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35 Fun Challenges To Do With Your Friends




The friend’s act will result in a contribution to our better attitudes, self-improvements, self-respect, consolation and more of the same. Nowadays the word “Fiends” will be misunderstood to someone who is willing to contribute to our delinquency and ultimately; our heartaches. Some people are willing to make us harm, but others will do the same without knowing it. There are some life events you guys might want to perform without knowing the consequences. It feels like we were just kids watching at flames and then we touch it.

Regardless of what your plans are, hanging around should be enough reasons to have a good time together as friends and being together is its own reward! Real friends will show up for everything at any time, helping at any situation. It takes courage to be a real friend and some of us will not take the challenge because we are afraid of the circumstances that can show up. Stop seeking for people, who are convenient and easy Friday fun, instead, start looking for someone that will take you for serious as you talk about something personal.


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Social media often offers a lot of great entertainment available to satisfy our necessities, and probably you have notice some of the most popular trending challenges. The participants of these challenges can find them amusing and fun as some people might find them silly. The participants vary from family members and friends, and the reasons you want to try them are countless.

As you continue reading you will find 35 fun challenges you can perform with all of your friends. I encourage you to come out with some own new and secure ideas of challenges and not just to perform the ones here written. Be creative and start!

Make sure you ask any of the participants if they present any allergies or health issues to avoid any danger. Always be safe and have fun.


  • The most popular on the list is the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE.

Unless you have time traveled from the middle ages towards the XXI century, there is a high percentage of probability that you have heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge. A challenge that will help raise money for ALS, it has also maintained a lot of people entertained making it a source of amusement and pleasure for any participant and spectator.

To perform this challenge you would want to get a size handle bucket filled up in a mix of ice and water. The challenge is commonly performed on yard fields, so you would want to consider yourself to be located in an outside field. For comfort and risk reduce, you would want a friend to turn the bucket’s content onto your head to get you to the purpose of the game: that is to mess you up.

The participant will get cold as the water freezes the participant’s body while sliding down; therefore you would want to have a set of dry towels ready to help and warm the body up. People get creative while performing this challenges and changes the event of performing the challenge, but always remember to be safe and to have fun.


The cinnamon tastes great when it slightly appears on different foods and drinks. It attacks our feelings giving an aromatic and sweetie savory flavor making it irresistible. The cinnamon challenge will make you taste the cinnamon in uncommon measures. This will lead you to take a spoon full with cinnamon and eat it in a minute or less not allowing you to take any liquids.

I advise you to watch with your friends videos of someone else attempting the cinnamon challenge before you try to perform the act. It is said that attempting the cinnamon challenge will leave you with a burning sensation and will hardly go away, it also won’t let you breath as your paranoia develops due to the reactions your body experiments. It seems to be easy but it will task your reaction, so you would want to think again if to perform this challenge.


The competitive eating contest has been one of the most entertaining and fun challenges in history. It is necessary for beings to consume source of many components that will ultimately grant us with “life”. But the process of consuming the things that are source of them components is quiet satisfying. It is hard to ignore the food not just only because of the necessity it satisfies, but also for the test it has.

The challenges can be also from disgusting foods. The less appealing food, the better the challenge, but it is not subject to be so. These challenges can vary from time lapses, food consumption or even how to reach the food in front of the contestant.


The challenge consists on trying to eat a teaspoon of wasabi. You can modify the challenge as creative as you can be, but remember that the performance has to be healthy and will not be attempting towards your being. Have your friends or family members eating wasabi and challenge on who will eat the most.


This challenge also involves a spicy ingredient of food. Challenge them to eat an entire hot pepper! It is of your decision whether to eat the pepper and also the kind and type of pepper to be used on the challenge. It is permitted to drink water or any liquids for this challenge not to be cruel, and also there is a long list of peppers you can choose from.

I would strongly advice that you do a research on the selected pepper for this challenge.


It implies you to eat an entire raw of onion and see if you can handle it. This challenge is not intended to damage your health, please set yourself a limit of contest.


An extreme sour challenge that consists to cut lots of lemon into wedges; with them you can compete with your friends to see who can eat the most lemon slices.


A challenge involving limes instead. Cut them into slices and see who eats the most!


This challenge is particularly sour. The “warheads” are small candies that are extremely sour for the first few seconds. This challenge is made to compete on how many pieces of this candy you all eat at once.


This challenge involves up to even a small group of people! It is really fun to do! You would gather an assortment of food that will go into a numbered paper bags.

Place in a bowl some folded pieces of paper with numbers that will correspond to the number of each bag. After each participant takes turns to choose a number from the bowl, you would either eat a spoonful of the bag that correspond the number you randomly selected or, you can wear that same bag.

I suggest you use clothing you don’t mind getting dirty as you put the food on your shirt or your head.

For the fun of the challenge you would want to pick food that people don’t feel pleasant with. Some ideas may include hot sauce, baby food and so on.


A food contest full of surprises! Gather lots of food items written in pieces of paper, then these food items will be used to make ice cream sandwiches. Please keep in mind that the items are capable to serve as a receptacle for the ice cream.

Some of the ideas may be lettuce, cookies, waffles, bacon, etc. The fun is to know who got the delicious combination and who got the worst!


We all share love for donuts and of course we would love a challenge including them. This challenges you to eat up to 5 powder donuts in less than 5 minutes! The winner is the one who finishes first without drinking something.


First things first; go get lots of marshmallows! Depending on how many people are participating, you would have one bag for every contestant. Compete with your friends to see how many marshmallows one can fit into his/her mouth. Here comes the tricky part: You have to say “chubby bunny” every time you place a marshmallow into your mouth.

The more marshmallows one fits into them mouth, the harder the challenge will get as they try to fit more and more.


Fill up a bathtub or any kiddie pool with a mix of ice and water and get yourself inside! Remember to have some towels ready for when you finish with the challenge.


The opportunity to have a snack has become a challenge! The difficulty of this challenge is due to you cannot drink in between salty crackers.


A less drastic version of the ice bath challenges. This challenge will lead you to dip just your feet into the icy watered tub.



Nowadays cosmetic statements leave a direct point; it is an art. It feels good to wear it and also grants to people with the morning boost they need for the day. Here bellow you will find some cosmetic challenges you can participate with your friends!


You will be applying the make up to your own face as usual, but this time there will be a tricky part! Acknowledge how great your makeup skills really are when you do not have a mirror to help you out this time!


If you want to be goofy and fun with your friends, this is the correct challenge! Have a splendid time with your friends by folding up your eyes (to cover your eyes), gather a variety of makeup including lipstick, eyeliner and so on, as each participant applies make up on another person!


Participants will hold their eyes folded as they style the hair of a volunteer! Make sure you use fun styling tools and accessories like brushes or hair gel. Increase your creativity as you demonstrate how cool you make things!





Each participant will individually see how many pop rocks they can fit into their mouth. Let them have fun as they laugh by feeling the sparkling sensations it does!


To perform this challenge you will need some clothespins and things to blind the participants. Tell someone that is not in the contest to select various foods for everyone to try. The challenge is to identify the food without relying on their senses! They will also get to know that their sense of taste can drive them when they are not looking or smelling their food.

Any food can be showed in this particular challenge; the list varies from cheese up to various herbs.


Make this challenge to work as you let none of the participants to know what of the many foods are. Entrust someone out from the contest to gather various foods for the participants to enjoy!

Each person will have their eyes covered as they taste different food items and ultimately attempt to identify the food! Go crazy mixing hot with sweet, sour and so on!


Get some money out from your pocket as you order a whole pizza for each person who will participate in this challenge! Let’s see who can finish a whole large order in one sitting. Obviously, the person who finishes the pizza first wins! The person who vomits the pizza will fail the challenge.


Richer than the richest! A funny way to figuring out whether the food is expensive or not! Let’s find out if you are able to tell the differences between expensive and cheap foods. Try this challenge with any kind of food.

Tell a person to shop for different foods out there! Try on some cheese, chocolate, and get the expensive and the cheapest one in the market! No one needs to know which of the food is cheaper that the other. Try it out also with drinks as wines, water, sodas and so on.


There are lots of cookies around the market but the most popular cookies are the Oreo. It has a lot of propaganda and it has been within our minds for like 10 years! Now let’s make it a challenge! Go buy a box of Oreos for this challenge. Challenge yourself on how many Oreos snacks you can fit into your mouth!


Have you seen that some of the baseball players are chewing gums during the match? Well, gums are already funny and entertaining but we might just want to turn that into a challenge. Let’s see who among your friends are capable of chew a whole pack of bubblegum!


This challenge requires a pack of Mentos candy and a few bottles of diet coke. First fill your mouth with Mentos and after try to drink a bottle of diet coke. The carbon dioxide gas will attempt to leave violently as result of the Mentos!


As we grew older and weak, we went thru several events towards our life. Many of the things we used are designed for a specific task, but with our creativity we turn the basics into our entertainment.


Enhance your creativity with this challenge! Challenge your constructions skills as you play to build your life! Use Popsicle sticks and plastic cups to see who can build the greatest tower. Be surprised at the different strategies used while the game develops.


As we remember back in the days of our school, we encounter that we have done this challenge already. You might want to live again the experiment! It can also be fun and challenging now that you are a grown up! You will need raw eggs and various materials such as tape, straws, paper towels.

You and your friends will each attempt to build something for the egg in a limited amount of time. Then you will drop the egg and will see which egg survives the fall.


Go to the grocery store and buy lots of variety of baby foods. You can find a vast list of baby food you can try for this challenge. The list covers carrots, mushy peas, bananas… Try a spoonful of each food in order to complete the challenge. Be creative and dress all of your friends with some baby looking dresses and have lots of fun while doing it!


People often tell that Marmite smells bad and also it taste salty. Well, for this challenge you will make lots of toast and see among all of your friends who will eat the most Marmite on a toast!

Bring the challenge to a new level and see how many spoons of Marmite one can stomach.


It sounds delicious but is not. Collect together 10 delicious ingredient for a smoothie such as strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, apples, oranges and so, and also gather other 10 ingredients that would taste horrible in a smoothie such as sardines, wasabi, hot sauce, garlic, ketchup and so.

Write the ingredient’s name in a piece of paper and fold them mixed in a bowl. Each participant will take a piece of paper until they have enough ingredients to create each of their smoothies.

Let’s find out who ends with the strangest smoothie ever made! And also try to find out who will finish drinking the entire glass without throwing up or surrenders the challenge.



Challenge your friends Picasso style with this marvelous game! For this challenge you will need something to cover your eyes and your friend’s eyes. You will also need some pencils pens and blank sheets of paper. Once you are all set, blindfold your eyes, grab the pencil and start drawing! Remember that you can draw everything you wish. It can be animals, buildings, an specific person or any idea you can come up with.

Show your drawing skills and beat your friends in the challenge!


This is a very fun challenge to perform with friends. You would want to write various accents on sheets of paper, the person will hold the accent that was select randomly, placing it above his head while the other person will attempt to perform the accent. The person who holds the paper will have 3 chances to try guessing the accent.

A score will be needed as the person will obtain 1 point for every time an accent is guessed correctly. The ideas are to listen if the person sounds like a native language speaker. Ideas such as: British, New York, Bostonian, Canadian, French, German, and Californian accent might be suitable for the challenge.


This challenge is a very funny guessing game that can be enjoy with friends and family. You will need a set of noise-cancelling headphones and a few phrases written on pieces of paper.

Place the headphones on the participant ears and make the music go loud! Someone else will select a phrase, read it out loud so that the person with the headphones could try to guess what the phrase is about.

You can come with platy of ideas on what the phrase content will be. But you will want to keep the phrase short, and also you can write down names as well. Ideas of phrases can be Quotations, celebrity names, song lyrics, and more such as: “Positive minds,” “Never give up,” or “Give me a break.”


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