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100 Funny Accounting Team Names


Whether you have to be in an accounting team for school or at your work, you might want to find funny accounting team names. A name gives your team a sense of identity and a way to refer to the group. You can use this list to inspire your own funny accounting team names or just use the names as they are written. Work and Business Team Names

100 Funny Accounting Team Names

1. Let’s Get Fiscal: This is a funny play on words.

2. Tax Terrorists: This funny account team name gets bonus points for the alliteration.

3. Number Crunchers: This is an obvious choice.

4. Penny Patrol: This is another option that is great because of the alliteration.

5. Journal Joyrider: This accounting team name just sounds fun.

6. Beankeepers: This name just sounds cute.

7. Death & Taxes: Use this name because of the age-old joke that the only things certain in life are death and taxes.

8. Bunch of Counts: Be careful because if you say this pun too quickly, it definitely sounds like a less-than-PG phrase.

9. Holy Balance Sheet!: This is a cute option to go with.

10. The Cash Cows: This one sounds cute and is easy to remember because of the alliteration.

11. Big Chief Beancounter: This is a fun option to go with.

12. Journal Jugglers: Nice!

13. It’s Accrual World: It truly is a cruel world out there.

14. Penny Processors: It takes skill to track all of the pennies.

15. The Enemy: For some of your clients, you may feel like the enemy from time to time.

16. Life in the Math Lane: Some people live their lives in the fast lane. You live your life in the math lane.

17. Sums of Anarchy: This is a play on the popular television show, Sons of Anarchy.

18. Three Balance Sheets to the Wind: After your work day is done, this phrase will become even more accurate.

19. Effective Low Lives: This is probably my least favorite team name on this list.

20. Debits & Credits: This is acute, easy option.

Best Accounting Team Names

21. The Capital Gainz: The “z” at the end makes this name far more hip-sounding than it really is.

22. Accountaholics: This is a cute option to go with.

23. The Evaders: Watch out for the IRS if you pick an accounting team name like this one!

24. Tax-manian Devils: This is an adorable option and would be even better if you want to make a mascot for your team.

25. Ledger Attendants: Cute.

26. Counting Countess: You might have to make this one plural

27. Auditaholic: This is an obvious choice for a funny accounting team name.

28. Sir Count-A-Lot: I absolutely love this option.

29. Account Ants: Adorable!

30. Dabblers in Double Entry: The double meaning in this one might not be something that you want to suggest.

31. Ledger Lovers: Nice.

32. Kicking Assets and Taking Names: This one sounds like a good option for a talented, self-confident team.

33. Bean Blowers: Nice.

34. Control Cops: This is another team name that gets bonus points for alliteration.

35. Hedge Fund Ninjas: Nice.

36. Tax that Asset: This is a fun choice.

37. The Cash Kings: Because the Cash King is in the house.

38. Between the Spreadsheets: Nice.

39. Counting Consultants: This is a fun choice.

40. Team CPA (Certified Public Assassins): Everyone had better watch out for your team!

finance team names puns

41. Counting Kings: This one is great for an all-guy team.

42. Dabblers in Debits: This works well enough.

43. The Uncountable Accountaholics: Try saying this five times fast.

44. Ledger-ndary: Awesome.

45. The Pirates of the Accountancy: This is a a cute choice.

46. Back That Asset Up: Nice one!

47. Big Bad Bookkeepers: You can call yourself the Three B’s for short.

48. Account Me Out?: Okay.

49. The Tax Shelter: This sounds adorable.

50. Box Tickers: This is an easy choice, but there are more amusing options on this list.

51. Tax Season Survivors: Nice one.

52. Provisions Peddlers: This gets bonus points for alliteration.

53. Coffee Bean Counter: Because your team runs on coffee.

54. Bookkeeping Big Cheese: Nice.

55. The Bad Assets: True enough.

56. Red Inks: An easy choice.

57. The Accountables: This sounds like the movie called the Untouchables.

58. Accrual Madness: Not quite as good as March Madness.

59. The Spreadsheets: Too easy.

60. The Going Concern: Cute.

Creative Accounting Team Names

61. Unsettled Accounts: Very clever!

62. Closeted Counters: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

63. Mind the GAAP: A clever, funny option.

64. Recovering Accountaholic: This sounds like a good team name after tax season ends.

65. Tickers ‘n’ Bashers: Cute.

66. First In, Last Out: Unfortunately.

67. The Bad Debt: Nice.

68. LIFO the Party: Because you guys truly are the life of the party.

69. The Repo 105s: Nice one.

70. Coffee Bean Killers: Because you drink coffee like its water.

71. Internal Control Freaks: This is an awesome choice.

72. Down for the Account: Cute!

73. Ruler of the Results: Nice.

74. Year End Yearners: I’m just yearning for the end of the year end.

75. Recipe for Results: Nice.

76. Kicking Assets: An easy choice.

77. Process Police: Nice.

78. The Intangibles: This is such a clever name.

79. GAAP Year: This is one of the better funny accounting team names.

80. Team Coffee: This is certainly true.

Funny Accounting Team Names

81. Team Number Crunchers: Nice.

82. Spreadsheet Snoops: This sounds like a Sherlock Holmes episode.

83. Crunchy Numbers: This is not my favorite on the list.

84. Figure Fraternizers: Nice!

85. Accruing Respect: This is such a clever pun.

86. Accountaholics Anonymous: Nice one!

87. Cash Flow Cycles: This works, but I like other names on this list better.

88. Devil’s Bookkeepers: Interesting.

89. Number Rankers: This is certainly true.

90. We Have No LIFOs: At least, not during tax season.

91. The Misappropriaters: Awesome.

92. Shady Deductions: Not an auspicious accounting team name.

93. The LIFO Crime: Clever!

94. Princess of Processes: You might have to make this plural.

95. Debt Detectives: This gets bonus points for alliteration.

96. Penny Wise: Nice!

97. The Uncountables: Awesome.

98. Chief Beancounters: For the best team at the office.

99.Journal Junkie: A good option.

100. Process Peddlers: The alliteration makes this team name easier to remember.


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