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50+ Good Dares for Girls and Guys


I’m sure the large majority of you have played the game Truth or Dare at some point in your life. Usually, this is a game played at parties when you’re younger but it can also be played by people of any age. The best part about this game is that you get to hear the truth about people and see them doing hilarious things.

The Rules

If you’re never played this game before, here’s how to do it. There are many different versions of this game but I like this one. Basically, you all sit in a circle and spin a bottle in the middle. Whoever the bottle lands on is the person who has to perform the truth or dare and the person who spun the bottle gets to choose the question or the dare.

The person HAS to perform the dare or answer the question truthfully or they’re out – and we all know being left out of a fun game like this is no fun. So naturally, everyone plays along!

Good Dares for Girls and Guys

The worst part about this game is actually coming up with dares that are really good and fun to watch. If you’re not very creative when it comes to thinking up dares, here are the best ones for both girls and guys.

For Girls

  1. Call up your crush and confess your love.
  2. Strip off your clothes for a whole minute.
  3. Prank a random phone number and be obnoxious.
  4. Brush the person’s teeth who is sitting to your right.
  5. Sit on a guy’s lap for 10 minutes.
  6. Go to the wall and do a headstand for a minute.
  7. Chug a whole glass of wine for 15 seconds.
  8. Scream as loud as you can.
  9. Spend one whole minute with two ice cubes in your mouth.
  10. Get a bar of soap wet and bubbly and then lick it.
  11. Take off one random article of clothing for the rest of the game.
  12. Shave a guy’s leg who is closest to you.
  13. Take off the socks of the person to your right with your teeth.
  14. Eat an entire chocolate bar in 15 seconds.
  15. Act like a dog for the next 2 minutes.
  16. Empty your purse and show it to everyone.
  17. Keep talking nonstop for the next 10 minutes.
  18. Allow a guy to do your makeup.
  19. Tape your mouth shut until it’s your turn again.
  20. Get a jump rope and jump it 50 times.
  21. Take off your underwear and give it to a guy.
  22. Get your hair wet and put shampoo on it, lather, but don’t rinse it out for 10 minutes.
  23. Go to the person on your left and blow in their ear.
  24. Go on Facebook and write a 1000 word post about something random.
  25. Drink milk with ketchup and mustard mixed into it.

For Guys

  1. Go makeout with a pillow like it’s your crush.
  2. Get a potato and try to peel it with your teeth.
  3. Without any help, try and stand on your head for 10 seconds.
  4. Take out your wallet and show everyone what’s in it.
  5. Chug a glass of wine for 10 whole seconds.
  6. Go on Facebook and make the most embarrassing photo your profile picture.
  7. Find petroleum jelly and put it on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  8. Without looking in the mirror, draw a bunny on your face with lipstick.
  9. Get on the ground and do at LEAST 40 pushups in a minute.
  10. Go to the kitchen and lick the floor.
  11. Get up and hop around the room on one foot.
  12. Go outside and walk up to the first person you see and say, “I LOVE YOU!”
  13. Call your crush’s home phone and tell her mom that you like her daughter.
  14. Go get some dog food and eat one piece (or cat food).
  15. Have someone else pick a number in the phonebook for you to call and then pretend to be her boyfriend.
  16. Get a piece of paper and write down a naughty fantasy that you’d never do in real life.
  17. Act like you’re in a Toyota commercial and sing, “I love what you do for me, TOYOTA!”and jump around in the air.
  18. Take off the sock of the closest girl player and lick her toes.
  19. Lay down on the ground and have someone put ice cubes on you – and you can’t move!
  20. Find the player with the dirtiest sock and smell it for a minute straight.
  21. Go drive your car in reverse for 30 feet without looking backward.
  22. Go out into the street and dance around like a cowboy.
  23. Go around the room and smell everyone’s feet.
  24. Get outside and give every single tree in the yard a big hug for 5 seconds each.
  25. Find a banana and try to peel it using only your feet.


If you want to really take it to the next level, here are the dares you should pull out if there is someone that never seems to turn down a good dare.

  1. Go in the bathroom and take off your underwear and don’t put them on for the rest of the game.
  2. Try to touch your tongue to your nose. If you can’t, go touch your tongue to someone else’s nose.
  3. Get outside and start running around like a crazy person and screaming, “I lost my voice and I need help finding it!”
  4. Try naming all 7 of Snow White’s Dwarfs in under 30 seconds. Whoever you can’t name will get written on your arms and legs.
  5. Give a piggy back ride to the person on your right.
  6. Call someone on the phone and ask them, “If a cow laughs, does milk come out its nose?”
  7. Get an ice cube and place it in your pocket. Leave it there until it’s melted.
  8. Make someone tie your hand and legs together and you’re not allowed to be released until you choose a dare for the next 3 rounds.
  9. Get a food from the fridge and make out with it passionately for 30 seconds.
  10. Choose another person to mimick whenever they talk for the next 3 rounds.

Playing a game of truth or dare can be one of the most fun things to do with a group of people. However, you want to make sure you have the best dares in order to make the most of the night. Plus, if you ever want to be the truth or dare legend, these dares will get you there.



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