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Best Dating Sites for Geeks and Nerds 2017


The internet has changed life for everyone, but the group that has been most impacted is the segment of humanity that answers to titles like “nerd” and “geek.” These words have had a long history of negative connotations, largely because they apply to people who have passions outside of the “mainstream.”

100 years ago an intense interest in fantasy and science fiction could leave you feeling very alienated. Not anymore. The internet allows people to find others out there who share common interests, no matter how obscure your interests may be. This is powerful, and you can see its impact in the way that nerd culture has taken the world by storm.

An intense love of things like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones doesn’t mean you’re a weirdo anymore, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re updatable. Are you having trouble finding romantic partners who share your nerdy hobbies and interests? Well, there’s no need to feel lonely anymore! There are no all sorts of dating sites to help people find kindred spirits.


Whatever your passions might be there’s a site out there built to help you find your soulmate. We’re going to look at some of the top options on the market; a good dating site needs a strong concept, a good audience, and the right pricing. If you’re feeling lonely, then read through this list, and you’re sure to find a site that will point you in the right direction for some nerdy love.


Nerd love can be a beautiful thing. The people behind Soul Geek understand this. It was founded by a true geek, voice actor Dino Andrade who has worked on “World of Warcraft” and “Call of Duty.” He was inspired to create the site by his beautiful relationship with his late wife Mary Kay Bergman, who died tragically at a young age.

The experience showed him how important it is to connect with people who share your interests because even if the relationship is cut short, it can change your life for the better. And that’s exactly what SoulGeek is designed to do, connect Geeks and change lives.

The site caters to every type of geek. They allow you to carefully describe yourself, displaying your preferences, interests, and personality. SoulGeek believes everyone deserves love. You can share as much or as little as you want and SoulGeek will scan its member database to find the geeks who fit your needs.

If you want to get a sense of what sort of people are on Soul Geek you can find out for free. Basic members can create a profile, view other members, and communicate to anyone who sends them messages.

If you want to make the first move then you do have to pay, only premium members can initiate communication. A full membership is available for prices as low as $10 a month. The longer you commit to the cheaper the price is.


If you want the best chance to find love you need to join a site that has plenty of members. This is exactly what you’ll find at gk2gk.com, the site once known as Geek 2 Geek.

The name might have changed, but the concept is the same, this is a site that is very similar to mainstream dating sites, but it puts an emphasis on nerds. You can sign up for this site for free and tour its large user base and check out its scientific system for matching geeks up with one another.

The large population and range of features offered by Geek2Geek comes at a price. The site is one of the pricier options on the market. If you want to try out the site for just one month, you will have to pay $35. That’s the same as paying for three months worth of dating at other sites!

Still, if you are willing to commit to three months or more the price-per-month takes a pretty steep dive, and eventually, you’ll be paying just a fraction of that original monthly price.

Still, none of the options are terribly cheap, so take some time to browse the members and the features to make sure they look worthwhile before taking the plunge. In the end, if you feel confident you can find love then even $35 a month is a small price to play!

Trek Passions

There is no group of nerds quite like Trekkies. Star Trek is one of the most well-established sci-fi brands in the world, and its fans are some of the most passionate. So, if you love Star Trek then why not find someone you can live long and prosper with? That’s exactly what Trek Passions is all about.

If you’re interested in Star Trek at all, it’s worth signing up for an account. It’s quick to sign up, and it costs absolutely nothing. Just know that Star Trek fans tend to be men, if you’re a gal you’ll have your pick while men face stiff competition trying to attract a Vulcan-loving man.

Still, if you’re a hardcore Trekkie, this site may be your best bet for finding love, no matter what the odds may look like. Besides, if you’re a fan of Kirk, you know that ignoring the odds is the only way to live.

Dating For Muggles

It’s no secret that most nerdy passions tend to appeal to more men than women. It’s also true that in general online dating favors women more than men according to the numbers. Still, there are some fandoms that offer a slightly more even playing ground.

Ladies love Harry Potter, so if you’re a nerdy guy looking for a date, then you might want to check out Dating For Muggles. This site dedicated to fans of the Harry Potter franchise is a great place to find love if your favorite date ideas involve Quidditch or butterbeer.

The site is free to join but if you want to get the full range of features you need to pay. If you’re interested at all you should at least give it a try, you might find someone flirting with you before you have to pay a dollar.

Mouse Mingle

Cartoons have always drawn interest from nerds and geeks, and so the geek community has always loved Disney. But in recent years that passion has only grown. Now Disney isn’t just about Mickey and the Lion King; it’s also home to Marvel Comics and Star Wars. Now people looking for Cinderella, Black Widow, or Princess Leia can all come together at Mouse Mingle, the dating site built around Disney.

You know a site is special when you visit, and your mouse turned into a Mickey glove. This award-winning site is free to join, but if you want to use every feature, you will have to pay money. Still, it’s worth the investment if it might lead to your dream Honeymoon at Disneyland.

Nerd Passions

No matter what you’re passionate about you can find someone who shares your interests at Nerd Passions. This site offers plenty of tools for connecting with other nerds at the low price of completely free!

One great feature of this site is its group function. You can join groups dedicated to your unique interests, so you can connect to people who share your specific interests. After all, there are a lot of different kinds of nerds out there, and so you want to narrow in on the people you can relate to easily.


Usually, a review of this site would start with an explanation of the word “Otaku,” but let’s be honest here. If you don’t know what the word means then this site isn’t for you. This site has gathered together more than 25,000 fans of anime, manga, and assorted nerdy interests. There are usually hundreds of people on the site looking for friendship, love, and everything in between.

It’s a little different from most of the sites on our list in that it isn’t so focused on the dating angle. The site is a bit of a jumbled up mix between a dating site, a forum, and a nerdy news site. It’s not for everyone but the people who love it can’t live without it. The average age of users is 32, so if you’re looking to get away from sites populated entirely by kids, this is a decent option.

As with other dating sites, you can join OtakuBooty for free, but you’re not going to get the full experience. Unlike many other sites, a membership from OtakuBooty is dirt cheap. While most sites want somewhere around $10 every month or $120 a year, you can enjoy OtakuBooty’s full suite of features for just $4 a month or $15 bucks a year.

That’s less money than you’d have to spend for a single Blu-Ray of the latest Studio Ghibli release! If you’re an anime fan who likes what you see after visiting the site, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t drop that amount of cash.


There is a lot of debate about what it means to be a nerd or a geek. The words take on all sorts of meanings. Some people think that if you’re smart or if you care about intellect you’re something of a nerd, and that’s just why this site is on our list. It’s a dating site for people who care deeply about intelligence.

If you feel like you aren’t interested in normal dating sites with shallow users but you aren’t so interested in fantasy, sci-fi, and video games then this is a good choice. The one issue to look out for is the snobbish nature of some users who might overestimate their own intelligence.

Still, the site is totally free, so it’s worth checking out if you want your next date to be as smart as possible. Finding someone who is both attractive and intellectual is worth the time it takes to dig through the people on this site.

Geeky Friends Date

Sometimes dating can be difficult because of the pressure. Dating sites can feel like “meat markets” where people are in a rush to either find love or sex. If you think you’d rather start out as friends and see where things go from there, then Geeky Friends Date is a good site to check out.

The lack of pressure also extends to the pricing. This isn’t one of those sites that give you a glance for free and then locks communication behind a paywall; this site is free forever. Log on and start talking with hundreds of nerds for free.

The only downside of this is the fact that the free price tag opens up the door to scammers who set up free profiles and try and get money from users. So be prepared to be selective when looking for something serious on this site.

Match Geeks

This is another low pressure community for making nerdy connections. They aren’t focused on any specific type of fandom so their user base is as large as possible. If you want to increase your chances of finding a geek to spend the rest of your life with it’s worth signing up for a free Match Geeks account.

Please note that it is a little bare-bones. While it has a lot of potential the population is a little limited now. Check out for yourself to see who is available before spending money. Still, since you can get started with minimal effort or investment you might as well give it a go. You never know where you might find the nerd for you.


So, this site isn’t actually nerd themed, but don’t let that hold you back. The fact of the matter is that there are nerds on almost every dating site these days, you might just need to look a little harder to find them. OkCupid is a good site to check out because it has long been a favorite with the nerdy set.

It also has a better balance of women to men, even if men still tend to outnumber women. If you are willing to look beyond niche sites that are totally dedicated to nerds and nerds only then OkCupid is worth your time.

Even with advances in matchmaking technology you still can’t be sure where you will find love. Sometimes you just need to reach out as far as you can. The more free sites you sign up for, the better your chances will be. Things might be frustrating at first, but if you keep trying eventually you’re bound to find love.


  1. This is the reason I’ve taken to online dating, for the simple fact that all my cards are out there on the table. You either like it or lump it. I went out with a girl yesterday who I met online, and she said to me “”I’m surprised you’re so cool, I thought geeks were uptight””…Prejudging a person ain’t gonna get ya far, I say!
    Keep up the awesome, brotha’, really digging your stuff. You speak truths :-)

    • Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences. We always appreciate when members of our community share their supportive comments. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Alisha!

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