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50 Good Morning Texts For Him



Why would you?

The first thing you do after regain conscious in the morning before be sleeping is to think on that special someone who has your complete attention. The moment you open your eyes, you scream his name in your mind. There is something more! You check your mobile for a text message from him. It is very special for us to receive good morning text from that beloved person. That specific person will need those kinds of messages too. Remember that he has sentiment and that he will also feel glad to read your text first thing in the morning.

The first thing you want from him is to be thinking on you, therefore you would want to capture his attention and you can start by attacking him as soon as he reaches his mobile in the morning. He will feel warm as he reads you and will smile and automatically his day will be on your honor.

I will give you many examples for you to reach his mind in the morning! Wish him good days with the following examples:


Good Morning Texts

  • “Handsome, good morning!”

The first word on the text describes his being. You declare that he is attractive and good-looking therefore it is a simple attack to gain his attention and after! You would want to closure the statement with some polite approach. The main purpose is to wish him the good days.

  • “Good morning my love!”

Show him how lovely you are approaching today! He will feel that you are taking care of him! Tell him how deep your relationship is.

  • “Warning! The hottest man in history has risen!”

With this kind of creativity you will raise not only his sight but definitely you will touch his ego! And most important it will give him the confidence to battle the entire day.

  • “You are the first human being I think of when I woke up. Good morning sweetie”

You admit that he is the only man you are thinking of as you awake. This will assure him he is located in a good ground and will definitely encourage him to be a better man at averything.

  • “To be by your side assures me to have a life full of joy.”

He will feel joy as he reads how cute you thing the relationship is going on. This text is sweet, so he will definitely be heart touched.

  • “It doesn’t matter if it rains, by your side it will always shine.”

If the weather is not helping, there is always the chance to fight it back! And in this case! The best fight is to bring your emotions to a text and send them to the person you love! Show him that no matter the weather you still want him to have a great day!

  • “The Sun shines as I think of you.”

 Tell him he is the brightness of your life, that he is so warm and pure light! That he has the power to wake you up!

  • “Please do have a perfect day today.”

Tell him he is almighty and has the power to create perfect days! Just wish your man well and he will always be happy.

  • “You were in my dreams all night.”

Let him know you think of him even within your dreams! Let him awake knowing he did something great as you dreamt.

  • “I can’t count the minutes left to see you today!

Let him know your plans are still going, that you guys will finally see each other after hours!

  • “Awake you hot man! I need you to read my good days!”

Keep on throwing some ego attacks! This will increase your man’s ego instantly!

  • “Sleepyhead! Off you go! Awake!

Give him something funny so you can tore a smile off from his face!

  • “Good morning is: To have you.”

Let him know he is so awesome that he makes your entire life the greatest!

  • “Smile! I Love you! Go now! Ready!”

He is a soldier of love! Make him smile as you give random orders out of nowhere. HE will know what kind of girl he has and will make him glorious!

  • “I would make you breakfast every morning, then I will kiss you.”

 The way to a man’s heart is his belly. Defeat his hunger and you will achieve victory! And later, seal that with your kiss.

  • “This is no normal hello; it is that I’m thinking of you at the very moment I wake up.”

Defeat his logic! Built one for him! Let him remember who you are!

  • “I have been missing you the whole night!”

Make him feel wanted and unique as you tell him you guys can have unlimited awesome night together.

  • “Hey man I’m waiting on you.”

This text is great for goofy relationships, you guys all about crazy loving stuff!

  • “All I want is to wake right next to you.”

A glimpse into the future! Let him know how it will be to be by your side! He will encourage himself to have access to that event.


  • “Your day will be bright as your smile.”

This will make him happy as he sees some admiration from you! You are very important to him, so if you write something he will take it serious!

  • “You overkilled my dreams!”

Let him know he super passed the man you dreamt about. He is better than the wish you asked!

  • “I need no coffee! It is you what I need in the mornings!”

Nothing compares to the feelings he gives you! Let him know this!

  • “Good morning to the man of my life! The entitled of my happiness!

With this text you are making a statement. Let him know he is a wonderful person.

  • “Your t-shirt made me comfy last night.”

Ask him how on earth such a magical item can exist? Any of the fibers he could give to you, are magical.

  • “I hate the morning because I need your hugs and I don’t have them.”

A text like this will definitely get him exited to see you. Let him know how important his hugs are for you.

  • “I think my pillow is jealous about you.”

This cute statement will make him laugh at ease as he reads such funny information. Be creative! Let him know how cute you can be.

  • “How come I can’t start my morning without thinking of you?”

Impress him by telling him some private information about you! Come on! Open your heart!

  • “I have just thought about you to warm me up.”

Let him know that there will be no more cold mornings never again!

  • “I am glad I can write to you because it means we are alive and that we get another day to be wonderful together.”

Want to sound poetic for once? It is always needed! He is very important to you and he must acknowledge.

  • “I have just finished thinking about you, you still busy thinking about me?”

This is freaky, cute, and flirty. He will love these combinations! This will trigger some brain thinking about you, but do not get me wrong! He will think how awesome you are.

  • “Weather says: We going out today.”

Awake him with some plans! This will make him go after you as soon as he gets ready! His sole purpose for today is to be the greatest man for you!

  • “Good luck with your work.”

He adores you; therefore you would want to bless him! The best wishes from the person he loves the most. Be confident about yourself and recognize how powerful the texts becomes because of you.

  • “The finest has come together, the finest day and the finest man.”

Lift his ego! Make him powerful! Give him strength! So if he is having a bad morning, this will be the elixir he needs.

  • “Good morning, and please be ready to receive my kisses.”

Be aggressive by showing him how much you need his lips! Let him know that you miss him a lot!

  • “We are leaving soon, I hope you are awake.” (Use an emoji)

Let him have some poker face, this will make him go mad happy as he remembers he had plans for you!

  • Please be awake, please be awake, please my love!”

You cannot wait any longer! Let him know how enthusiastic you feel about him! This will surely get him in the mood to do the best on a new day.

  • “Please remember that I love you.”

He will definitely know you are giving him a boost for his day! You know everything he does is for you! He will feel great if you let him know!

  • “I would have showered you with my kisses.”

He just got clean and it’s time to make him dirty again! Let him know how much you miss his kisses! He will smile as he sees how much you want to feel his face!


  • “Which boxers are you wearing today?”

Go out of the blue! Make him a random question to awake all of his senses! Let him know how close you guys are. This text could be used as an ice breaker too!

  • “Stop sleeping this much.”

Give him a schedule to follow! Let him know you need him awake to love him!

  • “I can’t decide if it’s better to think of seeing you later or to think of the dream I had about you.”

Be playful, romantic and flirty at the same time! He will love to read this as he acknowledges the many measures you use to love him.

  • “I am looking out to our selfies while you wake up.”

He got you thinking about the other day! Let him know he gave you an awesome time and that the pictures are there to stay!

  • “I can’t remember any nightmares since I met you, only beautiful dreams.”

He saved you from those monsters! Let him know he is your hero! Elevate his ego to a cape!

  • Is it the sunshine? Or we just meant to be?

Go silly on him, try some goofy stuff and make him wonder about you. This will make him smile a lot and most important, it will assure his day to be the greatest day!

  • “I can feel your yawn as you read me, almost as your smile as you reach me.”

He must be sleepy still, but this will surely awake him! Be creative and show him how much you love him”

  • “I want to look deep into your eyes.”

Make him go scare as you approach like some crazy would do. Let him know how crazy you are about him and how psycho you can be!

  • “You are the only reason I’m waking up today.”

For those days you don’t want to leave your bed. Let him know he is welcome to try! Challenge him!

  • “Oh no, I wanted to dream more and more about you!”

Let him know that you won’t abandon any dream about him. Show him that your nights are full of him!

  • “Let us fight the first day of the week together!

None stopping love! No matter the day or the date! You guys can handle everything if you are together.

  • “I woke up smiling thinking I was talking to you.”

This will make him go way too crazy as he knows how stunning you are about him.

Remember to use emojis depending on how strong your relationship is and also depending on the content of the information you are sending. It is very important to select the best emoji for the specific occasion; if not, the main purpose of the conversation can be misunderstood and ultimately you will not reach the achievement you were trying to get.


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