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100 Girls Softball Team Names


Finding the right options for girls softball team names is not always easy. You want something cute and funny, but you want it to be appropriate as well. This list of 100 girls softball team names runs the gamut from thought-provoking name to cute options. Some of them are more appropriate for older players, while other names will work well for younger girls instead. You can also use this list to inspire your own unique ideas.

100 Girls Softball Team Names

1. Benchwarmers: This is an adorable, fun name for a softball team.

2. Base Invaders: Awesome!

3. Lost Girls: This is just a cute option. It sounds like the Lost Boys in Peter Pan.

4. Pancake Batters: This is an amusing play on words.

5. Dream Killers: You don’t kill your dreams, but you certainly will crush the other team.

6. Head Hunters: This sounds awesome and wins bonus points for alliteration.

7. Dugouts: This is a cute, simple option.

8. Whack-a-Balls!: Fun!

9. One Hit Wonders: Hopefully, all you need is one good hit.

10. Unknown Quantity: No one will know what to expect if you choose this team name.

11. Swingers: This is a clever play on words.

12. Untouchables: This is one of my favorite names for any type of team.

13. A Team: Nice one!

14. Balls And Strikes: Excellent.

15. Umpire Strikes Back: This is an amazing option for Star Wars fans.

16. Scared Hitless: Clever, but this name would not be appropriate for younger teams.

17. Misfits: Cute!

18. Practice Makes Perfect: That is certainly the truth!

19. Ponytail Express: This is a clever play on the mail-delivery service, the Pony Express.

20. Uncommonly Good: Your team is definitely confident in their abilities if you choose this name!

21. Glove Love: Nice one!

22. Free Agents: This is a fun option.

23. Designated Hitters: Excellent.

24. Brew Crew: Obviously, this makes since for a college age or adult team.

25. Ally Oops: This is fun option.

26. Golden Gloves: This is a cute girls softball team name.

27. Scoring Is The Least Of Our Problems: I’m not sure if that is actually a good thing.

28. Smooth Operators: Smooth!

29. Where My Pitches At?: This is a less than PG play on words.

30. Wrecking Crew: Awesome!

31. Victorious Secret: This is an amusing pun.

32. Softies: Simple, but effective.

33. Screwballs: Cute!

34. Miracle Workers: Because your softball team makes miracles happen.

35. Batters Up!: An excellent choice.

36. Base Desires: This is a clever play on words.

37. Batterballs: At least this is better than being a butterball.

38. Line Drivers: Clever!

39. Hitmen: Or hitwomen, if you want to be perfectly accurate.

40. Grass Hoppers: Cute!

41. Dirt Eaters: This is one of the more fun girls softball team names.

42. Catchers In The Rye: This is a fun option to go with.

43. Grim Reapers: This name will certainly intimidate the other team.

44. Hit Squad: This clever play on words reeks of confidence.

45. Living Legends: The alliteration makes this name even better.

46. Soft Serves: Cute!

47. Tailgaters: Who doesn’t love tailgating?

48. Super Heroes In Training: This one is a bit long, but it still works.

49. Thundercats: Fun!

50. Yager Bombers: This is definitely designed for an adult team.

51. Wolfpack: Awesome.

52. Sweet Spot: This is a cute option.

53. Team Name: You can do better than this.

54. Oddballs: Adorable.

55. Hustlers: Show that hustle!

56. Game Changers: You change the course of the entire game.

57. Elite 9: This is an easy, fun option.

58. Ballers: No one will forget this team name quickly.

59. Breaking Balls: This is a play on the show, “Breaking Bad.”

60. Bat Intentions: At least, your intentions are bad when it comes to the other team.

61. Diamond Girls: It’s time to get out on that softball diamond!

62. Heavy Hitters: Cute!

63. Icebreakers: This is a simple, fun option.

64. Off Base Ballers: Nice one!

65. Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend: Obviously, this is not a reference to the stone.

66. Bat Attitude: This is a fun option.

67. Queen Bees: An easy option.

68. Ice Cold Pitchers: Watch out for these ladies!

69. Help Wanted: This does not say much about your team’s confidence levels.

70. Beer View Mirrors: This works best for an adult team that likes to get beers after the game.

71. Bat-itude: Awesome.

72. Intimidators: This is certainly one way to intimidate the other team.

73. Dirty Divas: Nice!

74. Saved By The Balls: This is a clever pun.

75. Swingin’ Singles: The alliteration makes this team name even easier to remember.

76. Bat Rage: Fun!

77. Cereal Killers: This works for just about any sports team.

78. Master Minds: Excellent.

79. Bomb Squad: This is an easy girls softball team name.

80. Divas: This is a simple, effective option to go with.

81. Home Run Hitters: This is by far one of the my favorite girls softball team names.

82. Prodigies: If none of the other names on this list works, I guess you could go with this one. There are other options on the list though.

83. Smokin’ Aces: This is definitely a cool sounding name.

84. Unknown Entity: No one will know what to expect from your team if you choose this name.

85. Intensity: This is a fun, easy option to go with.

86. Shooting Stars: This is another good naming option.

87. e-LEMON-ators: Because you will eliminate the other team.

88. The Masked Intruders: This is an interesting choice.

89. Weakened Warriors: Obviously, this name choice is not the one you want if you want to show how talented and confident your teammates are.

90. Major Impact: This is a cool team name to go with.

91. The Starbursts: This just sounds cute.

92. Iron Spartans: This is another option that will work well.

93. The Loud Sirens: If you can’t find another name that fits perfectly, you could always go with this name.

94. Walk-Off Warriors: This is such a clever name to go with.

95. Game Makers: Some teams try to change the game. You make the game.

96. Cool Cats: This is just a fun option to go with, and the alliteration makes this name easier to remember.

97. Mind Bogglers: For a team that is so great, it’s mind boggling!

98. The Good, The Bat and the Ugly: This girls softball team name is probably a bit too long, but it is a rather cute pun.

99. Base-ic Pitches: Obviously, this team name works better for older players and not a school-age team.

100. Swingers: This name is simple, but the play on words makes it quite clever.


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