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Funny Things To Say To A Girl


While we are not all born comedians, there’s still a great joy in making a girl laugh. Laughter releases all kinds of good chemicals in the brain, including bonding chemicals that can make a girl endeared to you after a few minutes of laughter. Using humor in order to get a girl to like you is one of the best ways to win her over. It’s much more likely to work than trying to hit on her outright.

If you can laugh with someone, you’re going to have a lot of fun together. Having a compatible sense of humor is one of the things that makes dating a lot more fun. You want to make sure that you’re using the right kind of humor.

Not everyone has the same sense of what is or isn’t funny, so making sure you don’t use any crude, sexual or toilet humor right of the bat will make your success much more likely. After you get to know one another a little more, she’ll reveal whether or not she likes those types of jokes, anyway.

funny thing to say to a girl

1. One-liners

These are a quick way to get a surprised laugh out of a girl, because she’s usually not expecting you to say something funny. One-liners are a great way to show off your sense of humor, as well as your quick wit. One-liners are great for people with dry senses of humor, as you can fire them off about anything.

Most times, one-liners require perfect timing. If you’ve got a great sense of comedic timing as well as great reflexes, one-liners are the perfect way to get a girl to laugh. They’re useful in just about any situation, whether you’re on a date or just getting to know one another at a party. Some great starter one-liners are:

  • “You’re so beautiful, I just forgot my pick-up line.”
  • “Can you hold this while I go for a walk?” Then, give her your hand.
  • “I lost my number, can I have yours?”
  • “Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.”
  • “Am I cute enough yet, or do you need more alcohol?”
  • “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you a kiss, and if you don’t like it you can return it.”
  • “My next drink is on you, because when I saw you I dropped mine.”

If you’re going to go with one-liner pick-up lines, make sure that they either sound natural and funny, or are cliche enough that the use of the pick-up line itself is the joke! If you’re going to go with a cliche one-liner, make sure the girl can tell you’re using it ironically, and she’ll be all over with laughter.

2. Sarcasm

Sarcasm is something that a lot of people don’t know how to use correctly. However, if you’re naturally sarcastic, you’re probably going to have an easier time with this one. A lot of girls will enjoy a good sarcastic joke as long as they’re not the butt of it. Sarcasm can be used for humor, or it can be used to be pretty mean.

Leave out the mean streak and you’ll have a great time making a girl laugh using sarcasm. Sarcasm needs tone of voice, facial expression and words to make it work. You can’t really use sarcasm while grinning from ear to ear! A deadpan voice is the best way to go when using sarcasm, or even a little bitter tone to the voice to make it really stand out as a sarcastic remark. Some great sarcastic lines include:

  • “I want to die peacefully in my sleep, just like my grandfather did … not screaming like the person in the passenger seat.”
  • “My job is secure, because no one else wants it.”
  • “If I had a dollar for every girl that didn’t find me attractive, they would suddenly find me attractive.”
  • “If I ever had to have a heart transplant, I’d want my ex’s, since it’s never been used.”
  • “I hate it when I see someone really sexy, but it turns out it’s only a mirror.”
  • “What do people who write ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ do with all the time they save?”

Sarcasm works best if you’re just a little self-deprecating, because it shows you’re not afraid to make a few jokes at your own expense. However, be careful if you’re going to use sarcasm to tease a girl. It can come off as mean, so you’ll want to make sure that the jokes are designed to make her laugh, not make her upset.

 funny things to say to your girlfriend

3. Impersonations

If you’re no good at sarcasm or one-liners, then you may be able to make a girl laugh by using impersonations. This doesn’t work for every situation, and is probably only good in party settings where you’re making a group of people laugh. Impersonations can feel a little strange when they’re one on one, or you’re on a date and just getting to know the girl.

But, it’s perfect if you’re trying to make a girl laugh and she’s at a party or social gather where you can show off your impersonation skills. But, make sure that you’re willing to go all the way. Impersonation takes a lot of skill and determination, and if you’re going to go this route to make a girl laugh, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re willing to go the whole mile. If not, you might just make a lot of girls cringe and avoid eye contact.

4. Jokes

What better way to make a girl laugh than to just flat out tell a joke? It feels like plenty of people aren’t telling jokes the same way that they used to. A girl will probably be impressed and amused if you have a couple of jokes in your back pocket ready to tell. Again, it’s important to make sure that these jokes are inoffensive and funny.

You don’t want to tell a joke that is offensive in some way. That isn’t going to make her laugh, most likely. You also want to make sure that the joke isn’t toilet humor, or too long or complicated that only you understand what’s going on. Here are some great jokes to memorize and tell a girl to make her laugh:

  • A bear walks into a bar and tells the bartender, “I’ll have a pint of beer and a [long pause] … bowl of peanuts.” The bartender asks, “Why the big pause?” The bear looks at his paws and says, “I don’t know, my father hand them too.”
  • What’s grey on the inside and clear on the outside? An elephant in a plastic bag.
  • How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it. How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way.
  • A husband and wife have four sons. Three of them are tall with red hair and pale skin, while the youngest son is shorter with dark hair and eyes. The husband was on his deathbed and he asked his wife, “Before I die, I need to know: is our youngest son my child?” The wife said, “I swear, here on your deathbed, that he is your child.” Satisfied, the husband was able to peacefully pass away. Afterwards, the wife said, “Thank goodness he didn’t ask about the other three.”

5. Riddles

Everyone loves a good riddle, and the joy of getting it figured out is enough to make anyone laugh. A great way to make a girl laugh is to give her a riddle to solve, or even find riddles to solve together. This is definitely more fun in a group setting or at a party, but it can work for one-on-one interactions as well.

Depending on whether or not you want to really get into it, the riddles can be anywhere from impossible to solve, to easy and fun. It’s probably best to start out with an easy riddle, and not something that requires a pen and paper to figure out. Some great, funny beginner riddles include:

  • A man lives in an apartment building on the 15th floor. Every morning when he goes to work, he takes the elevator all the way down to the 1st floor. When he comes home, he takes the elevator to the 8th floor and walks the rest of the way up to the 15th. The only exception is when it’s raining, which he then rides the elevator up to the 15th floor. Why? The man is too short to reach the 15th floor button on his own, but when it’s raining he has his umbrella with him, so he can hit the button with the end of his umbrella.
  • I’m made for one but meant for two. I can be worn for many years, or just a few. You won’t need me unless you say you do. What am I? A wedding ring.
  • Wednesday, Tom and Joe went to a restaurant and ate dinner. When they were finished, they paid for the food and left. But, neither Tom or Joe paid for the food. Who did? Wednesday (The name of a third person, not the day of the week).

The most important thing to remember when trying to make a girl laugh so to act natural, relax and be yourself. There’s so many different ways to make a girl laugh, and girls will always appreciate a sense of humor. The more that the both of you can make one another laugh, the more fun you’ll have together. Once you know a girl’s sense of humor, you’ll be able to find even more things tailored just for her to make her laugh.


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