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40 Good Afternoon Messages for Him


As he finishes work or his last class of the day, it is a good time to let your boyfriend know just how much you care about him. These good afternoon messages for him show how much you care. If he is having a bad day, they can help to brighten his mood. You can use one of the good afternoon messages for him as they are written or you can blend multiple messages together. Add some of your own lines to make a personal, unique message. romantic lunch messages

1. Good afternoon to the most amazing and gorgeous boyfriend in the world! I am so excited just thinking about seeing you tonight. I hope that your day has been as amazing as you are!

2. I am so lucky to have found a guy like you. You lift me up on my darkest days and celebrate all of the good ones with you. I just love you so much. Good afternoon!

3. Because of you, I feel more happiness than I ever thought was possible. Being with you has been my dream come true, and I am so thankful that you are a part of my life. I hope that you have an afternoon as amazing as you are.

4. Because of you, I have something to look forward to everyday. Even when my day is filled with trouble, I know that I can end the day in your arms. You are the most wonderful blessing that I could have ever imagined. Good afternoon!

5. Loving you has been an experience that I cherish. Even if I lived to be 100, you would be the most amazing, cherished part of my life. I love your smile, your voice and everything about you. Good afternoon, my dear!

6. This afternoon is a time of sunlight and brightness. The only thing that would make it better is the sound of your voice. I can’t wait to see you again—have an amazing afternoon, my love!

7. The kind of love that you have given me can be found nowhere else on earth. I love you more than anything in the world. My only prayer is that I can show you my love one day and be the type of woman that you deserve. Good afternoon, my dear!

8. I just wanted to tell you that you are the most amazing person that I have ever met. You are like a guardian angel who brings me compassion, love and happiness. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I am so lucky that you are a part of my life. Good afternoon!

9. You are the best boyfriend a girl could ever ask for. I just hope that your day has been as amazing as you are. If not, I hope that your afternoon gets even better.

10. You are my pearl of joy and my ray of sunshine. I never thought that a love like yours was possible, but you have changed my life around. I hope that you have an amazing day and an even more amazing afternoon!

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11. From the first moment that I saw you, I could not get you out of my mind. My heart melts with every thought of you. When you smile, my heart smiles too. You are the bright spot in my day, and I hope that you have a good afternoon. You deserve it!

12. My one desire is to be with you always. If I could end each day with my head on your chest, I would consider myself truly blessed. I just want to lean my ear against your chest and heart the song that your heart sings for just me. Good afternoon, my dear!

13. I hope that you spend some time relaxing this afternoon after all of your morning stress. If you can’t, I’ll help you relax when you come home today. Have a great afternoon, my love!

14. I just wish that you were here right now to hug and kiss me. All I want is to leave work and cuddle up in your arms. I hope you are having a good afternoon, and I can’t wait to see you again!

15. You are like an angel of peace. Ever since you entered my life, I have felt like I am at harmony with the world around me. Even the worst of problems cannot bother me because I know that I have you to share them with. Since the moment I first met you, I have found no reason to ever be sad. You are truly amazing, my love. Have a great afternoon!

16. I wish that I could see you right now, but I’ll have to wait until later. Even when time and distance keep us apart, I count down the minutes until I am with you again. While we might be faraway for the moment, I can still think about you and take this as an opportunity to wish you an amazing afternoon.

17. A genuine, amazing, sincere boyfriend like you is truly impossible to find. Now that you actually belong to me, I will value you forever. You are unbelievably amazing, and I hold you close in my heart. I just want to spend every day with you forever. I love you. Have an amazing afternoon.

18. The only prayer of my heart is that we could be together always. Now that I have known the amazing pinnacle of happiness of loving you, I cannot possibly return to normal life. You are my laughter, my smile and my happiness. I am so thankful that a person like you could even exist, and it constantly amazes me that you choose to be with me. Good afternoon, my love!

19. From the day that I met you, I knew that you were the guy for me. Each day that we are together only shows me over and over again just how right my first instinct was. My heart is attached to your presence, and I could not possibly exist without you. Good afternoon, my dear.

20. I hate every moment that we have to spend apart. Saying good-bye is hard, but at least I can look forward to the moment when we can say hello again. I am so happy that you are a part of my life, and I just hope that you have an afternoon as wonderful as you are.

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21. I have given you my heart, so now it is up to you. You can keep my heart or ignore it, but my heart will always remain yours. You have shown me what true love is like, and I am so thankful that you entered my life. Have a great afternoon, my dear!

22. Between the morning dawn and the sunset, it seems like time flies fast. May you find success in every minute of your day and get the riches that you so truly deserve. I love you—have an amazing afternoon, my dear!

23. I just pray that your afternoon will bring you success and abundance. May your entire day be blessed with smiles and happiness. A person like you deserves only the best day. Have a good afternoon, my dear!

24. Even when life is difficult, you have always been at my side. I appreciate all of the things that you have done for me. I can never repay you. All I can do is offer my endless love and appreciation. Have a good afternoon!

25. New opportunities are just around the corner! When someone works as hard as you do, it is impossible for talent to go unnoticed. Even when it seems like your hard work isn’t paying off, know that at least one person notices how amazing you are. I just hope that your afternoon is as great as you are!

26. You have always been at my side, and I can never repay you for that. When you are gone, I feel your absence painfully. All I can do is think about you and wait impatiently for the moment when we are with each other again. I love you, and I hope that you have an afternoon that is everything you have hoped for.

27. Your love cannot be touched, but you can feel its spark in the air. Whenever you are around, my skin tingles and my stomach does flip-flops. I love that feeling and cannot wait until you are by my side again. You bring me endless joy, and I love you for everything that you are and will be. Good afternoon!

28. I wish that you have an interesting, fun afternoon. You are the reason why I smile every day, so I hope that your afternoon is full of smiles and happiness. Have a great afternoon!

29. There is no other guy that could mesmerize my heart like you did. When you are with me, it feels like God has given me the world. I have no clue what I did to deserve you, but I really wish I could find out so that I could keep doing it. Have a good afternoon, my dear!

30. Good afternoon to the most amazing guy that I have ever seen. I hope that you had an amazing morning and are ready to see me again this evening. I love you!

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31. I hope you have an afternoon that is as wonderful and amazing as you deserve. I love you!

32. Even if there are problems during the day, know that I am always here for you. You deserve an amazing life, so I hope that you have a great afternoon!

33. You mean the entire world to me, so your happiness is my happiness. With this in mind, make sure to have a great afternoon!

34. May you find unending happiness in your afternoon as you prepare for the end of the day. You deserve great things! Have a good afternoon!

35. Was your morning a good one? If not, I hope that your afternoon gets better. If so, I hope that your afternoon tops your morning! Have a good afternoon!

36. You are the reason for all of my happiness, so I hope this afternoon leaves you smiling with joy—you deserve it!

37. You are my shining angel, so make sure to have the type of afternoon that you deserve!

38. If I could write out how much I love you, it would take all of the pages in the world. Have a great afternoon, my love!

39. You are the beat of my heart and the reason why my soul sings. Because of you, I have a purpose in my life. I love you and have a great afternoon!

40. Are you having a good afternoon? If not, I will make sure that your evening is even better. I am counting down each minute until I see you again. I love you! Have a great afternoon!



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