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30 Good Morning Prayers for Her


When you want your girlfriend or wife to start her day off right, good morning prayers for her are the way to go. As she faces the challenges and difficulties of the day, these prayers will remind her that she is in your heart and that God is with her. If you are struggling to create your own good morning prayers for her, we can help with this list of 30 different options that you can use. You can use these prayers as they are written or modify them to make the prayer more personal for her unique circumstance.

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30 Good Morning Prayers for Her

1. May the Lord grant us another day filled with endless cheerfulness, joy and satisfaction. While we may be weak, the Lord can strengthen us with his grace. May the Lord grant us the opportunities and abilities we need to fulfill our dreams.

2. When you return home today, your tale of problems and lack will be changed to good fortune in Jesus’ name. Amen! Good morning to my love, and I hope that you have another amazing day.

3. You will not struggled to receive recognition. Through His favor, your recognition will spread through all today and for every day. Good morning to you, my love!

4. Open your eyes to see the brightness of the day that He has wrought. Open the window and feel the light of another day dawning. God has given us another new day to be the best people that we can. Good morning, love.

5. As the glowing light of day fills the room, may your day be filled with as much sunshine and light. May the door to success and new opportunities be opened to you from this day onward. Good morning to you, my love!

6. May the Lord hear and answer all of the prayers in your heart. Through His goodwill, may all of your heart’s desires be bestowed upon you as He draws you ever closer to His spirit. Amen!

7. May your home always be filled with happiness, prosperity and success. May God fill your days with all of the happiness and joy you deserve. Good morning!

8. Even if things do not turn out how you planned today, may God continue to guide you toward your dreams. I pray that God gives you the strength and courage you need to face whatever may happen today. Good morning, my love.

9. May mercy arrive whenever you need it. May grace fill you when you need it. May favor and abundance find you whenever you wish for them. May no good thing on this earth ever elude you.

10. As you leave today, may you start a journey in wonder as you know and learn more of Him. May you grow closer to Him today and every day. Amen. Good morning, my dear one.

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11. May every day of your life bring you joy and happiness. May the Lord bring everlasting happiness to you in the future and success for you in the present. May you never encounter difficulties as you move forward in life.

12. May the Lord make you a servant submissive to His will. May He count you among his chosen ones on the Last Day. Good morning.

13. Here is to praying that every second of your life be filled with complete happiness, joy and love. May you and your family find happiness today and every day. Good morning, my heart!

14. May you live your life according to God’s will. I pray that whatever you desire shall succeed and prosper today and forever. Amen. Good morning, my sweetheart.

15. May your day always be filled with happiness, joy and roses. May your smile last from now and eternity. May God guide you and protect you from all evil. Good morning, my love!

16. Believe in everything that you can do and say “yes” to every opportunity. These powerful words can bring you up or push you down. Each opportunity is a chance granted by God, so seize it with both hands as you move forward. God helps those who help themselves, so I pray that you find and take all of the opportunities that God has given you in live.

17. May God grant all of your wishes today and protect you from devilish plans. Here’s to praying that your day is a better one today.

18. May all of the days of your life be full of success and satisfaction. May God grant you a long and prosperous life. Good morning, my dear!

19. Praise be to the Lord who allowed us another day of waking up to the beauty of His creation. Thanks be to God!

20. May all of your days be filled with the good the world has to offer and may you find goodness in the hereafter. May you one day be crowned with everlasting joy. Good morning, my love!

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21. Good morning to my darling angel. May God grant you every opportunity today and every day.

22. I pray for unexpected grace, glory and good fortune for you today and for every morning from now until the end of time. Good morning, my love.

23. May your day be filled with bliss and continuous joy. May God’s love bring you love and support now and every day.

24. I pray that the Lord transforms your days and nights into a lovely garden of bliss and happiness. I pray that the Lord is with you now and forever. Good morning, my dear!

25. Here’s to praying for an amazing day ahead for you. Good morning, my heart.

26. God has given me an angel to light my way, and I pray each morning in thanks for such an amazing gift. Here’s to hoping that your day is as amazing as you are.

27. No matter how hard life is at times, remember that God is there to guide and support you. Put your faith in Him, and He will take care of the rest.

28. I pray that all of your dreams and wishes be fulfilled as you work toward your heart’s desires. Good morning, my love.

29. May you receive all of the blessings of life as you find fulfillment and success. I love you. Good morning!

30. May your life always be guided and touched by the Hands of the Lord. May your home be filled with abundant joy and passion.


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