name. For a more fun, classy nickname, try out these 100 French nicknames for friends. We have included 50 French nicknames for girls and 50 French nicknames for guys that you can use.

50 French Nicknames for Friends for Guys

1. Gavroche: This is a nickname that you can use for a trouble maker or someone who is somewhat of a punk. It originally came from an 1862 novel by Victor Hugo called Les Misérables.

2. Mon Grand: This nickname means, “Big Guy.” It is either a sign of respect or just a fun nickname for your friends.

3. Cousin: Interestingly, this nickname is actually commonly heard about hangs and drug dealers. It is used for informers, but you actually hear it a lot among friends. In specific, this nickname would be great for a friend who is always a goody two shoes.

4. Mon Homme: This French nickname means man and is a popular nickname for strong guys.

5. Zeus: If you want your friend to have a huge ego, give him the name of a Greek god.

6. Mon Zazou: This name is for a crazy, wild guy.

7. Belle Gueule: This is typically a nickname for a good-looking guy, so you may want to use it for your crush.

8. Champion: This has the same meaning in French as it does in English, which makes it a great nickname for a friend.

9. Mon Artiste: This means “my artist,” so it is a great nickname if you have a friend who is an amazing artist.

10. Frangin: This is a slang term that people generally use for their brother or for a close friend.

11. Asticot: Technically, this means maggot. It is one of those terms of endearment for a friend that shows your closeness by teasing. This would be a great name for your crazy, funky friend.

12. Mon Frère: This means, “my brother.” You can use this nickname for a guy who is like a brother to you.

13. Frérot: This is similar to the English, “Bro,” so it is a great nickname for close friends or buddies.

14. Mon Héros: If your friend or boyfriend is your hero, use this name. You could also use it ironically if you are normally the person who has to clean up his mess.

15. Mon Chou: This nickname means my sweetheart, although it is also the name of a kind of creamy cupcake.

16. Chouchou: This is the name of a famous French film, but it is also a fun nickname.

17. Bibou: This is a good name for a sweet, kind person.

18. Ma Guimauve: This works better for a boyfriend than a friend since it means someone who is as sweet as candy.

19. Mon Coussinet: This is a nickname for a guy that is calm and soft all the time. Technically, it actually is a word for a small cushion.

20. Pépito:This was once the name of a comic book hero. It can be used for anyone who is a fighter or pioneer like the comic book character.

21. Chochotte: This is actually a French term of endearment. If your friend is being too sweet or trying to flirt with you, you can try using this name.

22. Mon Enclume: Technically, this nickname means anvil. For some reason, the French use it for people who mean a lot to them.

23. Bogosse: This is a common nickname for a good-looking, young guy.

24. Ma Poule: This is a slang term that means, “my sweetheart.” It is generally a better nickname for a lover than a friend.

25. Chef: This actually means boss. You could use it as a sign of respect for your friend, or it could also be used ironically for a friend who just thinks that he is the boss.

26. Frappadingue: This name means crazy, so it is a great nickname for the crazy guy in your group.

27. Mec: This is often used for boyfriends, but it can also be used for just guy friends as well.

28. Mon Preux Chevalier: This is the perfect name for a knight in shining armor.

29. Mon Souriceau: This name means, “my mouse.” It can be used for an energetic or trouble making lover.

30. Mon Prince: This is a fun French nickname that means, “my prince.”

31. Mon Petit Canard: This nickname means, “little duck.” It is probably too cute for a casual friend, but it would be great for a boyfriend.

32. BG: This nickname stands for “Beau Gosse,” which means, “hot guy,” in French.

33. Ma Caille: This is a French term of endearment. It technically translates to quail, but it is generally used as a term of endearment like the English, “honey.”

34. Boss: This means the same thing in French as it does in English.

35. Zebulon: This is the perfect French nickname for a friend who always seems to be in the heart of the action.

36. Mon Poto: This is a nickname that means a good friend. It comes from a song written by the famous writer, Boris Vian.

37. Coco: This is a French term of endearment that is typically used to express warmth or love for someone that you do not know that well yet.

38. Mon Gros: This directly translates to words like large, fat, great or grand. It is generally used to mean, “my bro,” though.

39. Gus: This is a word that means many, so you can use it like you would for the English nickname, “guy.”

40. Mon Précieux: This is a French nickname that you use for someone who is your precious one, which is actually what it means.

41. Mon Pote: This French nickname means, “my friend.”

42. Bibou: This is used as a sweet term of endearment.

43. Chaton: This is for a guy who is your cuddly kitten.

44. Boubou: This name does not really have a meaning, but it sounds cool.

45. Choupinou: This is a cute, sweet nickname for a close friend or lover.

46. Ma Moitié: This is a good name for your other half.

47. Doudou: This French nickname does not really have a meaning, but it is fun and sweet to say.

48. Foufou: This is a fun, crazy sounding nickname.

49. Ma Petite Marmotte: This means, “my little marmot,” and it is a cute nickname.

50. Chouquette: A chouquette is a type of pastry covered in sugar and filled with mousse or custard. It makes it a very sweet nickname for a close friend or boyfriend.

50 French Nicknames for Friends for Girls

1. Pomme d’Amour: This name means candy apple. I

2. Nana: In many parts of France, this means, “chick.”

3. Ma Calinette: This name is used to show your affection.

4. Crazy Chérie: It means crazy love and is perfect for your wild friend.

5. Chamallow: This name means marshmallow.

6. Ma Violette: This is the word for the purple violets and is perfect for a beautiful lady.

7. Sucre d’Or: This is for a sweet girl.

8. Ma Lionne: This is for a wild lioness!

9. Papouille: This nickname is for someone you love to cuddle.

10. Loukoum: This is actually a word for a type of sweet Turkish delight.

11. Ma Chérie: This is one of the most common French nicknames for friends.

12. P’tite Poupée: This means little doll.

13. Barbe à Papa: This is for someone as sweet as cotton candy.

14. Winnie L’Ourson: This is the French name for Winnie the Pooh.

15. Cacahuète: This means peanut and is an adorable nickname.

16. P’tit Bouchon: This is a darling way to show you care!

17. Ma Puce: This is an informal way to say, “my dear.”

18. Ma Chouette: This means owl, but it is also a term of endearment.

19. Loleuse: This is a cheerful name for your closest friends.

20. Choupette: This is a common French nickname for a close friend.

21. Mon Chou:This means honey.

22. Coquinette: This is a cute term for a naughty, wild girlfriend.

23. Bichette: This is the word for a female deer, but it is a popular term for a girlfriend.

24. Choupi: This is a shortened form of Choupinette.

25. Lutin des Prairies: This nickname is for a little elf.

26. Macaron Tout Rond: This is a type of sweet cookie, which makes it a great name for a friend.

27. Super Pipelette: This is for a chatty, talkative friend.

28. Régalette: This is for a friend who loves to eat or loves to cook.

29. Petit Sucre Rose: This means, “my little pink sugar.”

30. Frangine: This slang term is used for close friends or sisters.

31. Ma Crevette: This is a funny nickname that means shrimp and is often used for a tiny girl.

32. Louloute: This affectionate term is used among loved ones.

33. Choupinette: This is like the English words, “baby,” “sweetheart” or “sweetie.”

34. Ma Caille: This is actually a type of bird, but it is used as a term of endearment for women.

35. Mini Lady: This is a fun name for best friends.

36. Ma Cocotte: This means hen and is a teasing nickname (or cruel, depending on how you say it) for a woman of easy virtue.

37. Mon Petit Caramel: This nickname means, “sweet caramel.”

38. Ma Fée: This means fairy and can be used for a magical friend.

39. Ma Loute: This nickname means sweetheart.

40. Pépette: This nickname is for a friend or girlfriend that you value a lot.

41. Bibi d’Amour: This is a cute name for someone you love.

42. Lolotte: This is for a spunky, independent woman.

43. Petite Licorne: This nickname means, “little unicorn.”

44. Ma P’tite Parfaite: This is a fun nickname for your “little perfect.”

45. Ma Biche: This generally translates as “honey,” “darling” or “baby.”

46. P’tit Diamant: This is for a friend who is as precious to you as a diamond.

47. Tigrou: This is for a high-spirited gal like the character of Tigger in Winnie the Pooh.

48. Meuf: This nickname can be used for a friend or girlfriend.

49. Ma Belle: This is a cute term for your sweetheart.

50. Biquette: This means female goat, but it is actually a term of endearment for girls.


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