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14 Girls Day Out Ideas


Getting out with the girls is always a blast, don’t you think?! But sometimes we do so much stuff with them that we feel like we have done it all! We now feel as if there is nothing fun left to do with the lovely ladies in our lives! Fortunately for you, this is far from true. You might just need a little help in finding more fun activities to do with your besties. Don’t worry, we totally got you covered. We have 15 amazingly, fun girls day out ideas for you and your friends to try out anytime and anywhere! Take a look to see the fun we have laid out just for you and your best pals to partake in. So break out your planners ladies, cause here we go.

girls night out ideas

  • Winery/Brewery Tours: What’s better than taking an entire day to get drunk with your besties… But in a classy manner? The answer: Nothing at all. The most fun you can have with them is going on a brewery or a winery tour. Or going to a wine tasting of some sort. We guarantee that you and your girls with have an absolute blast. All that you have to do is look up where your local brewery or winery is. They should have regularly scheduled tours or tasting that you should be able to sign up for or just show up, too.
  • A Spa Day: Of course you can always have a spa day at home if your pocketbook is feeling a little lighter than usual. However, we suggest saving the money to treat yourselves to a day at an actual spa. Get massages, facials and makeovers together to have a great time bonding and coming out feeling refreshed! You are sure going to love everything about this type of day if you just simply give it the chance. And your friends will love you for suggesting this idea!
  • Playing A Sports Game: Unless you are too competitive, of course. But going out and playing a game is always a great idea to bond with your besties! You can rent out a court to play games like basketball, softball or tennis. Or you can go do something a little less strenuous such as bowling! Whatever games you like is the games that you should go play. And you can make this an all day tournament if you really want to heat things up.
  • Take A Class Together: No one ever said that cooking classes or art classes are just for couples. On the contrary, they are great for anybody who wants to go. That includes your friends. You can sign up to do a bunch of different classes together and take time to bond over learning something new with each other. Also, classes usually don’t cost that much money and can kill a whole day with fun!

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  • Get Fit Together: If you are really broke, but you still want to get out of the house with your girls we always suggest hitting up the gym. Most gyms even have free fitness classes that you can sign up for! Or, if they do cost money, they are usually cheap enough where you won’t be broke at the end of the day. This is perfect for friends who love to get in shape and wouldn’t mind doing it together.
  • Go To An Arcade: Remember going to the arcade as a kid? Well, playing games isn’t just for kids anymore. There are adult oriented arcades all over the place nowadays. They even have places like Dave and Busters which are bars and grills with arcade games for adults! What doesn’t sound fun about that?
  • Go Bar/Club Hopping: Why go to one bar when you can visit a bunch of them? And why not do it with your closest friends?! Get all dressed up with your girlfriends and hit the town. This is especially fun if you are all single and ready to mingle! You will surely have a great time together hitting up all the most popular bars or clubs in your city. Just be careful to not drink too much or it might not be as fun as you planned.

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  • Visit A Theme Park: Or go visit an amusement park. Honestly, what isn’t fun about that? Not only does it take up an entire day, but you are sure to make some pretty awesome memories, too.
  • Go Enjoy Nature: Do you have any beautiful parks or trails around you? If so, a great girls day out idea is definitely going on a nature adventure with your friends. You can spend all day immersed in the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. Without even spending a dime. Well, you might have to pay for parking, but that is about it! You can go rock climbing, hiking or simply just go take in the sights. Nothing will make you feel more alive than this! If you are not nature people, it’s okay, just keep reading to find something else fun and exciting to do.
  • Take A Road Trip: Maybe you don’t have an entire week to take off for a vacation. However, you might have a whole day to spend on the road with your girls. Pack an overnight bag, get a bunch of your favorite snacks and download all of your favorite tunes then go hit the road! Stop and see as many sights as you can. Maybe even make it to the next state. Then spend the night watching Rom-Coms in a hotel before turning around to head back home the next day. Road trips don’t have to be long to be fun!
  • Bury A Time Capsule: If you are looking for something to do that holds a little more sentimental value, then we have this wonderful idea for you. Take the day gathering things that are important to you and your friendships. Buy a timecapsule and then have a ceremony for burying it. This will definitely bring you and your friends closer together. And it will give you something to look forward to in 5-10 years from now.

Girls Day Out Ideas

  • Have A Photoshoot: Who says you need to do something expensive when planning a girls day out? No one. No one at all. Take a camera, or even your cellphone, and travel around the city taking amazing photos of your friends. And have them do the same for you. By the end of the day you will have been to some very pretty spots and gotten some awesome pictures to remember the day by. It also gives you a chance to just talk with your friends and catch up!
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Foods: You have certainly heard of bar hopping, but have you heard of restaurant hopping? Yes, this is a thing that you can plan to do with your girls. Go to different restaurants throughout the day and try out different favorites on their menus. This will definitely leave you happy and full!
  • Go To A Festival: It depends on the time of year you are trying to plan this girls day out, but there are festivals that go on all year long. There are even various different types of festival. Some are food festivals, some are music festivals and others are simply miscellaneous. It’s all up to you which one you want to chose!


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