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10 Reasons School Girls Fight at School


For many students, school is not a place of fun or excitement. While many students dislike homework and school assignments, there are a number of students who have a very real, serious reason to hate going to school. Bullies can make life terrible. Before long, a happy child can dread waking up in the morning because of the arguments, teasing or mean jokes that they encounter at school.

Bullying is only one of the reasons why girls fight at school. Sometimes, there are other reasons why girls may get into arguments with each other. If you are wondering why your child seems to be so unhappy or gets into frequent arguments, we will cover some of the most common reasons why girls might fight at school.

1. Friendly Fights

This is really a misnomer because there is nothing friendly about fights. At the same time, a fight may sometimes happy between two friends for a sudden disagreement. No one gets along perfectly forever—even married couples have arguments. Your daughter may have had a disagreement with a friend, or her friend may have responded to a question weirdly. Whatever the case, it led them to start a fight with each other.

2. They Saw Their Parents Do It

Unfortunately, it is very easy for children to learn the habits of their parents. When parents fight a lot, children learn to do the same thing. If a schoolmate has parents who argue frequently or who are going through a divorce, then they can end up picking up on the same behaviors. Unfortunately, stopping this from happening is difficult. Until the child learns that arguments never help things, she may continue to get into fights at school.

3. Trying to Get Attention

There are some people who get into arguments because they want attention. The child may not feel like they get enough attention at home or at school for the good things they do. They may feel like other students or siblings constantly do better than they do. Instead of trying to compete and failing, the child may try to get attention by being worse than everyone else.

4. Playing Did Not Work Out Well

girls fight at school

Everyone loves to have fun, but any parent knows that a fun game can quickly turn into tears. A game of volleyball can quickly devolve into an argument if someone accidentally hits another player with the ball. Even a non-physical game can result in arguments. In these cases, there is not much that you can do to prevent the fight from happening. All you can do is help the girls resolve their differences and forgive each other.

5. Cooperation Problems

In school and in life, students have to cooperate with each other if they want to do well. Some children like to work alone, which can end up causing problems. If your group of friends no longer wants to work with you, it can cause you to feel singled out. It feels like everyone has turned against you and is no longer willing to help you work through the problem.

6. Boy Trouble

If you are a student in middle school or high school, boy trouble can be a frequent cause of fights. You like the cute new guy, and you already told your friend that you liked him. Despite your warning, she decided to flirt with him and ask him out. This type of situation happens far too often in high schools and among friends. There really isn’t a way to prevent it from happening other than being cautious about which guy you (and your friends) go for.

7. Aggression

Sometimes, fights happen at school without you contributing at all. There are some people who are just extremely aggressive. They might not intend to make the fight physical, but she starts hurling abusive, mean language at you. Unless you are secretly a saint, you feel like you have to hurl an insult back at her. Before long, the fight blows up and becomes uncontrollable.

8. Teachers and Parents

Another potential cause of a fight is teachers or parents. Sometimes, a friend feels like they need to share a concern such as self-harm or similar problems with a trusted adult. When this happens, it is easy to feel betrayed by a friend and a quarrel can start.

9. Jealousy

Jealousy can happen for many reasons, and it causes up to half of school fights. It can be jealousy regarding looks, intelligence, social status or something else. Whatever the cause, jealousies can quickly cause fights to happen.

10. The Wrong Friends


If your daughter (or yourself) is getting into fights, it could be the friends. Some people are naturally drawn to trouble and are quite aggressive. Making friends with these kinds of people naturally causes fights to happen. Some girls are also fond of mocking other people and bullying their friends. Avoiding these types of friends can prevent fights from happening.


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