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100 Funny Snapchat Usernames


Snapchat is a popular app that lets users send photos back and forth. Unlike other social media sites, the shared items are deleted within 10 seconds. This makes it ideal for sharing funny, embarrassing images or deep, dark secrets. Created by Bobby Murphy and Eva Spiegel, the app has only grown in popularity since it was created.

To make your Snapchat especially memorable, you need the right username. We have compiled a list of some of the best user names that you can use. You can use them as they are written or modify them for an especially funny Snapchat username.

good snapchat names
1. Divine Dimples: Obviously, this username will probably work better if you actually have some dimples.

2. Honey Pie Hugs: A lot of people like using alliteration in making their username.

3. Strawberry Lips: With all of the lipstick and chap stick flavors, you could actually make this username into a reality.

4. For the Gentleman: Basically, this username is advertising the type of guy that you would want to meet. You could also try using a name like “Gentlemen Only Plz.”

5. Laughing Buddha: This is the type of Snapchat username you can always count on to get a smile or two.

6. Spikey Sniper: This sounds like a fun username.

7. Mr. Big: Honestly, this sounds like the name you would give to a small dog with a big personality. You might not want to actually choose this as your username.

8. Casanova: Casanova was legendary as a lover, spy and diplomat. If you ever get a chance, read a biography about him because he had a very interesting life.

9. I Am Invincible: If only this were true.

10. Mad King: Someone has to be the mad king. Why not you?

11. Killer Boy: This name is not particularly funny or cuddly sounding, but you could still use it.

12. Not a Superman: At least your username would be honest.

13. Napster Princess: This is a cute username.

14. Lady Nightingale: Nightingales are such pretty-sounding birds that they make for a great name choice.

15. Pink Kisses: Sweet sounding names like this are popular on Snapchat.

16. Happy Feet Me: After all, who doesn’t love the movie Happy Feet?

17. Green Bell Glitter: I don’t even know what this means.

18. Butterscotch Bliss: Again, alliteration is a popular choice in creating a Snapchat username.

19. Peach Puppy Doll: Another example of alliteration.

20. Shiny Smiles: This sounds like something you give someone with a beautiful smile or someone who has shiny braces.

cool usernames for snapchat

21. Metalhead God: If you like metal, this name works.

22. Metal Mouse: Sometimes, bullies call kids with braces “Metal Mouth.” Take back your name by using Metal Mouse instead.

23. The Great Warrior: If only.

24. Fastest Runner: You could use the same idea for just about any skill that you have. Smartest thinker? Fastest draw in the West? You choose.

25. The Smartest Nerd: This is a difficult title to get, so be proud of it!

26. Flirty Archie: Again, I am not quite sure what this means.

27. Basketball Freak: You can switch the word “basketball” to any sport or activity that you really, really care about.

28. Crazy Biker: This one is simple and easy.

29. Secret Agent: If you use this as your username, you will ironically lose the “secret” part of secret agent.

30. Blackhawk: This is a strong sounding username.

31. The Big Hulk: Pick your favorite superhero. If you are lucky, then it will actually be available still.

32. Born to Party: If this name is taken, you can always switch “to” to the digit, 2, and see if that works.

33. Just Being Fabulous: You are also just telling it like it is. You can’t help it if you are truly fabulous, right?

34. Miss Ballerina: This would be an excellent username for a ballerina or a ballet lover.

35. April Blossom: This is a sweet, simple name choice.

36. Heavenly Goddess: This is almost redundant. After all, shouldn’t all goddesses be heavenly?

37. Pretty Duckling: We have all heard of the ugly duckling, and I think that the ugly duckling deserves a makeover.

38. Crazy Cupcake: Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

39. Sing Me a Song: Be careful what you wish for.

40. The Alchemist: This name is right in history. Alchemists once tried to turn metal to gold. More recently, this is the name of an inspirational novel by Paulo Coelho.

41. I Just Got Snapped: This is a clever username choice.

42. Master Snap-Pants: If Master is taken, you could try things like Mister, Lady or Missus.

43. John Snow: There have to be some Game of Thrones fans out there who will like this one.

44. Snap Pete: I feel like you could switch out Pete to your favorite nickname.

45. Hellboy: This might not be particularly creative, but it still works.

46. Glamorous Diva: Another redundant sounding name. By their very definition, divas should be glamorous.

47. Deadly Vixen: This is for those femme fatales out there. Actually, femme fatale would be a great username.

48. Little Pony Pink: Easy, but a little boring.

49. Leggy Lass: You better have the legs to live up to this username!

50. Y So Serious: This one is kind of funny.

51. Kind Little Angel: I would be willing to bet that “Kind Little Angel” is rarely angelic or kind.

52. I Am No Monk: At least this username tells it like it is.

53. Snap-Itty-Snap: This one of our favorite funny Snapchat usernames.

54. Dude Snap It Yo: Decent, but you could do better.

55. Dark Wizard: I was also thinking “Death Eater” would be another good choice for Harry Potter fans.

56. Pretty Little Pearls: This one is cute.

57. Jolly Brownie: I love brownies. With this username, I would just spend all of my time thinking about food.

58. I Am Hunk: You would have to have a pretty big ego to choose this option.

59. Midnight Cruiser: Cool enough, I suppose.

60. Tiny Moron: At least no one can say that they weren’t warned.

best snapchat names

61. My Adventures: Now, you just need to have some adventures to go with your name.

62. Darth Vader: Star Wars names are always fun.

63. Blue Jeans: Choose this option if you just don’t care about your username.

64. Mister Hitchhiker: Obviously, you could change this to “Miss” if you need to.

65. Adorable Little Freak: I am concerned about this person’s sense of identity.

66. Smiles-a-Lot Lady: I think you should reverse this and make it “Lady Smiles-a-Lot.”

67. Little Flower: This is a sweet name.

68. Miss Sparkles: This sounds like a happy, pretty person.

69. Purple Dove: Obviously, you could change the color.

70. Berry Bee: Who doesn’t like berries or bees?

71. Honey Cake: Sweet, but a little too ho-hum.

72. Naughty Muffinhead: I have no clue what this could even mean.

73. Big Brown Eyes: You might have to change the eye color depending on your eyes’ actual color.

74. Badass Techie: Let’s show some techie pride!

75. Rising Judas: This is a clever, unusual name choice.

76. White Wanderer: If you can’t think of something else, I guess this could work.

77. Snap Smarter: Because you should snap smarter, not harder.

78. Captain Heart Throb: This sounds like someone has big expectations for their future love life.

79. Hokey Pokey: Why did the hokey pokey ever go out of style?

80. Psycho Killer: If you choose this name, I will probably never be your friend.

funny snapchat names for guys

81. Covenant: This is cool sounding.

82. Cute Curly Hair: This obviously works better if you actually have curly hair.

83. Wonder Woman: I want to be a superhero!

84. Raindrops on Roses: This comes from “My Favorite Things” in the Sound of Music.

85. Peppermint Pretty: Peppermints are always good.

86. Cherry Chopkins: This sounds like a variation on the name, “Mary Poppins.”

87. Shy Miss Muffins: If you like nursery rhymes, you could change this to Little Miss Muffin. Your friends could be “Curds and Whey,” “Tuffet” or “Spider.”

88. Pink Missy: This sounds cute.

89. For the Ladies: This might just be wishful thinking.

90. Pretty Kitty: I think Purr-ty Kitty would be better.

91. Charming Chick: A little too standard.

92. Dudette Buttercup: I like that it rhymes.

93. Naughty Angel Toes: This sounds quite cute.

94. Cute Little Dancer: Obviously, this makes more sense if you are actually a dancer.

95. I Am Miss Melody: You might need to modify this username a bit.

96. Broken Hearts: Be careful. Once you no longer have a broken heart, people will think you are talking about your current relationship.

97. Lady Snapsa: This sounds like the Game of Throne’s Lady Sansa.

98. Lord of Kingdoms: This sounds cool.

99. Brave Dark Horse: Just Dark Horse would have worked fine for me.

100. I Own Hotwheels: Do you own Beanie Babies as well? Does anyone else remember that ’90s fad?

Keep in mind that you cannot change your username after you create your account. Because of this, you need to make sure that you choose the right username to start with. Otherwise, you will have to delete your account and make an entirely new one that has your funny Snapchat username.


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