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100 Funny Dodgeball Team Names


You have just made a new dodgeball team, and now you need to find the best, funny dodgeball team names. Thinking up a new name isn’t easy, but we can help. We have compiled a list of 100 funny dodgeball team names that you can use. These names can help you brainstorm a new option, or you can use them as they are written. Before you choose one, just make sure that there isn’t another team in your area with the same name! dodgeball team names

100 Funny Dodgeball Team Names

1. Duck, Duck, Chuck: This is a play on the childhood game of Duck, Duck, Goose.

2. Throwbocops: This funny dodgeball team name is based on the word “robocops.”

3. Aim for the fat kid.: While this might not be the nicest thing to do, it certainly makes hitting an opposing player a bit easier.

4. In the dodge house.: Hopefully, being in the dodge house is much better than being in the dog house.

5. Dead Ducks: This team name wins bonus points for alliteration.

6. The Elusive Dodgers: This is a good option to go with.

7. Can’t Dodge This: Because the other team can’t touch this or dodge this.

8. Dodgy Style: This is a pun on a phrase that is definitely not appropriate for every age group.

9. Allergic to Rubber: That is probably the reason why you never get hit by the other team.

10. You really miss me: Hopefully, the other team will miss you for the entire game.

11. The Human Targets: With any luck, you will be a human target that no one can actually hit.

12. Duck Dynasty: This is a funny dodgeball team name based on the name of a television show.

13. Great Balls on Fire: This name might be a bit long, but it still works.

14. Who let the Dodgers out?: This is a play on the 1990s song, “Who Let the Dogs Out?”

15. Dip n’ Dive: This is a cute option.

16. Hurl and Hide: This is another one of the dodgeball team names that wins bonus points for alliteration.

17. Old Dodgers: This is a cute, easy option to do with.

18. Hot Dodgers: This team name sounds like “hot dog-gers.” There are a number of dodgeball team names that are a play on the word “dog.”

19. Untoucha-balls: Get it?

20. Chuck, Duck and Dive: This has a nice ring to it.

Clever dodgeball team names

21. Slumdodge Millionaires: This funny dodgeball team name is a play on the popular film.

22. Dodge This: We bet you can’t.

23. Reservoir Dodge: This is another team name that is a play on a top movie title.

24. Ninja Hurlers: You’ve heard of the Ninja Turtles, right? This is way better than that.

25. Odd Ducks: This is a clever, cute option to go with.

26. You Can’t Dodge This: No, you can’t!

27. The Dodgesaurs: This is a simple, fun option.

28. Dodger Clemens: Just about any one with the name Rodger can become a team name pun.

29. Hand of Dodge: This is a play on the phrase, “the hand of God.”

30. Artful Dodgers: This is a fun choice.

31. The Underdodge: You might be the underdogs for now, but you certainly won’t be for long.

32. Don’t Stop Ballieving.: This is an absolutely adorable pun.

33. Average Joes: This is a fun choice.

34. Dodger Ebert: This is based on the film critic’s name, Roger Ebert.

35. Snoop Dodgy Dodge: This popular hip-hop artist can also be your dodgeball team’s name.

36. Won’t Move for Cake: That’s too bad.

37. Rampage: This is an easy, cool-sounding choice.

38. Sitting Ducks: Technically, it would probably be better if the other team is the sitting ducks instead of you.

39. Duck and Cover: This is a fun, clever option.

40. Bye Week: Nice one!

badass dodgeball team names

41. Skills That Kill: The other team had better watch out for you guys!

42. Thunderballs of Justice: This is a cool-sounding choice for your dodgeball team name.

43. Salad Dodgers: This is a neat option.

44. Balls of Fury: This makes your team sound like the toughest one in your league.

45. The Jager Bombers: If you choose this as your funny dodgeball team name, you have an obvious option for your after-game drinks!

46. Lame Ducks: Hopefully, the other team is the lame duck and not you guys.

47. The Dodgefathers: This is a play on the word, “godfather.”

48. Not in the Face: This does not create a lot of confidence among your teammates.

49. Beastie Balls: This team name wins bonus points for the alliteration.

50. Girl Scout Dropouts: Who needs the Girl Scouts when you have dodgeball?

51. The Mighty Ducks: This is one of the best funny dodgeball team names.

52. Purple Cobras: Nice.

53. Ballarinas: This is a cute choice.

54. Team Blitzkrieg: Awesome.

55. Ball of Duty 3: You might need to update the number since other Call of Duty games have come out in recent years.

56. Much Ado About Balls: This comes from the title of a Shakespearean play.

57. Ballsagna: This sounds delicious.

58. Undertakers: The other team had better watch out!

59. Peeking Ducks: This is a play on the Chinese food dish, Peking Duck.

60. Picked Last: That’s no fun.

kickass dodgeball team names

61. Dodge, Dip, Duck and Dive: Nice!

62. Crash Test Dummies: This sounds interesting.

63. Hard Targets: Because your team is a hard target to hit.

64. Dodgy Birds: Cute!

65. The Flyballers: This is an easy choice.

66. Get out of dodge: Nice one.

67. Blood, Sweat and Beer: Who wants tears when you could have beers?

68. Dodging Divas: This one wins bonus points for the alliteration.

69. Ballers: Keep it simple with this option.

70. Kamikazes: Awesome.

71. Ball-Der-Dash: This is one of the best funny dodgeball team names.

72. Resistance is futile: Perfect for Star Trek fans.

73. Dodging Bullets: Clever.

74. The Evaders: This is an easy choice.

75. Dodging Under the Influence: At least this is better than driving under the influence, right?

76. Dirty Dodgers: Nice one.

77. The Dodge Ballers: This is a cool choice.

78. The Dodge Caravans: Very cute.

79. The Flying Buttresses: This just sounds awesome.

80. The Dodge Chargers: This is even better if you are a fan of the Dodge Charger.

Awesome Dodgeball Team Names

81. No Hit Sherlock: This is a PG version of a not-so-PG phrase.

82. The Top Dodge: Because your team is the top dog.

83. Chuck and Duck: This one wins bonus points for rhyming.

84. The Last Picked: That’s too bad.

85. The Ball Dodgers: Cute.

86. Hot Diggity Dodge: This is a play on the word, “dog.”

87. Ball Dodge Heroes: This is a fun choice.

88. Hit It, Don’t Quit It: If you want to win, then you can never quit.

89. We Be Ballin’: Nice.

90. Victorious Secret: This is a clever option.

91. Team Win: Say it like it is with this team name.

92. Dodging Devil Monkeys: An interesting choice.

93. Dodge Ball Fools: Cute!

94. Duck, Duck, Goose: This comes from the popular children’s game.

95. Dodge Darts: Nice one.

96. The Top Dodgeball Prospects: Because your team is always picked first.

97. Dodger Federer: This is based on the athlete, Rodger Federer

98. Dodge for Your Life: Nice.

99. Ducking Dodgers: This is a clever take on a less-than-PG option.

100. Crazy Duckers: This is another option that sounds like a less-than-PG word.


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