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30 Good Morning Prayers for Him


If you want your boyfriend or husband to start his day off right, good morning prayers for him are a great way to do so. Everyone faces problems and challenges in everyday life. By starting the morning with a prayer, you can remind your loved one that God and you are both their for him during the day.

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30 Good Morning Prayers for Him

1. I pray that unexpected grace and glory be showered on you from now until the end of time. Good morning, my love.

2. May you always eel enjoyment and pleasure today and forever. May this blessed morning hour be the start of an amazing day to come. May God bring success and joy through everything that you lay your hands on today.

3. Praise to the Lord for giving us another beautiful morning to wake up to. May you shine in his brightness and light today. Good morning, my love.

4. May God fill your day with roses and flowers. May He bring you happiness and many smiles from now until eternity. I pray that God protects you from evil as He brings you another good morning.

5. As you walk out of your home today, may peace and light accompany you. May God’s grace move before you and bring good fortune in everything that you do. May God’s goodness and blessings be with you today and every day. Good morning, my love.

6. May God open your eyes to the brightness ahead of you. Walk in hope as you get out of bed for the Lord has given both of us another fresh start. Good morning, my dear.

7. May every work you say be seasoned with His grace. May everything you do today be blessed. May every soul you interact with be filled with His spirit. Good morning, my love.

8. I have always wondered where the stars go when the sun comes out. Now, I know that God has turned them into angels to guide your way through the day. Have a great day, my love.

9. May every evil eye around you turn blind. May anyone set to do evil against you be stopped for your spirit is marked by God.

Sweet Good Morning Prayer Messages for My Love

10. Shall you never lack for any thing you need today and always as the Lord guides you as your shepherd. He will always provide for your needs if you put your faith in Him. Good morning, my dear.

11. Whatever has been stopping your blessings and good fortune be removed today. I pray that God makes the path ahead of you clear as you move onward in life. Good morning, dear one.

12. May God give you every good thing that you long for or have lost. May hate and bitterness disappear from your life as you move forward in His grace. Here’s to hoping that you have a day as wonderful as you are, my love.

13. Through the Lord your God, things that are difficult for others shall be made easy for you to do. When others are cast down in despair, you shall be uplifted. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

14. You shall be like the tree planted that brings forth sweet fruit. May all of your activities and plans be fruitful as you do good in Jesus’ name. Have an amazing day, my love.

15. May the words of God guide you through this day. He said that He would be the fortress and refuge of those who turn to Him. In this day and in every day, He will protect those who believe in Him from evil, wicked people. May you have an amazing day, my dear.

16. Mercy shall come to you whenever you need it. God’s favor and grace will find you when you wish for them. Through His power, nothing good on this earth shall ever elude you.

17. When you remember today, may it be with blessings and praise for God. Have a great day!

18. In the presence of God is abundant joy and happiness. May you never walk out of His presence and may you always walk in the joy that comes from loving Him. Good morning, my love.

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19. Today, the Lord has given you the blessing of another day on this earth. May you finish the day in testimony. Good morning, my love!

20. As you go out into the day, may God give you strength, courage and grace to overcome any struggle that is thrown your way. Walk in God’s strength, my love!

21. Did you want a better day than yesterday? In Jesus’ name, I hope that your wish will be granted. Have a blessed morning and an amazing day, my love!

22. May today be the day that the Lord surprises you with lasting answers to all of your long-held prayers. Amen.

23. As you set out on another new day, may you find a lasting answer to everything in your favor and in Jesus’ name. You shall testify tonight! Have a great day, my love!

24. May God use this day to reward you for all of your good works of the past. May you be blessed today! Good morning, my dear!

25. You will not struggled to be recognized for your good works as your recognition spreads today and always. May God bless you and grant you everything you need today.

26. Through God’s infinite mercy, may He grant you all of your dreams and aspirations beyond even your wildest imagination. Good morning, my dear one!

27. As you wake up this morning, may you wake up to an even greater joy in Jesus’ name. In His name, we pray for another amazing day. Amen. Morning, my dear.

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28. Beyond all of your request, may god visit you with good tidings and bring fresh songs to your lips in His name. Good morning, my love!

29. As long as you have God in your life, you shall never know shame. He will save you from all evils today and for always. Good morning to you!

30. May God open up the door of opportunity ahead of you and in your favor. In Jesus’ name, may you live another amazing day and grow in His goodness. Have a great day, my love!


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