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Funny Things To Say To A Guy


Ladies, getting a man to laugh is probably a lot easier of a feat than a man getting a woman to laugh. Unfortunately, you may have to deal with the notion that a lot of guys are ingrained with that women just aren’t funny. We all know that’s not even close to true, and that women can be just as side-splittingly hysterical as any guy. If you’re looking to flirt with a guy, using humor is one of the best ways to endear him to you.

Not only will his brain release all sorts of chemicals, it’ll just put the both of you in a good mood. Laughter is great for the mind, body and soul, and when you can get a guy laughing he’s probably going to want to be around you a lot more. The most important thing to know is that you don’t have to make yourself seem less intelligent in order to make him laugh. Win him over with your wit and personality and how funny you are.

funny things to tell your boyfriend

1. Sarcasm

If you want to make a guy laugh without seeming less smart than you actually are, make sure to use sarcasm. Sarcasm is a great way to make a guy laugh, because it’s usually unexpected. If you have a dry sense of humor already and a quick wit, sarcasm is definitely where you want to focus your strengths. The best way to make sarcasm work in your favor is to make sure that you’re using the right combination of works, tone of voice and facial expression.

Your sarcastic remark might come off as genuine, and thus a little strange, if you’re looking at him earnestly with a high-pitched voice. Sarcasm works better with a sort of off-the-cuff or dead-pan voice, and a wry facial expression. Guys can take a little mean sarcasm, but make sure they always know you’re joking, not insulting them.

  • “You take away the looks, money, charm and success, really, there’s no difference between me and Gwyneth Paltrow.” Or, insert the female celebrity of your choice.
  • “I’m not saying your cologne is too strong, I’m just saying there was a canary alive before you got here.”
  • “Ice hockey is just men wearing knives tied to their shoes and fighting with sticks over a frozen Oreo.”
  • “I always tell the new hires not to think of me as their boss, but to think of me as their friend that can fire them.”

Sarcasm is a great way to show off your wit, charm and humor. Guys will be surprised that you can dish it out so well – just make sure that you’re able to take it, too! You’ll have guys laughing in no time using sarcasm.

2. Current Events

Since you’re probably reading the news, watching it, getting updates about it on your phone, Facebook and various social media, a great way to make a guy laugh is to use current events. Hopefully, the guy you’re trying to make laugh will also have been keeping up with whats going on around the world, or else these jokes might fall a little flat.

Rather than risk and awkward silence, try using these in a party-type setting, or will a group of friends that include the guy that you’re looking to make laugh. Make sure you’re not making a dark joke about a tragedy, because you never know how well or poorly those are going to go over. Rather, making a joke out of politics is usually a safe bet, especially if you know that you and the people around you share the same politics. For example,

  • “They should build a wall with Hillary’s emails, since nobody can seem to get over it.”
  • “Listen, all I’m saying is that you could buy the new iPhone X, or 300 copies of the Empire Strikes Back.”

Using the latest trends, news and media to make a few funny zingers will make you seem up-to-date on all that’s going on around you (because you are!) and also make guys laugh when you can pull it off just right. You’ll want to have a good sense of comedic timing on this one. Bring up the current event before throwing in your joke, rather than just making the joke apropos of nothing.

Funny dirty joke

3. Dirty Jokes

Now, when girls make dirty jokes to guys, it’s a little different than the other way around. When guys do it, they kind of seem a little skeevy. But, most guys enjoy a good dirty joke from a girl. It’s your way of knowing that you’re down to joke dirty, and a great way to flirt, too.

You want to make sure that your dirty jokes are just erotic enough to make him realize what’s going on, but not so dirty that it sounds like you’re asking him to hop into bed with you. If you’re comfortable with him and want to make him laugh as well as flirt, breaking out a few good, dirty jokes will have him in stitches, as well as looking at you in a whole new way.

  • “What’s the difference between a g-spot and a golf ball? A guy will actually look for a golf ball.”
  • “What’s the best part of gardening? Getting down and dirty with your hoes.”
  • “How is sex like a game of bridge? If you have a great hand, you don’t need a partner.”

If you’re aiming to flirt as well as make him laugh, dirty jokes are the way to go. Not to mention, once he realizes that you’re ok with making naughty jokes, he’ll have a few of his own to throw back at you. The two of you can spend the whole night flirting and telling jokes.

4. Technology

What greater way to make a guy laugh than to use what’s already at your disposal? Text messaging is a great way to shoot off a few jokes. Be careful, though – sometimes things can get lost in translation! If you’re going for sarcasm, you’ll want to make sure that it’s pretty obviously that your text is sarcastic.

It can get lost without the tonal cues over texts. You can also utilize memes to make a guy laugh. Who doesn’t like a good meme? Using some relatable, funny memes is a great way to shoot some humor back and forth between the both of you. Here’s some funny texts that you can send a guy you like, that’ll be both flirtatious and humorous!

  • “Answer these in order: 1. What’s the first name of the main character on Fresh Prince of Bel Air? 2. What is the letter that comes after T in the alphabet? 3. What is the opposite of ‘stop’? 4. Three strikes and you’re … ? 5. If you want to find the area of a rectangle, you have to use length times …? 6. Do re ….? Fa so la ti do.” When he answers, it should look like this: “Will u go out width mi”. Then, all you have to answer is, “Of course!”
  • “Stop being so handsome or I’m going to have to ask you out on a date.”
  • “I want to ask you something really important, and I want you to be totally honest with me. It might be strange or awkward afterwards, but I need to know the truth. I need to know, and the only way I can think of is asking you straight out … Do you know the muffin man?”

Joking through text messages can be a great way to flirt, as well as take the performance pressure off the both of you when it comes to telling jokes! He can have a good laugh, and you don’t have to worry about making sure the joke comes across just perfect. It’s also great for making him laugh when he’s just getting off work, or in the middle of something stressful.

funny things to say to your boyfriend

5. Story-telling

Some of the best comedians use real-life situations that happen to them and spin it around into a joke. If you’re not great with comedic timing, but your life is kind of like a comedy special, you might be better off just telling stories from our own life and letting him see the humor in the situations. Maybe you got lost on a road trip, or managed to break a piece of expensive technology in the most ridiculous way possible.

Maybe you’ve met a lot of colorful characters in your life, or your family is like the cast of a sitcom. If something completely crazy has happened to you, learn to laugh about it and he’ll laugh about it, too. This is a great time to use a bit of dark humor as well, especially if the situation was, at the time, pretty distressful. Take the lead, though, and make sure you tell it in a way that’s humorous so he knows it’s okay to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation now that it’s long passed!

Whatever you do, getting a guy to laugh can be one of the best experiences! When you’re trying to win him over with a bit of humor, knowing just the right, funny thing to say to him will make it all the easier. Guys like a good, intelligent joke just as much as they like a bit of flirty, naughty humor. You’ll have plenty of material to choose from when it comes to finding funny things to say to a guy. Plus, once you get to know him a bit more, you’ll be able to pinpoint his exact type of humor. Once that happens, you’ll have a ball making him laugh pointedly with all the things he finds funny.


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