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200 Golf Team Names


You love to play golf, and the only thing that makes it more enjoyable is playing with a group. Whether you are playing fantasy golf or have a bunch of buddies to play real-world golf with, then you can use the names on this list. The following 200 golf team names can help you start brainstorming the perfect team name for your group.

fantasy golf team names
1. Party of Fore: Funny.

2. Dimpled White Balls: This tries so hard to be funny, but fails completely.

3. Couples’ Therapy: It’s only couples’ therapy if both of you go.

4. Hole in Fun: A hole in one would be better.

5. Puff Caddie: You’ve heard of Puff Daddy, right?

6. The Dirty ½ Dozen: Nice.

7. Fore Play: Not a PG option.

8. The Fore-Father: Our forefathers brought forth on this nation . . .

9. The Drunken Wankers: At least you tell it how it is.

10. Gang Green: Funny.

11. The Handicap Chaps: Nice one.

12. The Ball Washers: This sounds dirty.

13. The Hole in None’s: I’m sorry about that.

14. It’s a (Sand) Trap!: Oh, no!

15. Breaking Badly: This is a play on the television show, “Breaking Bad.”

16. The Back Nines: Nice.

17. Put Me Down for a Par: If only it were actually true.

18. Birdie Gurus: Nice.

19. Tee-mendous Team: Very punny.

20. Screw Balls: This one is decent enough.

21. Tee-totalers: This is one of my favorite golf team names.

22. So Few Holes, So Many Strokes: Sad.

23. Back 9 Bandits: Cute.

24. Executive Course Rejects: Not everyone can hack it.

25. Golf Warriors: Really?

26. Fairway to Heaven: This is a play on Stairway to Heaven.

27. The Wet Wedgers: At least this is better than the Wet Wedgies.

28. Golf Cowboys: Sure, you are.

29. The Putt Putts: Cute.

30. Where Birdies Land: Fun.

31. The Bogey Bunch: This is a cute option.

32. The Putter Nutters: I like that this rhymes.

33. Keep Calm & Shark On: Fun.

34. Nice Dimples: This is a cool option.

35. Dude, Where’s My Par?: You’ve heard of the movie, Dude, Where’s My Car?

36. Strokes of Luck: Nice.

37. The DrawShank Redemptions: This is a play on the film, Shawshank Redemption.

38. We Spend More Time in the Sand Than the Beach Boys: Sad.

39. The Bogeymen: This is an awesome golf team name.

40. The Divit Heads: Fun.

41. I Like Big Putts and I Cannot Lie: You have an obvious option for your theme song now.

42. Teen Tigers: Someday, they will be as legendary as Tiger Wood.

43. Designated Drivers: I love that play on words.

44. Multiple Foregasms: This is not appropriate for all age groups.

45. Who’s Your Caddy Now?: Clever, very clever.

46. The Sultans of Swing: Fun.

47. Weapons of Grass Destruction: Cute.

48. The Has-Beens: Sad.

49. Balls Deep: Use this golf team name for a group of guys.

50. The Holey Ones: You’re not good enough to be holy yet.

51. Putts and Pars: Funny.

52. Kids in a Sandbox: That’s what it feels like sometimes.

53. Tee Party: Clever.

54. Golf Is the Least of Our Problems: Not at the moment, it isn’t.

55. The Deuce of Hazards: Smart one.

golf team names

56. The Sand Baggers: Cute.

57. Par Then Bar: Now, we’re talking

58. Smokin’ Tees: Fun.

59. Severely Handicapped: This doesn’t bode well for your future.

60. How’s My Driving?: Very punny.

61. The Bogey Men: Nice!

62. 19th Holers: You’re about to be in for a surprise.

63. Natural Hazards: True enough.

64. Lions, Tigers and Bogeys, Oh My: Oh my, indeed.

65. Lords of the Pin: Cool.

66. The Woodsmen Warriors: Don’t get stuck in the woods.

67. Fairway Ninjas: Nice.

68. Par-Tee On: Let’s keep the party going.

69. The Men-in-Tee: The manatee?

70. Putting Pirates: Nice.

71. Fairway Kings: Or queens.

72. The Caddies: An easy option.

73. Dirty Birdies: For a group of ladies with dirty minds, maybe?

75. The Wrecking Balls: Cool.

76. It’s All in the Hips: That’s one piece of advice that I’m going to remember.

77. Fore Players: This is even better if your golf team has four players.

78. The Sweet Spots: Good luck hitting the sweet spot.

79. Swingers: When you aren’t playing golf, most people might be a bit confused about what this team name means.

80. Beer, Wings and Swings: It might be long, but this is a really fun golf team name.

81. The Wrath of Putters: Fun.

82. Slice and Dice: This sounds dangerous.

83. Meet the Putters: Clever.

84. The Hole in Fun Gang: Nice!

85. Tee-rific: Yes, you are!

86. I’d Tap That: Good luck.

87. The Caddy Daddies: For a group of dads who like to play together.

88. The Sons of Pitches: Clever.

89. The Demolition Dimples: Watch out for this golf team!

90. Balls of Fire: That sounds so uncomfortable.

91. Tee Time: Tea, anyone?

92. Shanks for the Memories: You’re welcome!

93. Beer Wench: Where is she, anyway?

94. Going Green!: Yes, you are!

95. Has Anyone Seen My Balls?: Try asking this with a straight face.

96. The Knights Templar of Holy Green: It may be a bit long, but it is one of my favorite golf team names.

97. The Short Putz: Cute.

98. Putter Face: But her face . . .

99. Complete and Putter Madness: Mad is right.

100. We Skipped Work For This?: I know, right?

101. Hasn’t-Beens: Just because you’ve never won, it doesn’t mean that you can’t.

102. Pin Seekers: Cute.

103. The Stoned: This is a good golf team name in 4/20 friendly states.

104. Buffy: The Ball Slayers: Clever.

105. The Ultimate Drive: Nice one!

106. Working on My Putz: Keep working on it.

107. The Foreirons: Cute!

108. Playing Through: Good luck!

109. Caddy, Don’t Preach: If they were any good, they’d actually be playing instead of trying to coach you from the golf cart.

110. The Shankaholics: Funny!

111. The Fl-Ex Men: The X-Men are superheroes. Are you as well?

112. Different Strokes: True enough.

113. The Fair Miners: Fun.

114. Golfers Inc.: For corporate golfers.

115. The Shaggy Swingers: Cool.

116. The Power-putt Boys: At least this is better than the Powerpuff Boys.

117. Sand Gropers: Fun.

118. Long Putters: This is an easy option.

119. Bogey Bandits: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

120. The Bogey Boys: Another golf team name that uses alliteration.

121. Wood You Pet My Tiger?: Clever, very clever.

122. The Beer Girl: The other golf teams are going to love you.

123. Birdies, Bogeys, Beer, and Bourbon: Nice.

124. The Little Giants: This is an oxymoron.

125. T.F.I.G.: This stands for Thank Friday It’s Golf.

126. Mull It Over Again: Nice.

127. The Men with Iron Clubs: True.

128. Stroke of Bad Luck: Oh, I’m sorry.

129. The Expende-Balls: Adorable, but it does not say much about your ego.

130. Watchers on the Green: Cool.

131. Smoking Tees: Clever.

132. The Close Enoughs: Close enough is good enough, right?

133. Wannabes: This should be my golf team name.

134. The Uneven Pars: Uh-oh.

135. The Fore Horsemen: Of the apocalypse. This sounds ominous.

136. The Wedgies: No fun.

137. The Gold Diggers: You must be digging for something out there, right?

138. Ball Busters: Oh, dear.

139. Ball Strokers: This sounds so dirty.

140. Misfits of Fairway: Cute!

141. Not Allowed at Masters: Why not?

142. Rough Boys: Watch out for these players/

143. Fairway Miners: Fun.

144. Slice and Dice: Nice.

145. Putting on the Ritz: Get it? Putting?

146. The Green Troopers: This is an easy enough option.

147. Heights of Holes: Cool.

148. You Are Such a Putz: This sounds mean.

149. The Waterballs: Water balls are awful.

150. The Longballs: An easy option.

151. The Wonder Whackers: I like the alliteration in this golf team name.

152. Putter Nonsense: Many golf team names are on a play on the word putting or putter.

153. Just a Hack: Fun.

154. The Fair Ways: Easy enough.

155. Small Holes, Big Balls: This sounds so X-rated and dirty.

156. Stiff Shaft: Cool.

157. Long & Wrong: Fun!

158. Green Gang: This sounds like a good option.

159. The Bandits of Nine-ville: For a team of ruffians.

160. The Green Rangers: Cute!

161. Droppin’ a Deuce: Not what I want to hear on the course.

162. Plaid Pants and a Dream: This is adorable.

163. The Fantasy of the Greens: This is for fantasy golf teams.

164. Hook Shot Handymen: Cool.

165. The Fringe Crew: Did you ever watch the sci-fi show Fringe?

166. Fore-Brothers: Nice.

167. Hole in Ten: That’s more like it.

168. That’s A Gimmee: Is it, really?

169. Sandy Savers: Save it!

170. The Mighty Mulligans: Cool.

funny golf team names

171. Fists of Fury: This sounds foreboding.

172. The Pretty Birdies: Cute.

173. Putt Pirates: This is dirty and immature, but I am sure there are people who would like this golf team name.

174. Club Rentals: Cool enough.

175. The Old Strokes: For a group of old folks on a team.

176. Wonder Whackers: Nice one.

177. Bunch ‘O Hacks: Adorable.

178. Pavin’ the Way: This is a fun option.

179. Shoe Wedge Mafia: Nice.

180. Bush Whackers: Uh-oh.

181. Green Days: This is a play on a popular band name.

182. Half Balled: This is an okay option.

183. Fairways and Highways: You go to the fairway, and I’ll hit the highways.

184. Going Pro (Not): This is not the best golf team name on the list, to be quite honest.

185. The Ugly Ducklings: This does not speak much of your self-esteem.

186. The Hackdaddeez: Nice.

187. Fringe Players: This sounds like a cool option.

188. Green Acres: Cute!

189. The Burly Birdies: Because you are all fairly muscular!

190. Better Than Being at Work: That’s true enough, but just about anything is better than being at work.

191. Fore Nicate: Clever, very clever. This is not a good option if you have a mixed age group on your team.

192. The Walking Divots: Cool.

193. Shankendrinkers: Do you prefer to play golf or drink? You decide.

194. The Birdie Bumpkins: This sounds adorable.

195. Gear Under Par: Cool.

196. Puttin’ for Dough: Use this as a golf team name if everyone on your team likes to place monetary bets on the game.

197. This Isn’t a Dance Club: This is another one of the golf team names that uses a play on the word “club” to make a pun.

198. Bush Wackers: This is a fairly straightforward option to choose.

199. Clubbers: This is an easy choice, but it is not one of my favorite golf team names on this list.

200. Against the Grain: Cute!

Whether you are playing fantasy golf or real golf, you need the perfect team name. Many of the best golf team names are based around puns and plays on words. If you are unsure about the right name for you, try thinking of your own puns and create an entirely unique team name!


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