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Gemini Man in Love


A Gemini man in love is the life of the party. When you first meet him, he is surrounded by admirers and friends. It seems like he is constantly in the center of every social event. With his irresistible charm and brilliant mind, people are naturally drawn to him. The average Gemini is exceptionally intelligent and loves stimulating, intellectual conversations. He likes to socialize with interesting people who he can learn from. Your standard Gemini is a handsome, charming guy who is as smart as he is good looking. For the rest of the world, this combination seems entirely unfair. After all, why should one person get to have all the fun?

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The Type of Woman a Gemini Man in Love Wants

While he might be a charmer, don’t expect a Gemini man in love to settle for just anyone. This is the type of guy who is known for having exceptionally high standards. While an attractive woman is great, he will not settle for another pretty face. He needs a woman who is as intellectual as he is. After a night out, he wants to pull out a bottle of wine and engage in stimulating conversations. This is not something that he just wants. He craves and needs intellectual stimulation. Because of this, a Gemini man typically works best with someone who can talk to him for hours about every aspect of the world, people, current events, politics and everything else.

Other than his intellectual needs, he also wants a woman who can keep up with him socially. A Gemini man is quite comfortable in social situations. He loves being the life of the partner and meeting new people. Part of this is because of his tendency to bore easily. He needs new stimulation, or he will just move on. Because of this, the Gemini man has a reputation for bouncing from partner to partner. The only way he will stay around for good is if you are a deep, intellectual woman who is open to new ideas, social events and new experiences in the bedroom.

A Gemini Man in a Relationship

This is not a guy that you overlook when you first meet him. With his charming nature, he is a natural flirt. When you walk into a room, he is at the center of the crowd telling an amusing anecdote or debating the latest political crisis. He will probably flirt with you when you first meet, but don’t be foolish enough to think that you are the only woman he noticed. He loves flirting, and he does not always realize that other people view it as a romantic gesture. He just likes to have fun and charm the people around him.

The biggest problem for the Gemini man is finding a woman that he wants to settle down for. He craves new ideas and excitement. The only way he will settle down is if you offer a constant stream of intellectual challenge. Don’t bother trying to fake it because he won’t work. Many Gemini men are extremely well read, so they have opinions on just about everything.

Once he does find an interesting partner, falling in love is another problem. Despite his social nature and charm, he is ruled by logic above everything else. This means that your average Gemini is not in touch with his emotions. He may even try to fight any love he feels before he gradually realizes that he cares for you.

This sounds all bad, but don’t let that scare you away. Yes, he might move on to someone else. Even if he does, few women regret dating a Gemini. Even if the relationship is short-lived, it will be full of charm and fun. The Gemini man is easygoing and will rarely revive an argument. If there is an argument, his logical mind goes to work and he acts with complete calm.

In addition, the Gemini man in love is a bold, enjoyable lover. He likes to have fun and spends time dreaming up romantic gestures that will impress you. Don’t read too much into the romantic gestures though. He likes to please, but his gestures do not mean that he is any closer to settling down. Take them at face value and enjoy—at the very least, you will get to have an unforgettable experience.

While he is a flirt and tends to bounce between relationships, the Gemini man is not especially prone to cheating. If he finds a woman he wants to settle down with, he is dependable and trustworthy. He will focus exclusively on you. If there is a problem, he will work to solve it right away. He might have multiple dates when he is single or the relationship is non-exclusive, but he will be loyal once he is taken.

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The Downsides to the Gemini Man

While he is full of ideas and is quite clever, this has a downside as well. When it comes to life, the Gemini man is easily bored. This can be a problem for relationships because he will not hang around if he grows bored. His tendency to leave makes him seem inconsistent, but this is not the case. He can be consistent, but he has to be with a partner that continually intrigues him.

Other than his boredom, a Gemini man can also be a bit flighty. He is a flirty guy who tends to charm everyone around him. If he is bored, he might start flirting just to keep his mind engaged. When he is single, these qualities lead to multiple relationships with beautiful, attractive women. He gets a reputation as a player, but this reputation is a little unfair. It isn’t that he wants an endless stream of lovers; he just can’t find a person to match his intellectual needs.

All of these qualities mean that a Gemini man is notoriously difficult to catch. You can catch him for a night, but keeping him is the hard part. His need to be always on the go and stimulated means that he hates being tied down. Like anyone else, he does want to find a partner in life. If he can manage to find an intriguing, interesting woman, he will give the relationship his all. Make sure to give him his space though because he needs room to grow, think and explore the world if he wants to be happy.

A Gemini Man in the Bedroom

His curiosity and need of new things might be difficult for making a relationship, but it is great for lovemaking. This exceptional lover always wants to try new things in bed. Sex is like a thrilling adventure where he can test out new toys, positions or caresses. While he might occasionally indulge in standard missionary positions, it won’t keep his attention for long. He wants to stimulate himself and his partner.

While he has a deep need for new ideas and stimulation in all areas of his life, the Gemini man is not a selfish lover. He wants his partner to be just as happy in the bedroom as he is. If you are not satisfied, he is willing to devote his entire life to making you happy. If you want to turn him on, focus on his mind. How you phrase something, dirty talk or the ambiance can lend a heightened passion to his lovemaking.


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