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10 Short Good Morning Prayers


When you start each morning with God on your mind, it helps you live in accordance to God’s plan. In the Bible, Jesus would wake up early to pray on his own. To follow his example, you can use these short good morning prayers. Even if you are short on time, you can say these prayers as you begin getting dressed and start your day. If you are in a rush, you can even use them as you drive your car to work. daily morning prayer

These short good morning prayers are designed to be short and simple. They range from prayers that help you surrender to God’s will to inspirational prayers. These prayers ask God to come into your life and help guide you during the day. Throughout the day, you can always say other prayers so that God is never far from your mind.

1. Thank you, Lord, for another beautiful morning. Help me to live today and every day hand in hand with you. Through your power, help me to love and serve you better.

2. I come before you to ask your guidance as I start another day. As the birds sing, may your love sing out from me. As the sun rises, may your hope rise up within me. As the light fills this day, may your joy and compassion shine out from me. I come before you, O Lord, to fill myself in this moment of peace so that I may take some of your love, hope and joy within my heart as I start this new day. Amen.

3. Lord, I trust in your promises and in your unfailing day. I dedicate this day and all that it holds within it to you. May I always walk in your goodness. I know that your gentle hand will keep me and guide me through all that I encounter on this day.

4. Heavenly Father, let my sleep mind be cleared as you fill it with your love and mercy. Fill my mind with expectation and give my heart energy to put your love into action. Make the ordinary parts of my day extraordinary through your love. Ignite my spirit and set my day on fire through your promise. Engage my mind and show me that your heavenly kingdom is alive. Help me and guide me so that I can see that you of my waking moments is alive and full of promise through you. Amen.

5. God is within my thinking. God is within my waking. God is within all of my actions. Take each part of my everyday life and live within me so that I can love and serve you better. Amen.

beautiful morning prayer

6. Every morning, you hear my prayers as I lay my requests at your feet. On this day, guide me so that I can grow in your love and mercy. Help me to see your plan in everything so that I can follow in your path. Amen.

7. It is said that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength and they will soar like they are on the wings of the eagles. Help me to run without growing weary and walk without feeling faint. I may be but a weak person, but I can find my strength in you.

8. My heart is steadfast, O Lord. I will sing and make music to honor you. Awake my soul as you have awaken this dawn. Help me to see your plan in everything so that I can serve you in each moment of my day.

9. I come before you, O Lord on this morning to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. You have given me another day on this earth to love and serve you better. I pray that you guide me during this day. Fill me with your hope and compassion so that I may see you in each living creature. No matter where the day takes me, guide me so that each action brings me closer to you. I pray that, today and always, I will walk in your path. Amen.

10. I know that I am not worthy to receive you, but you only have to say the word and I shall be healed. Even when darkness besets me and I am filled with doubt, you are the light that guides my way. Bring hope and light to each and everyone of my days. Through your power, give me the strength to serve you and make the right decisions. May each one of my thoughts and actions today be done with the goal of loving and serving you better.

There are many different prayers on this list. If you have something specific to ask, you can always add it at the end of the prayer. There are also popular prayers like the Serenity Prayer or the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi that are great for starting your day. When God is your first though when you wake up, you can make sure that your entire day is devoted to loving him and serving him better. These short good morning prayers are a way to make sure that you walk in the Lord and are guided by his love throughout the day. We also have articles with other prayers on our site that you can use during the day to make sure that you are always walking God’s path in life.


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