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200 Good Car Names for Guys


Your car name says a lot about who you are and the type of car you drive. Most guys love their cars. Your first car is a chance for you to learn how to take care of your car, make some improvements and gain freedom. In some ways, your car is like your alter ego. While you should obviously be safe on the road, it is easy to feel invincible once you get behind the wheel.

Naming your car can be a lot of fun, but you may need some ideas to get started with. Your car name can represent your own personality traits like how easygoing, driven or fun you are. You could also choose a name based on the type of car or the car’s color. As you think of the perfect car name, try to think about how easy it is to remember, spell and say. The entire goal of having a car name is to actually use it. If you make a car name that is too long, then you will never actually use it. Plus, long names are harder to put on your car because there are only so many places that can fit the entire name.

One of the easiest ways to name your car is by the color or style. What type of attitude does your car represent? Is it designed for off-road driving? Is it made to break the speed limit and go fast? Brainstorm some color names and other adjectives that make sense for your car. If you still cannot think of the perfect car name, we have a list of 200 good car names for guys that you can choose. Feel free to modify or mix together the different names to make the perfect name for your car.

1. Ace of Spades: This is a cool sounding name.

2. Frosty: We think that this would be the perfect name for a white, cool car.

3. White Noise: White Noise is another good name for a white-colored car.

4. Clifford, the Big Red Car: This is an adorable name. It might be a little too adorable for a car.

5. Bluedini: You could always change up this name to match the actual color of your car.

6. Bananamobile: If you have a yellow car, go with this name.

7. Wolverine: Super hero names make for great car names.

8. Kumquat Kruiser: Obviously, this works best if you have a red car.

9. Fireball: This could be used for a bright orange, red or yellow car.

10. Sunshine: Yellow cars work well with this name.

11. The Hulk: If you have a green muscle car, go with this name.

12. Clover: This is a good name for a lucky car.

13. Yosemite Sam: This would be a fun car name.

14. Bloodshot: This is a darker sounding name that is perfect for red cars.

15. Deathrow: Hopefully, this won’t be a prophetic name.

16. Black Beauty: Forget the horse. Black Beauty would be a great car name too.

17. Black Mamba: This is a dangerous sounding name for a black car.

18. Boneknapper: This is a portmanteau of “bone” and “kidnapper.”

19. Icepick: This is a good name for a silver or white car.

20. Red Hot: Got a hot, red car? Go with this name.

21. Ladybug: This is almost too cute for a guy’s car.

22. Mystique: We love this car name.

23. Street Genie: If your car is a genie in the streets, go with this name.

24. Kermit: Kermit would be a cute name for a green car.

25. Banana Splitz: This sounds like a fast, yellow car.

26. Sunflower: Again, this might be too cute for a guy’s car name.

27. Yellowjacket: We hate the insect, yellow jacket, but the car could be nice.

28. Tang: This is an awesome, easy car name.

29. Pumpkin Eater: This makes more sense if your car is orange.

30. Julius: Julius Caesar was an emperor, but Orange Julius is a smoothie shop. Which one suits your car better?

31. Tequila Sunrise: Just don’t drink too many Tequila Sunrises before you drive.

32. Solar Flare: This would be an awesome car name.

33. Green Giant: An excellent name for a green car.

34. Chick Hicks: You like chicks? Are you a hick? Your name basically makes itself.

35. Diablo: This is for cars that drive like the devil.

36. Bloodsoaked Champion: This is probably not the most fortuitous car name out there.

37. White Shadow: This is perfect for white cars.

38. Ghost Buster: Again, this name would work well for a white or gray car.

39. Reaper: This certainly has a darker undertone to it.

40. Abyss: We feel like this name would work best for black cars.

41. Godfather: If you are a fan of the Godfather films, go with this name.

42. Entourage: Your car carries your entourage, which makes this an appropriate name.

43. Pop n’ Fresh: It certainly sounds cute.

44. TNT: This is for cars that are dynamite.

45. Mr. Freeze: This works well for white cars.

46. Green Machine: Green machine sounds like a good car name for guys.

47. Toyoshi: This is an awesome sounding name.

48. Lemon: I don’t know how well this name works out. After all, you don’t want to buy a lemon when you get a car.

49. Pulpetrator: This sounds like the name of an orange car.

50. Michaelangelo: Name your car after a famous artist to show that it is your masterpiece.

51. Sly Fox: I feel like this would be the name of a fast, red car.

52. General Lee: This s a popular name.

53. Python: The name sounds cool, but there really isn’t a lot of similarities between snakes and cars.

54. Flubber: If your car looks like flubber, go with this name.

55. Leonardo: This is another great artist’s name that shows your car is a masterpiece.

56. Ice Cube: This works for white or silver cars.

57. Highway to Hell: If you like living life on the edge, go with this name.

58. Miami Vice: This would be an awesome name for a car.

59. Black Magic: We think this would work well for a magical, black car.

60. Mad Max: You’ve seen the movie, right?

61. Sirius Black: If you are a Harry Potter lover, use this name for your car.

62. Marshmallow: This is a bit too cute, but it would still work.

63. Bloody Murder: If your car speeds like bloody murder, go with this name.

64. Nightcrawler: This is a cool sounding name.

65. Jaws: We think that this would be a good car name for guys.

66. Dinoco Blue: If you have a blue car, this is a good name for it.

67. Dragonfly: It’s too bad cars can’t fly.

68. Minion Mobile: This sounds like the name of a soccer dad’s car.

69. Lightning: For fast cars only.

70. King Midas: This is perfect for yellow or gold cars.

71. Sunkist: We love this car name.

72. Butterfinger: There are so many reasons why you might choose this name.

73. Blonde Babe: First, you have to ask yourself: is your car a guy or a gal?

74. Toyoda: This is a fun take on the brand, Toyota.

75. Kiwi Kruiser: This works well for green cars.

76. Green Lantern: You could basically turn any superhero name into a car name.

77. Mako: This is a short, hip sounding name.

78. Serenity: I love the movie Serenity.

79. Starsky: This is another awesome car name.

80. Road Rage: Hopefully, this name does not become prophetic.

81. Red Bull: If Red Bull gives you wings, let’s cross our fingers and see what happens to your car.

82. Fogger: If you can’t think of another name, this one could work.

83. Shelly: If you think your car is a she, then give it this name.

84. Dementor: This is another good car name for Harry Potter fans.

85. Mirage: Choose this name if your car moves so fast that it looks like a mirage.

86. Shadow: This is such a simple, fun name.

87. Fang: This could work for a white car or for Harry Potter lovers.

88. Invincible: As you drive, you should keep in mind that your car is not actually invincible.

89. Komoda: We love this car name.

90. Baloo: This is a trendy sounding name.

91. Cookie Monster: I feel like this would be best used with a blue-colored car.

92. Heavy Metal: This is true literally, and it also sounds cool. What more could you ask for?

93. Draco: This is another name for Harry Potter lovers.

94. Mr. Green: If you have a green car, this would certainly work for it.

95. Firefly: You could use this for a yellow car. Or, it works if you are a Firefly fan.

96. Big Red: An awesome name for red cars.

97. Pulperizer: This would be a fairly cool car name.

98. Poseidon: I feel like this makes more sense as the name of a boat. Hopefully, it does not become a self-fulfilling prophesy for your car.

99. Blondie: This is perfect for yellow cars.

100. Dark Knight: If you have a black car and are a fan of superheros, go with this name.

101. Luigi: Perfect for gamers.

102. Ribbet: This is almost too cute to actually use.

103. Clementine: I feel like this would be best used for an orange-colored car.

104. Magnum PI: This would be a cool name.

105. Cheddar: This is not the coolest name on the list.

106. Shark Attack: I’m not sure why a shark would attack your car (or attack from your car), but it still sounds pretty cool.

107. Bumble Bee: This would be a good name for a yellow car.

108. Electricity: If you drive an electric car, this would be an obvious choice for a car name.

109. Green Almighty: This is an awesome name.

110. Sonic: If you drive fast, go with this name.

111. AvaCar: Enough said.

112. Ignite: Hopefully, your car will not actually ignite.

113. Moby Dick: Again, this doesn’t quite make sense for a land-based vehicle.

114. Rain Man: If you drive a car in Seattle, this car name makes sense.

115. Creamsicle: This would work for a white or orange car.

116. Del Sol: We love this car name.

117. Buttercup: Buttercup sounds almost too adorable for a car name for guys.

118. Ducky: This name is too cute.

119. Rocket Fuel: This is an excellent car name for speed demons.

120. Picklemobile: Picklemobile would work well for a green car.

121. Tidal Wave: It sounds cool, but where’s the actual tidal wave?

122. Blue Devil: You can switch out the color for whatever car color you have.

123. Merlot: This is perfect for wine lovers or red cars.

124. Red October: I loved this movie.

125. Whisper: If your car is a silent hunter that speeds effortlessly along the highway, go with this name.

126. James Bond: We feel like this would be a great name for a silver car. You could also shorten the name to just “Bond.”

127. Black Diamond: Do black diamonds actually exist?

128. Bandit: This is an awesome name for any car color or style.

129. The Booger: You probably don’t like your car that much if you give it this name.

130. Nitro: This is for all of you car racers out there.

131. Blizzard: A perfect name for white cars.

132. Stay Puft: Cute. Too cute.

133. Frostbite: This would be a cool sounding name.

134. Rosanne: This might be a decent choice if your car is red.

135. Baby Blue: We like this name.

136. Blueberry: This is another good name for blue cars.

137. Gumby: Gumby was blue, so it makes more sense if your car is blue.

138. Little Monster: You obviously don’t have an ego problem if you name your car this.

139. Honey Lemon: This works best for yellow cars.

140. Citron: This just sounds awesome.

141. Cheeto: I love Cheetos. I love my car. Therefore, I name my car . . . Cheeto?

142. Mellow Yellow: This is a fun car name.

143. Illuminati: Are you a conspiracy theorist?

144. Zombie: Probably not the best car name.

145. Emerald: An awesome name for green cars.

146. Megamind: Or hivemind.

147. Dory: If you get lost a lot, go with this name. It’s the car’s fault that you are lost, not yours.

148. Cherry Bomb: I love this car name.

149. Blood Diamond: This works best with red cars.

150. Diamond: If you have a white or silver car, this is a good name choice.

151. Jet Black: Obviously, this name works best with black cars.

152. Necromancer: I don’t know. Do you really want such a scary and intimidating name for your car?

153. Black Widow: Awesome.

154. Black Jack: This is a simple, easy car name.

155. Crossbones: This is another car name that is designed to intimidate.

156. Snowball: You might want another name if you think that this one is too adorable.

157. Polar Bear: Polar bears might look cute, but they are actually extremely aggressive and dangerous.

158. Taurus: This could match your car type or your astrological sign. You choose.

159. Ice Ice Baby: If you name your song this, there is a song that you need to play in it.

160. Crush: This is an awesome sounding car name.

161. Pulp Patrol: It works, but that’s about all I can say for this name.

162. Lightning Bug: This would be an awesome name if you drive a VW beetle.

163. Mean Green: An awesome name for green cars.

164. Poison Ivy: This would be another good name for a green car.

165. Sully: Have you ever watched the X-File?

166. Big Blue: Wasn’t there an old folk tale about a bull named Big Blue?

167. Doc Hudson: This is a good car name.

168. Dynamite: For a shorter name, you could also call your car TNT.

169. Sub Zero: Other than the logical issue that a car wouldn’t drive in sub-zero temperatures, this name sounds cool.

170. Zorro: Awesome.

171. Panther: This is for a silent, powerful car.

172. Knight Rider: This is perfect for all of the wanna-be knights out there. Knights had stallions, and you have the Knight Rider.

173. Blackhawk: This is an excellent choice.

174. Grim: For a longer name, try Green Reaper.

175. Herbie: You’ve seen the movie, right?

176. White Out: This is a good name for a white car.

177. Lightning McQueen: We think this is a great car name.

178. Periwinkle: I feel like this is a blue car that isn’t particularly powerful or fast.

179. Blue Dolphin: This name is a little odd since your car will hopefully never swim like a dolphin.

180. Ninja Turtle: Do you have a green car? You need this name.

181. The Green Goddess: This only works if you have decided that your car is a she.

182. Big Bird: This works for a yellow car, but I feel like it is a better choice if you have children who watch Sesame Street.

183. Cruisin’ Canary: This is another name for a yellow car.

184. Lady Marmalade: What color is marmalade anyway?

185. Hot Wheels: Awesome.

186. Spicy Mustard: This is one of my least favorite names on this list.

187. Alien: This works if your car is green.

188. Gonzo: Your car is so fast that you are “gonzo” before they know it!

189. Chrome Sweet Chrome: This is certainly one of the cleverest car names on this list!

190. Nebula : You might not be in outer space, but your car is out of this world.

191. Greaser: Another car name that is not on my favorite’s list.

192. Black Pearl: Captain Jack Sparrow had the Black Pearl, so why can’t you?

193. Batmobile: This is the perfect car name for Batman fans.

194. Great White: Obviously, this works better for a white car.

195. Blazing Saddles: If you are impressed by your own horsepower, go with this horse-related name.

196. Crimson Machine: You can change the first word to match the actual color of your car.

197. Smurf: If you want an adorable car name for a blue car, this is it.

198. Irish Lass: I feel like this is for a red car.

199. Green Hornet: How could you possibly go wrong with this car name?

200. Tweety Bird: This car name makes the most sense for a yellow car. Otherwise, people will just think that you are strange.


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