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100 Good, Creative Newspaper Names and Ideas


Whether you are starting a newspaper or just need the name of a newspaper for your favorite story, the following good, creative newspaper names and ideas will get you started. Some of these names may already be taken though, so try to brainstorm creative ways to change it up or give the name new life. City names are a popular option for newspapers, so you might also want to include the name of your city or neighborhood in the newspaper name. high school newspaper names

1. Vanguard: This sounds very professional.

2. Star: Add your city name and you are ready to go.

3. Pilot: You are the pilot who charts your course through the news of the day.

4. Globe: Many newspapers choose a name with “Globe” in it because it makes them have a worldly identity.

5. Banner: This would work great if your city name starts with a C or K.

6. Chronicle: Nice!

7. Guardian: This is actually the name of a famous British newspaper.

8. Pioneer: Because you are at the forefront of the latest news!

9. The Brave Wheel: Cute!

10. Minute Mirror: This is a fun nae.

11. The Sunrise Tabloid: Because your newspaper is the first thing someone reads after the sun rises.

12. The Wrench Sentinel: You can change the word wrench to whatever you want.

13. Statesman: Very professional.

14. Variety: Because your newspaper contains information on just about everything.

15. The Paris Words: This name makes you sound metropolitan.

16. Messenger: Your logo could include a picture of the messenger god and his winged feet.

17. Argus: Nice.

18. Bugle: Bugles were used by heralds to get people’s attention before they announced the news.

19. The Freeway Eagle: Cool!

20. Discovery: Because people can discover new information in your paper.

21. Inquirer: This is a fun option.

22. Beacon: Your paper lights a beacon for the rest of the world.

23. Dispatch: This is a good option.

24. Elegant Messenger: You can change the adjective to whatever you want.

25. The Montgomery Times: Obviously, you should change Montgomery to your actual city name.

26. The Golden Star: Awesome.

27. The Core Issue: This is cool.

28. Tabloid: If you call yourself tabloid, people will expect trashy articles and news about just celebrities.

29. Watchmen: Nice.

30. Advance: This is a fun option.

31. Telegraph: This is one of the most popular words to use in a newspaper name.

32. Breeze: Cute.

33. Weekly: For weekly journals.

34. The Bird: Fun!

35. Instant Monitor: For the round-the-clock news cycle of the modern era.

36. The News Essence: This is a nice option.

37. Examiner: This sounds very professional.

38. The Crest Journal: Fun!

39. The London Guide: You can change the city name.

40. Well Post: Awesome!

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41. Today: This is a popular option.

42. Pantagraph: This sounds fancy.

43. Repository: This is a bit too much of a mouthful to use.

44. Sentinel: This is a common option.

45. Advance Bulletin: Nice!

46. Post & Globe: You could also use either word alone.

47. The Rocky Mount: For Rocky Mountain newspapers.

48. Mosquito: Cute.

49. Humbug: Because all you publish is humbug.

50. Juggernaut: Because you are the leader in your field.

51. Observer: Because your newspaper observes and reports on all of the news.

52. Vindicator: This is a cool sounding option.

53. The Bright Sun: Because your newspaper brightens the world with knowledge and information.

54. The Boston Review: You obviously might need to change the city name in this one.

55. On the Spot: Because you report the news on the spot.

56. The Wishlander: This is an adorable option.

57. Tribune: Cool!

58. Recorder: Because your paper records all of the latest news.

59. Ledger: This is an awesome sounding newspaper name.

60. Citizen: You might want to spice this up with a creative adjective.

61. Bulletin: Because your report on all the news bulletins.

62. Enterprise: This sounds cool.

63. Life: You need to modify this with an adjective since there is already a Life magazine.

64. Reflector: Cool!

65. Union: This is a fun option.

66. Daily Recorder: Use this for a daily newspaper.

67. Edward’s Telegraph: You can modify this one with your own name.

68, The Moulton Weekly: This is another one that should be modified with your name or the name of your town.

69. Visionary: Because your newspaper name represents how visionary you are.

70. Zephyr: Cool!

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71. Early Post: This is an easy newspaper name.

72. Alex Herald: Change this up with your own name.

73. Alive Gazette: Nice!

74. New View Monitor: This is fun.

75. Intelligencer: This is a fun name to choose. It certainly sounds intelligent!

76. Exponent: Fun!

77. Forum: Use this if your newspaper is a forum for all of the latest current events and news.

78. Acorn: For some reason, this has remained a popular newspaper name for years.

79. Gazette: This is an awesome, easy option for a newspaper name.

80. Express: Nice!

81. Islander: This is a great newspaper name for a newspaper located on an island.

82. The Ultimate: Use this if you have the ultimate newspaper in your area.

83. Prestige Standard: This certainly sounds prestigious!

84. Time Observer: This is a fun option.

85. The Thinker: Use this if your newspaper is for deep thinkers and intellectuals.

86. Voice: Because you give a voice to the voiceless.

87. Post: Modify this with your city name.

88. Meteor: This is a cool sounding option.

89. Leader: Use this if your newspaper leads the way on all of the latest news.

90. Guide: This is an easy option.

91. Echo: Hopefully, your paper is more than just an echo for the news.

92. Constitution: Awesome option.

93. Beaver: For some reason, there are a number of newspapers that use this as a part of their name. Possibly because beavers are so industrious?

94. Daily: Use this for a daily newspaper.

95. Courier: This is a popular newspaper name.

96. Herald: Because you are the herald that shouts out the news.

97. Monitor: Nice!

98. Radio: This works better for an audio news site than a physical paper.

99. Sentry: This is a cool option.

100. Republic: Nice!



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