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50 Good Night Texts For Him



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There must be someone special within your life; someone who makes you feel great about living. We all have schedules to attend and at the end of the day we all do the same thing, we go asleep. The best way to finish a long day after attending all of the daily life necessities is to send a cute goodnight text to that person we are proud about. It is one out of many options to address to someone we love, and if we want them to keep thinking on how much we love them, we should probably start sending them cute messages.

It is difficult to select the content of the information you are trying to communicate to the significant other. You become afraid thinking on what reaction that person will present after reading the message. But please, do not get me wrong, it is very valuable for the other person to receive such message as you let him know that after your busy day, you are still taking some of your precious time to demonstrate that you really care about him.

To think on the content of such textual information can be a nightmare, therefore I will handle you some ideas you can use to communicate your feelings!

Make him wait a new day with some awesome lyrics appearing from your telephone number and contact name. He will know you are a being of great worth.


Solid Text Messages

The following ideas are for couples that has a well-structured relationship.

  • “I love you, my dearest.”

This is deadly information for him; to acknowledge information like this came from the person he loves, will make him rest for about 9 hours straight. He will feel confident that you are already in bed and that the last thing you do before sleeping is to send him something to rest with. He will feel confident about the relationship, you and himself.

  • “To think of how much I love you keeps me awake longer and longer every night.”

This will not only tell him that you are satisfied with him, you are also saying that the relationship is stronger than ever no matter how difficult life can show up. This will totally touch his heart as he admits he is doing good work besides everything.

  • “Prince, I wish you good nights. To my love, my everything, please sleep well and do please dream with your princess.

Some royal statements are going on. At the beginning of the text you are pointing his high posture; this will grab his attention and will submit him towards what you want. You admit that he is of a great posture, then you caress his mind by writing some meaningful statements, and finally you walk a step forward by telling him you are his sovereign equal. The aggressive orchestra.

  • “As I feel you in my heart tonight; will feel you tomorrow and forever. Sweet dreams elegant.”

Let him realize how much he will sacrifice to be with you for the rest of his life. Seal the information with something he feels satisfied with.

  • “Every single day you prove me why I have to love you. I will do the same for the rest of my life.”

Be realistic; tell him how smooth he is when it comes to show his acts. Pay your debts!

  • “You are the one because when we go apart I feel incomplete; I do not wish to be without you anymore. Good night.”

Admit you need him; tell him it is of your need. He will understand that he loves you a lot more.

  • “I did not love yesterday because I realize how much I love you today. I think tomorrow I will say I didn’t love you because I will love you even more.”

Be creative; make him loose conscious about how truly you love him. Overcome what is yesterday and make him bow tomorrow. With this king of text he will return every morning to think of you as you impregnate towards his being.


  • “I can’t sleep until I tell you: I love you and I miss you so much. Now my love, go get some sleep.”

If he is a beast this message will totally tame him. Be the authority and give orders to him as you go nervous when writing this text.

  • “You mean the world to me, do not forget it. Sweet dreams.”

Expose yourself once in a while. Let him know how important he is in your life, this will motivate him to work on how to keep you warm.

  • “I ran out of stars tonight counting all the reasons why I love you.”

Creativity always works neat!  Use the celestial items to promote your feelings towards him. Every time he looks at the stars he will remember your text.

  • “This day gave me no rest, it was hard. But hey! I cannot rest without saying good night.”

Show him how disrespectful this day went towards you, but you cannot concealed sleep until you declare towards your man.

Less Severe

If you are not a couple yet you know exactly what you want, this bellow information will help you to approach without alerting your prey, instead you will be throwing a bone! You will make him wonder why you are thinking on him.

  • “I would want to fall asleep beside you and awake next to you.”

Awake his senses let him know you are into him and that he can approach to you!

  • “I hope to be in your dreams tonight, you are already in mine.”

Tease him and flirt into his mind as you admit he is able to work on you.

  • “I wish hard enough for my dream to come true and wake up next to you.”

Show him you are a powerful woman! Be direct! Let’s see if he really has what it takes.

  • “I will dream of you tonight.”

 Make him wonder why would that be? Show him you are truth.

  • “I want to be the girl you can’t sleep without, and you can’t go in the world without loving.”

Use your sniper rifle and attack his heart directly!

  • “It was perfect today.”

You are telling him that his company was awesome! And you are not even being aggressive on it.

  • “Hope you think about me before you go asleep.”

Give him permission to think about you! Let him know he has a secure path towards you!

  • “I miss you already.”

You guys just left work or a meeting and here you are telling him that you miss him. This is a rock towards his nose.

  • “Dream of me.”

Give him some education as how he has to be with you from now on. Your interest will be upfront and now he is able to see it.



Approach without fear!

  • “I would walk the miles needed to sleep by you tonight.”

Don’t be shy and tell him what you feel right now. Show him how aggressive you can be.

  • “Oh you can’t sleep? So do i! Let’s can’t sleep together.”

Be playful with his sentiments. Show him you guys can have fun and become child paying adults.

  • “You are the last being I think of before going to bed; you will be the first thing I think as I rise tomorrow morning.”

Come to his mind! Defeat him in his game! Let him know you are serious about it and he is yours to take.

  • “It is best reality with you than any dream.”

Keep using creativity. Show him you take your time to think on what you want him to feel about you. This will surely get his attention.

  • “Good night sweetie.”

Show him he is a beast to be pet.

  • “I’ve come to realize that all those dreams are about not to be apart from you.”

Give him something to think about. Let him know you are involved in a series of events that will drag him close to you.

  • “I keep hugging the pillow as I would hug you if you were here.”

Show your desires and let him approach to you at his fullest!

  • “You are the only star to watch tonight.”

He is the only guy you think of! Show him how unique you think he is towards your life.

  • Hello! Just wanted to say good nights. Please do have sweet dreams and here! Hold the entire creation for me.”

He is strong and he can take it. Use this type of information to let him know he is capable of holding you and that you wish him to hold you!

  • “I really miss you the entire day.”

He knows you are busy, he knows the time passes, and know he knows you always thinking on him.

  • “I am thinking on you.”

What you want is that he acknowledges that he is on your head. So tell him as simple as that so he can start building stuff!

Sound like an Album

Take some cultured approach.

  • “Good night and dream of me with all your might.”

Give him orders! He is your Knight now! Give him something to sleep by!

  • “You are the sweetest thing, and I love you for that.”

Tell him he is a remarkable person within your life. this will encourage him to behave as he is.

  • “It is you alone in my heart, good night.”

Tell him that his home is you. There is a castle waiting for him to rule! Tell him he is the one and only.

  • “I don’t wish to sleep apart from you, but for now I will be seeing you in my dreams.”

Grab his soul and tell him you wish to spent nights with him! Show him you need him by your side and the only thing that is holding you is to dream about him.

  • “What would I be without you? You are everything for me.”

Make him feel robust as he takes pride acknowledging that someone misses him for who he is and his achievements!

  • “I have been thinking the reasons I love you, came to realize I fall asleep thinking of you.”

There are many reasons why you love that person, so tell him what you feel. Don’t be shy and tell him how he changes things around you!

  • “Goodnight, man of my dreams. That’s a date.”

You thinking on him none stop as you invite him to your dreams! He will sleep secure thinking that you are dreaming about him!

  • “I do love you; yes you can sleep now, but know that I love you.”

Just to make things clear enough, tell him a message like this to improve his happiness more and more!

  • “I will dream about you.”

It doesn’t matter if you are straight forward! Challenge him to know what it is!

  • “Perfection is to spend a day with you.”

Tell him that no matter how difficult a day can be, it will always be awesome if he is in there.

  • “Here you are with me, at the edge of falling asleep.”

Tell him you are feeling zombie already and yet your last movement is to text him that the very last moment you are thinking on him. You faint thinking on him.

  • “I am missing you as I turn zombie.”

Nowadays people refer to zombie status as how a person looks like when they need some sleep. Tell him that the necessity of him comes before that the necessity of sleeping.

  • “Do I see you in your dreams? I won’t be able to control myself… I wonder.”

Take a smile from his face! Attack his weakness with some tricky statements.

  • “I wish you could warm me up right now, it is very cold in here.”

Let him know he is the only heat you need for the rest of your life! Need someone to hold her tight!

  • “I am better in your dreams rather than alone in this bed.”

You are kind of telling him that his intimacy is better than yours alone. This is a solid statement towards to the necessity you present for his soul to be around.

  • “I can feel your strong arms around me.”

Tell him you are completely thinking on him! He got you feeling stuffs!

  • “It is strange how the pillows are feeling like if I were curled up against you.”

With this he will admit that all you need is him! That you are dreaming without even falling asleep.

  • “I want tomorrow to be just now!”

Tell him he is a living dream! All you want to do is to see him and be with him again!

  • “As we talk, I feel like I sleep better and better.”

Tell him you sleep in way you have never slept before.

Remember that based in the conversation it can be needed the use of smiles or emojis. It is very important to communicate your feelings.


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