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100 French Nicknames for Lovers


Do you want to find a classy, chic name for your lover? Whether you are looking for a nickname for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, these French nicknames for lovers can help. We have compiled a list of 100 nicknames with 50 nicknames for each gender. Choose your favorite or use several of the nicknames interchangeably.

french terms of endearment for boyfriend

50 French Nicknames for Lovers for Guys

1. Mon Pote: This means “my friend.”

2. Ma Caille: This is a French term of endearment that actually means quail. It is typically used like the English, “honey.”

3. Bijou: This is a French nickname for lovers that means jewel.

4. Coco: This French term of endearment is often used for someone you do not know very well. Because of this, it is a good name if you have just started dating your boyfriend.

5. Boss: This is just a fun, teasing nickname.

6. Frappadingue: This is a great nickname that means crazy, so it is perfect for a crazy boyfriend.

7. Mon Frère: This is a nickname that means, “my brother.” You could use this nickname if your crush is not dating you yet, but you want to have a cute name for him.

8. Asticot: This fancy-sounding nickname actually means maggot, but it is a funky nickname for a close friend or boyfriend.

9. Chaton: This is for your cute kitten.

10. Mon Apollon: This is a name for someone who is like a god (Apollo) to you. Or, at least, you could use it for a man who looks like a Greek god.

french terms of endearment for boyfriend

11. Mon Homme: This is a pet name for a strong man in your life.

12. Mon Roi: This means “my king.”

13. Zeus: Don’t be surprised if your boyfriend gets an ego complex after naming him after the leader of the Greek gods.

14. Mon Poussinet: This is for a dedicated, adorable boyfriend.

15. Mon Cher et Tendre: This is a way to show how dear and tender you feel toward your boyfriend.

16. Ma Petite Marmotte: This means “my little marmot,” but it is used as an adorable term of endearment for a boyfriend.
17. Kiki: This is one of the cutest French nicknames for lovers.

18. Chouchou: This was once the name of a popular French film, but it also means “my favorite one.”

19. Bibou This is the perfect nickname for a sweet, kind soul.

20. Mon Chou: This is the name of a creamy, French cupcake, but it is used to mean my sweetheart.

21. Mon Amoureux: This is a simple name for your lover since it actually means “my lover.”

22. Chouquette: This is actually a type of tasty pastry. It is filled with mousse or custard. Then, it is covered in chocolate chips, pearl sugar or dipped in chocolate.

23. Ma Guimauve: This is a wonderful nickname for a man that is as sweet as candy.

24. Mon Gazou: In Arabic, this name means boy. It is typically used in France for someone who is charming and sweet.

25. Boubou: This doesn’t really mean anything, but it sounds cool.

26. Doudou: This cute nickname sounds sweet.

27. Mon Coussinet: This means a small cushion that is for a calm, gentle boyfriend.

28. Mon Zazou: This is a crazy nickname for a boyfriend who is fairly wild and fun.

29. BG: This stands for “beau gosse.” It means a hot guy.

30. Cousin: This nickname means an informer among gangs and dealers, but it is a teasing nickname for friends.

31. Mon Petit Cœur: This means “my little sweetheart.”

32. Mon Bichon: This adorable nickname means “my sweetheart.”

33. Choupinou: This is a sweet nickname for a cute boyfriend.

34. Bisounours: Use this for your special care bear.

35. Mon Artiste: This French nickname means “my artist.” Use it if you have a very artistic boyfriend.

36. Frérot: This is similar to the English “bro,” so it works better for a crush or friend than it does for a boyfriend.

37. Chef: This means boss, so it works much better for a friend or a crush.

38. Mon Souriceau: This adorable nickname means “my mouse.” It is a wonderful nickname for a boyfriend who is super energetic or troublesome.

39. Mon Petit Canard: This is a cute nickname that means “little duck.”

40. Mon Biquet: This term of endearment is popular for loved ones like a boyfriend.

41. Lapinou: This adorable name means “my little rabbit.”

42. Calinours: This is for a boyfriend who is cuter than a teddy bear.

43. Mon Ange: This adorable name means “my angel.”

44. Mon Héros: Use this nickname if your boyfriend is your hero.

45. Mon Preux Chevalier: This is for your knight in shining armor.

46. Pioupiou: This is actually an animal sound, but it is used as a cute French nickname for lovers.

47. Gavroche: In 1862, this nickname was used by Victor Hugo in his famed novel, Les Misérables. It is for someone who is a troublemaker.

48. Mon Poussin: This is for your adorable little chicken.

49. Ma Poule: This is a French slang word that means “my sweetheart.”

50. Mon Trésor: This is one of the most adorable French nicknames for lovers. It means “my treasure.”

my dear in french female

50 French Nicknames for Lovers for Girls

1. Biquette: This technically means female goat, but the French actually use it as a term of endearment.

2. Choupinette: This adorable name means “sweetheart.”

3. Beauté: This is for a beautiful girlfriend.

4. Ma Fée: This means fairy and is perfect if you have a magical girlfriend.

5. Bibi d’Amour: This is perfect for your lover.

6. Ma Petite Sirène: This means “little mermaid,” which makes it adorable for your girlfriend.

7. Papouille: This is for that lovely lady you love to cuddle.

8. Ma Schtroumpfette: This means smurfette.

9. Ma Tendre: This is for that woman you feel so tenderly about.

10. Pépette: This is for a woman you value so much.

11. Ma Tourterelle: This means turtledove and is an adorable pet name.

12. Ma Princesse: This cute name means “my princess.”

13. Bichette: This is a French term for a female deer, but it is actually used as a term of endearment.

14. Lolotte: This is for a spunky, fun girlfriend.

15. Toutoune: This is for that girl you love to cuddle with.

16. Ma Lionne: This means lioness, so your “lioness” is bound to love this name.

17. Ma Rose: Use this for your rose.

18. Ma Dulcinée: This sweet-sounding name is for your sweetheart.

19. Mimoune: This old-fashioned name is an adorable term of endearment.

20. Poulette: This means “chick” and is a super cute nickname.

my sweetheart in french

21. Coquinette: This is a cute nickname for a very naughty, flirty girlfriend.

22. Mon Amour: This means my love.

23. Ma Nymphe: This is for your nymph or goddess.

24. Cacahuète: This adorable name means “peanut.”

25. Loukoum: This is a sweet name that is a word for Turkish delight. What could be sweeter than that?

26. Mon Cœur au Chocolat: This is for your chocolate heart.

27. Mon Bébé: This means “my baby.”

28. Mon Chou: This means “honey.”

29. Chatounette: This is one of the cutest French nicknames for lovers. It means “kitty.”

30. Ma Chérie: This is a name for the dearest person in your life.

31. Lapinette: This is for a girlfriend who is as cute as a rabbit.

32. Ma Reine: This means “queen.”

33. Ma Poupée: This is a cute nickname that means “baby doll.”

34. Ma Belle: This is a popular French nickname for a girlfriend.

35. Pupuce: This is the name for your special honey pot.

36. Ma Douce: This is an adorable nickname that means “sweetie.”

37. Ma Muse: This cute name is for someone who is your muse and inspiration.

38. Mon Bébé d’Amour: This is a French nickname for your baby love.

39. Ma Loute: This means sweetheart.

40. Zoubida: This fun-sounding name is from Arabic. It means lover and is used in French as well.

41. Roudoudou: This is an adorable nickname that is fun to say. It means sweetheart.

42. Ma Chance: This is a fun nickname for a girl that you are lucky to have.

43. Ma Pépite: This is a word for a piece of old, which is a good way to describe your girlfriend.

44. Ma Mignonnette: This is a nickname for an adorable, good-looking girlfriend.

45. Ma Promise: This means “my promise,” which makes it ideal for a girl that you plan on marrying in the future.

46. Ma Tigresse: This French nickname means “tigress.”

47. Ma Petite Grenouille: This fun French name means “little frog,” but it is actually used as a romantic name for girlfriends.

48. Ma Violette: This is the word for violet, which makes it a great name for a beautiful girlfriend.

49. Ma Valentine: This is the name for your Valentine.

50. Sucre d’Or: This is the perfect French nickname for a sweet girlfriend.



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