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10 Short Good Night Prayers


Before you go to bed at night, take a moment to thank God for guiding and protecting you during his strength. Even when your day was filled with struggles and tribulations, his strength can guide you through. It is said that God never gives anyone a cross to bear that is harder than they can manage. Through your difficulties, you can learn to love and serve him better. These short good night prayers can be used to thank God for guiding you during the day and to pray that your future days will be lived to serve him better.

beautiful Night prayer

These prayers offer a range of different options. Some of them entrust your spirit to God as you sleep and thank God for another good day. Other prayers are a reflection on the wonders that God reveals during the day. Meanwhile, some of these prayers are just asking for protection while you sleep at night. Many of the short good night prayers ask for God to help you dwell in his peace and everlasting love. As you go to bed at night, these prayers will help you ask for God’s protection as you finish another day.

1. Heavenly Father, thank you for today and for all of the ways you helped me to love and serve you better. Thank you for giving me the sunrise and the sound of the birds singing. Thank you for the meals I have enjoyed, the music I have heard and the roof over my head. Thank you for giving me loving friends and family members to walk with me in this life. Above all, thank you for being with me in every moment. May I dream good dreams tonight and wake up well-rested to serve you better tomorrow. Amen.

2. Even as the darkness draws closer, you are the light within my heart. Your kindness and mercy light my world so that I can follow your path in everything. Now that another day is drawing to a close, I thank you for all of the good things that you have given me during this day. May you protect me during my sleep so that I can continue to serve you tomorrow.

3. I am so tired, Heavenly Father. Grant me a good night’s rest so that I can renew my energy and start a new day tomorrow. Calm my feelings and watch over my mind as I rest. Let me rest in your spirit tonight so that I may wake up renewed and energized in your spirit. Amen.

4. As darkness fills the world, you are the light within my heart. As the stars start to shine, your shining light renews my spirit. As the air turns colder, you provide warmth to my spirit. As the moon fills the sky, I know that I am held safe in your arms tonight. Thank you for protecting me during this day and please continue to protect me as I sleep. Amen.

inspirational Night prayers

5. You give us blessings as we rest and restore us as we sleep. Even when we drift off, you care for us and protect us so that all of our dreams are sweet. You are the safest place and the God of Grace. We are forgiven, loved and guided by you. You have given each of us a seed of faith and helped us to nourish it as it grows. You know all of our deepest thoughts, feelings and desires. Even when we cry in weariness, you understand and catch our tears. Throughout each day, you walk beside us and are a constant friend. During this night, we are protected and guided as you stay and abide in us.

6. Father, thank you for always caring for me. You have always been faithful to me and been the secure fortress that protects my soul. You have been the rock that I hold onto as I face the world. On this night, come to me and protect my mind. Guard my heart and wrap my being in your love. I place my entire faith and trust in you. Amen.

7. As I sleep safe in my home, I drink in your peace. Help me to understand my experiences and thoughts that I have lived today. As I allow myself to rest, help me to surrender my being to you. I give you my hopes, fears, fatigue and entire being. As I entrust my spirit to your care, I choose to live in you and believe. I will continue to choose you always. Amen.

8. In peace, I will now lay down to sleep. You, Lord, help me dwell in safety. Thank you for another good day and allow me to entrust my spirit to your protection as I sleep.

UPLIFTING Night Prayers to Use Daily

9. As the sun has set and the moon has dawned, I thank you for another good day. Even when I am faced with obstacles, I now that I can handle anything through your love and strength. Protect me as I sleep and help me to grow in my love for you. Amen.

10. Now that I lay down to sleep, I pray that you guide and keep my soul during the night. Thank you for the many blessings that you have given me. Watch over my family as they sleep and help all of us to grow in your love. We are not worthy to receive you, but through your grace we will be healed.



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