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Gemini Woman in Love


When a Gemini woman is in a room, you can instantly tell. She is the social butterfly that bounces from group to group. She joins in one intellectual debate before flitting off to another riveting conversation. This is basically the way that a Gemini woman tries to live her life. She wants to have a constant stream of provocative thoughts, challenges and entertainment. If things are too boring, she will ask some outlandish question that no one else would dare to ask. As soon as she hears the answer, she is off and away on the next conversation.

how to understand a gemini woman

Some people say that the Gemini woman is fickle, but this is really not the case. In reality, she just needs stimulation. She has an inquisitive, intellectual mindset that needs to devour new ideas. If she is in a boring environment, she will naturally flit to a new venue where there are more interesting ideas to take part in. With an extremely adaptable nature and a charming personality, she can be a part of just about any social circle or debate.

The Gemini Woman in Love

This is the kind of woman who seems like a chameleon. She is able to blend in effortlessly with nearly any environment. One night, she is singing karaoke at a dingy nightclub and having a ball. On the next night, she is at a supper club having debates with the city’s leading intellectuals. She is a constantly changing, intellectually engaging woman. Because of her chameleon-tendency and charm, she easily finds a date. Whether she decides to keep that date is entirely up in the air.

When you are with a Gemini woman in love, don’t expect her to profess her undying love right away. This is the kind of woman who makes decisions with her mind instead of her heart. She has a rational, logical side to her personality that generally controls her decisions. When she does start to fall in love, this rational mindset will try to fight her emotions and tamp them down. Because of this, she is probably not the person who will say, “I love you” first. If she does profess her love, it is because she truly means it.

At first, it seems like you have found an engaging, charming woman to be at your side. This could be the case forever, but watch out for the dark side. If you say something stupid or make a mistake, her tongue is as sharp as her wit. She struggles to empathize with other people because few people are really on her intellectual level. Unlike some people, she tends to be quite honest, so she won’t sugarcoat the truth as she belittles your mistake.

A Gemini Woman in Relationships

Spontaneity is a quality that Geminis have in spade. With their love of new ideas, it is very easy to flit from one adventure or dream to another. She is not the type of woman who will stay in a relationship if it does not make her happy. With her need for intellectual stimulation, the Gemini woman in love is not going to settle for just anyone. She might date around, but she won’t really commit to a guy unless you stimulate her mind.

Because of this, Gemini men and women have unfair reputations for being players. Technically, they do fit the description. With her natural charm, it is all too easy for her to find a date when she wants one. In reality, she is entirely capable of committing and settling down. Her player-like nature is only because she needs to be really interested and engaged to hang around. If she realizes that you are not her match, she will not hesitate to move on to someone else.

To keep her happy, you need to read as much as possible. You have to be as well-read and intellectual as she is. Plan a surprising vacation for her or weekend adventures. Weekend trips to new hiking spots or interesting restaurants will help to keep her engaged. The right man for a Gemini woman will also be someone who likes to socialize. The Gemini woman is often the life of the party, so she needs a partner who likes social events as much as she does.

how to make a gemini woman fall in love with you

Dating a Gemini Woman

Dating a Gemini woman is easy. Keeping her is the hard part. Just about everything will interest her for a while, so she will be fine tagging along to a sports game or watching a concert. As long as you are taking her somewhere new, she really won’t care where she goes. New experiences are her favorite thing, so avoid sticking to a routine. If your relationship gets stuck in a rut and becomes a routine, she won’t hang around for long. It might make her feel safe and secure for a bit, but she will eventually go stir crazy.

If you are dating a Gemini woman, make sure to talk to her. She wants tenderness and open communication. Do not ever try to hold her back. If she feels like you are constraining her freedom and preventing her from having new adventures, she will break free of the chains eventually.

To keep your Gemini woman happy, focus on conversations, adventures and intellectual ideas. She is the type of woman who will have plenty of friends and admirers. In a relationship, she is caring, loving and quite outspoken. She can change at a moment’s notice, but each change is just as charming as the last.

A Gemini Woman in the Bedroom

She loves new things and adventures, which bodes well for the bedroom. The Gemini woman is generally open to trying new positions, locations or sex toys. The last thing she wants is to be bored in the bedroom. Even though she normally keeps her emotions under lock and key, she will find it exciting to explore her emotions in the bedroom. Because of this quality, many people are surprised by the intimacy and intensity that the Gemini woman can have in bed. If you want to make her happy sexually, try new things and make sure to spice things up. If you want to stick to missionary style every night, this is probably not the woman for you.

Can You Trust a Gemini Woman?

There isn’t an easy answer to this question. The Gemini woman can be quite trustworthy, but only in the right circumstances. Until she finds the right person, she will happily date around to find the guy she likes. If you have not made your relationship officially exclusive, don’t expect her to date just you. Once you do have a committed, exclusive relationship, the Gemini woman is quite trustworthy.

In terms of lies, you might hear a lie or two at times. When she can speak her mind, she will tell the truth, but toss in a lie just for fun. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so Geminis tend to feel a need to lie about something every now and then. Generally, these lies are not about anything majorly important. They are often about an everyday event and end up being funny. The only time she will lie about something important is when she feels restrained. If you prevent her from just being herself, she will lie to make you think that she is the person you demanded her to be.


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