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Good Playlist Names for The Right Event


When it comes to making playlists, it can be hard to distinguish between the different ones that you have saved. How will you know which playlist to play at a party or for your workout? You can’t stick to the same playlist every time, and naming a playlist, “Workout Tracks” only works once. If you are struggling to find creative playlist names, we can help. We have compiled a list of creative playlist names that you can use for all of your favorite songs. With these names, you can make it easier to find the right playlist for the right event.

Playlist Names for Indie/Alternative Music 

An Indie Dream, Darling
Cozy Winter Weather
Chilly Nights
The Words I Couldn’t Say
Warm Heart, Cold Feet
When I’m Away
With All My Heart and Soul
You Used to Be Like Home
You’ve Got Something Special
Just You in Your Head
He Was Heartbreak in a Bottle
With the World to My Back and the Ocean in Your Eyes
Way Too Deep
Thoughts of You
Girls Can Break Hearts, Too
Every Leaf Is a Flower
Bashful Smiles and Messy Sketchbooks
A Darker Kind of Day
Brighter Than the Sun
Colorful Darkness
Lie With Me and Forget the World
Imagine Their Paths Crossing With Mine
Never Forget You
Keep the Yule in Yuletide
I Will Follow You Into the Dark
Run, Forrest, Run!
Nighttime Is the Time You Will Be Awake
It’s Bigger Than Any of Us Here
Girls and Ukes
Sweet Disposition
Folks Fall in Love
Dreams in the Machine
Colors of the Heart
Skinny Love
Everyone’s Got Something
A Path for Lost Wanderers
Escape to L.A.
Take Me Out
I Bet You Never Heard These
A Trip Tto Nowhere
Electronic Alternative
Body Rhythms
Seven Nation Army
Because We’re the Wild Ones
Commuter Train
All We Have Is a Memory
Crave You
Mr. Brightside
Hipster Yoga
Make Me Fade
Potato: I Believe in You
I Feel Like I’m Not Even Real
Whiskey in the Woods
Time to Pretend
Unorthodox Road Trip
Sweeter Than a Honey Bun
Summer of Love
A Certain Romance
Songs for Long Summer Nights
Sky Above, Voice Within
They Haven’t Been Around
You’re Gone and I Want You Back
You Don’t Have to Worry
Common People
Will My Dream Come True?
We Hope for Rainy Days
Summer Babe
I’m Drowning in My Tears.
Save This for a Rainy Sunday
Out of Time
It’s Okay to Be Sad Sometimes
Something Is Different
Midnight Drive
Let’s Go to the Beach
Can’t Stand Me Now
Rainy Days and Cozy Sweaters
Lovely Leftovers
Apply Some Pressure
Stress Reliever
Mercurial Girl
Running Through the Trees
Palm Tree Indie
Study Up a Storm
Sleepy Autumn Days
Fell in Love With You
Walk This World Alone
The Colder Days
What Is Love?
Warm Hands, Cold Heart
Summer Throwback
Summertime Clothes
Summer Vibes
Sea of Love
We Are Falling to Pieces
Teenage Angst Tones
Unique Study
When the Sun Goes Down
There’s a Place for You
We Could Stay Up All Night
You’re a Beautiful Soul
Unstoppable, Unbounded, Unfailing Happiness
Chasing Cars
You Were the Sea and Now I’m Drowning
Each of Us Is a Little Universe
Time for Heroes
What We Have Is Real
When You Loved Me the Least
You Were Red and You Liked Me Beause I Was Blue
You Are Such a Basic Witch
Breathe Me
With You
You Set Me on Fire
Witch, Please
You Are Brave
What It’s All About

Playlist Names for Hip Hop/Rap Music

Booty Tunes
Chilling to Some Hipster Rap.
2 am + 30 Degrees
You Are My Favorite President
French Rap
King Kylie Inspired.
Rap Slow
Summer Is Coming, So Let’s Get High
We Be Kicking It
Wishing You Godspeed
Rap Party
Jedi Mind Tricks
Bodak Rainbow
Mob Out
Purple Piste Chill
Lit 101
I Will Get You Higher
Hip-Hop Hallelujah
Mafia Remix
Xan Wit That Lean
Troubled Youth
Something to Keep You Going
In Da Club
Rap Stream
Novacane, Baby
Fruit Punch
Empire State of Mind
Weekend Wanderer
Sleep Queen
Shook Ones
I Guess My Neighbors Love Me
Hip Hop Caviar
Gin and Juice
Gods of Rap
Fire in the Workplace
Hotline Bling
Touch the Sky
Dedicated to a Hoe
Black Hippie Roll Call
Chicken Nuggets
Mind Playing Tricks on Me
Drinks on Me
Good Raps, Dope Tracks
Smoking Loud
Conscious Hip Hop
Fire Emojis
Headed to the Beach
Drop It Like It’s Hot
Lose You
Music Is All We Got
It Takes Two
Rapper’s Delight
I Got Five on It
Rap and Pop Fever
That’s a Rap
Fight the Need
Turnt-Up for Jesus (Christian Rap)
Woo-girl Rap Party
Those Nights
The Real Slim Shady
The Get Down Soundtrack
Odd Future Wolf Gang.
I Got the Juice.
Hip Poetry
Get Lit and Stay Lit
Dope and Chill
Body Language
Bling Bling
Dej Loaf World
Be Easy, Be Free
All or Nothing Mix
Chilling like a Villain
Funk Is funk
Badass Girls Work
Chill Rap
I Am Not Your Favorite Rapper.
For My Gym Rats
Hip-Hop & Rap
Champagne & Pools
Dope Tracks Music
Fire Hip-Hop Mix
Hardest Drill Rap
I Kill This Shit
Run That Trap
Seattle Hip Hop
Kind of Indie Hip Hop
Summer Nights With Friends
Late Night DJ
South Bronx: Walk the Talk Rap
WeeDon’t Even
Minor Rap Love Mix
Smooth Flow
Money Trees
Trap Quad
On Some Chill Sh**
Whoop Whoop
Rah Rah
You Want to Play Rough? Let’s Go.
Rap Meets Indie
White Girl Rap
Rap Zap
This Sh** Goes Hard

Playlist Names for Dance/Electronic Music

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching
For Dem Bass Connoisseurs
Dream Dancing
Waltz the Night Away
Tropical Tunes
There’s a Small Hotel
Spring Break
Set My Soul on Fire
Push It
Preparing to Fly
More Glamour, Darling
In the Night
Dreaming Awake
Colors of Your Heart
We Found Love
A State of Trance
Bleep Bloop
Dance to the Beat
House Party
Staying Alive
Let’s Get Happy
Pure Trance
Single Ladies
Want to Jam!?!?
Forget Your Troubles
One More Time
Dance the Pain Away, Goney
Space Dance
Badass Babe
You Can’t Touch This
Dancing Alone at 2 A.M.
Busting Up Some Dirt!
It Takes Two
Perfect Day to Smile
Dance Cutie XO
Party Rock Anthem
Faded Under Gold Skies
I Just Want to Be With You
Jungle Music
This Is How We Do It
Living Lights
Night Vibing
Out of the Blue Moon
We Are Family
Rockabilly Dazzlers
Songs to Bake Brownies to
Summer Jams
Today’s Deep House
Trop House
This Is What You Came for
What Is Love All About?
Take on Me
You Trying to Party?
Warm Sun, Chill Out Grooves
A Thousand Years
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Vispa Electronic Music
Trance and Drive
Study, Vibe, Dance Tracks
Russian Ballet
Party Like a Rock Lobster
Makes Me Want to Dance
Just Want to Dance
I Taste Just Like Candy
Groovy Like a Drive in Movie
A Trip to Nowhere
Dancing and Driving
Dope AF
In Between
Move Your Nody
Nu Discoveries
When the Day Is Gray
Morning Glory
White Turnt
They Ae Playing Our Song
Ocean Godess
Drinks on Me
All That Glitters Is Snow
Got a Hennessy in My Hand
Bamba Baby
Feel the Music and Breathe It in!
I Want to Fly Away
Dancing With Myself
Shivers Down Your Spine
Murder Clique Dance Party
It Was Only a Dream
Miami Charm
Say Hello, Spaceman
Majestic Being
Chill Out and House for November
Light Glow
Dance All Day
Party Time
Happy Tunes
Not Your Valentine
I Guess My Neighbors Must Love Me
Sugar Plum Fairy
Laughter, Champagne and the Stars
Reggaeton Swag
Looking Good
Waking Up, Just Feel Right
Ready to Party
We Are About to Get Turnt Up!
The New Reality
Wild Youth
Trending Worldwide

Playlist Names for Jazz Music

That Old Black Magic
Sauter Coupé
New York, New York
Mad Men
Kids on the Slope
Jazz Best
Easy Rider
Classic Martini
Blue Moon
A Crowded Brasserie
Take the A Train
A Very Merry, Soft Christmas
Chill Out and House for November
Cozy Autumn Jazz
I Cried a River Over You
My Funny Valentine
Kino’s Bar
Moon Glow
West End Blues
Take Five
On a Cold Night
Rainy Sunday
Tote That Torch
Miles and Miles of Miles Davis
You Go to My Head
A Dapper Gent
Play That Jazz
Bossa Nova
Mack the Knife
Cool Jazz
Is This Love?
Fly Me to the Moon
Round Midnight
Like Nobody’s Loved You
Compared to What
Music That Inspired Ragtime and Jazz
Feeling Blue
Good-bye, Pork Pie Hat
Pen, Ink, and Your Favorite Jazz
Rhapsody in Mid-Century II
Strange Fruit
Singing and Dancing in the Rain
Georgia on My Mind
The Big Noise in an Afternoon Theater
Unrequited Love
Willow, Weep for Me
Lush Life
The Mad Scientist’s Laboratory
You Will Dig Us, Baby, We’re the Tops
Winter Wonderland
In the Mood
These Can Be All Your Rainy Days
What a Wonderful World
Swing My Way
Smooth Jazz
Blue Monk
Shot Down in Chicago
Roll Your Stockings Down
Autumn in New York
Music to Strip By and My Striptease Favorites
Method Mix: Mellow Jazz
Late Night Jazz
Sophisticated Lady
Jazzy Yuletide
It’s Cold Outside
When the Saints Go Marching in
Gin-Soaked Daydreams
Bourbon Jazz
A Dreamer’s Paradise
Blue Rondo a la Turk
You Are a Novelty at Best
Wasteland Princess
The History of Jazz: Long Version
Santa’s Got a Sax in the Sack
How High the Moon
Jazz Hands
Passion Flower
Magical Melodies
The Way You Look Tonight
It’s Easy to Live
Get to Me to 100 Likes
Blue Bolivar Blues
Stolen Moments
A Dolled-Up Dame
Christmas Jazz
Bumping on Sunset
Helpless Romantic
La Vie En Rose
Mellow Jazzy Fellow
Shaw ‘Nuff
The Scientist’s Library
Wasting an Hour Together
A Night at the Docks
Jean Seberg
Cool Piano Jazz
Autumn Jazz
‘Tis the Season
One Jazzed Up Bird
Momma May Have
Let’s Start the New Year Right
For When You Need More Space
Christmas Favorites
Blues Rebel
Classical Music
Jazz for the Afternoon
Melancholy Mood
Mr. Bojangles
Stormy Monday
Ultimate 20s
Chilling and Grilling With Bobby Flay
My Favorite Standards
Vibrant & Beautiful
Sing to Me Like a ’50s Gentleman
I’ve Told Every Little Star
Sinatra Sings
City Jazz
Viva Con Me
The Duke
Croon That Tune
Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Swinging Halloween
Jazz is Life
Lovesick 50 Years Ago
Dance the Night Away
Swinging for the Stars
Red Lips, White Pearls

Playlist Names for Reggae Music

The Dank
Something Stoney
Rock Steady
Reggae Moods
Natural Vibes
Let’s Chill at the Beach
Jah Love
Island Love
House of the Rising Sun
Early Sesh
Crazy Stupid Good
Redemption Song
Catching Those Feels
Blackboard Jungle
Bass Culture
Cali Reggae Mix
Dance Hall and Reggaeton
Emergency Spliff
Finally De Summer Come Around
Heavy Manners
I Dub You
Jamaican Me Crazy
No Woman, No Cry
Leave No Turn Unstoned
One Love, One Heart
Rasta Pasta
Roots, Rock and Reggae
Stir It Up
Sometimes You Just Want to Be Happy and Sing
Light the Spliff on Fire
Bounce and Chill
Jamming Jams
Chill Reggae
Island Fever
I Can See Clearly Now
Hard Tunes
Jammin’ fo Jah
Positive Vibing
Three Little Birds
Reggae With a Guitar
Stone Love
The New Reality
Rivers of Babylon
Slightly Summer
This Is Ragga
Surf Dub Reggae
Strictly Feel Good Reggae
Seeds and Roots
Many Rivers to Cross
Reggae/Ska Mix
Rasta, Man
Welcome to Jam Rock
Miss Mary Jane
Let’s Go Reggae Rocking
You Don’t Love Me
Jammin’ Like We in Jamaica
Island Grooves
Fighting for Mary J.
Deep Vibe Reggae
California Reggae
Bronx Dread
Blazing Vibes
Tomorrow People
Beach Bum
Could You Be Loved
The Living Is Easy
The Tide Is High
Spliffs and Joints
Rise of the Rasta Rebel Lion
Reggae Every Day
Could You Be Loved
Line in the Sand
Just Some Good Reggae
Mr. Lover Man
Island Feeling
For Johnny
Waiting in Vain
Dub Them Hard
Caress Me Down
Wild World
Boom Flick
Beach Living
Tenement Yard
Chill Dance Gall Vicious
I Shot the Sheriff
Hippie Trippy
Island Jams
Turn Your Lights Down Low
It’s Trippy to Be a Hippie
Reggae for The Soul
Monkey Man
Slightly Stoopefied
The Resurrection of Reggae
Trippy Hippies Are Going to Have Some Fun
Beach Babes and Good Vibes
Island Vibes
Rasta Out
Reggae Meets Hawaiian
Satisfy My Soul
Stoner Reggae
Too Speak to High
Surf Trip
She Was in Love With a Rasta Man
Reggae Vibes Is Good Vibes
Rasta Vibes
Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right
International Jet Set
Feeling Irie
Burn One Down
Island R&B
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Pass the Dutchie
Good Vibes
Blazing to the Beach
Reggae vs. Hip Hop
Cali Roots
Magic Flowers
Those Jammin’ Beats
Heart and Soul Reggae
Smoke Up, Toke Up
Wake and Bake
Jamaican Me Crazy
Reggae 101
A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Playlist Names for Rock Music

True Color of Love
The Long Road Calls You Home
Take Me Away
Comfortably Numb
Sleepy Autumn Days
Enter Sandman
Running Through the Trees
Meet Me on Top of the World
Lakes, Forests and Gray Skies
I Am the Wind
All Along the Watchtower
Give Me What You Got
Born to Be Wild
Come Dance With Me
Come as You Are
Breath Deeper
Behind You Every Step
Sympathy for the Devil
A Darker Kind of Day
All You Need Are Knives and Wood
Blue Moon Motel
Sweet Child of Mine
Stairway to Heaven
Highway to Hell
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Welcome to the Jungle
Another Brick in the Wall
Devil’s Crossroad
Everyone’s Got Something
Like a Rolling Stone
I’ll Think About That Promise
We Will Rock You
Keep Your Head Up
Lie With Me and Forget the World
Pushing Back Love
The Trees All Grew Flowers and the Henrietta Ravens Laughed
A Brief Midnight Encounter
Smoke on the Water
This Ancient Country
The Roots of Culture
Tennessee Nights
Stargazing Into Early Mornings
Night Song
Living on a Prayer
A Day in the Life
Lonely Without You
You Really Got Me
I Lost My Mind to You
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
Footprints In Your Heart
My Generation
Female Singer Songwriter
Cowgirls Love Cowboys
Coffee Break Time
The Sound of Silence
Blue Collars and Tin Lunch Pails
Autumns Splendor
A Tavern in Winter
Red Flags and Long Nights
Mad World
A Path for Lost Wanderers
Be In My Eyes, Be In My Heart
Brighter Than the Sun
Cozy Autumn Songs
A Quest for the Crown
Walk on the Wild Side
Finding Yourself
I’ll Be Waiting By the Ocean
A Nice Morning for a Cup Of Tea
Like the Winds Miss the Trees
Brown-Eyed Girl
Run Away and Don’t Look Back
Songs of Peace
The Arrival of Autumn
American Pie
Tipsy Daisy Love
A Time of Wonder
Broken Cowboy
Flickering Flames
The Boy’s Are Back in Town
Hunter’s Hex
If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
Mountain Sound
Silence of Tears
Struck by Heartbreak
The Golden Daze of Summer
Truck Driving Son of A Gun
The Rolling Sea
Take Me Home, Country Roads
Songs for a New World
Peace and Quiet
Life Is the Greatest Adventure of All
Just in Your Folk Mind
I Don’t Know You Anymore
Dependent Indie
Boomerang Country
As Autumn Leaves Turn
The Colder Days
Shouting Into the Black
Rain on California
Keep on Walking
Free My Heart
Coming For You!
Boondock Tides
Begin Again
Cabin Time Relaxation
Fading Sunset
I’ll Run After Your Heart
Living, Laughing and Loving
Sky Above, Voice Within
Sweetest Female Vocals
Kicking Stones
Beyond the Wind and Sky
Headaches and Heartbreaks
Coffee Sipping Folk
Soft Sweaters and Cabin Dreams
Breathe in, Breathe Out
I’m Hanging on for You
Rock the World
Time Travel
Empty Hearts and Flat Tires
Still Shining
Drumming on Nothing
Folking Around the Fire
Spring Serenity
Look for Fairies
The Ultimate Rock Mix
Rock and Roll All Night
Follow the Beat of Your Own Drum

Playlist Names for R&B Music

Struck by Heartbreak
Silence of Tears
Meet Me on Top of the World
Lie With Me and Forget The World
I’ll Think About That Promise
Bump n’ Grind
Give Me What You Got
Devil’s Crossroad
Be in My Eyes, Be in My Heart.
Let’s Get It on
Nighttime Love Making
End of the Road
Fading Sunset
I Am the Wind
Real Love
Keep Your Head Up
Pushing Back Love
Songs for a New World
A Brief Midnight Encounter
A Time of Wonder
Baby Love
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Workout Songs
King Kanye
Let’s Stay Together
Love Hurts
No Diggity
I’m Hanging on for You
I Believe I Can Fly
Kicking Stones
Like the Winds Miss the Trees
You Make Me Wanna Leave the One I’m With
Darkness Falls
Run Away and Don’t Look Back
Take Me Away
I Believe I Can Touch the Sky
The Golden Daze of Summer
Purple Haze
All Night Long
True Color of Love
When Doves Cry
Time Travel
When Love Ain’t Enough
The Rolling Sea
Stargazing Into Early Mornings
Running Through the Trees
Night Song
Lonely Without You
Just in Your Mind
I Lost My Mind to You
I’ll Be Missing You
The Boy Is Mine
Footprints in Your Heart
Coming for You
Reach Out, I’ll Be There
Behind You Every Step
A Darker Kind of Day
Tipsy Love
We Belong Together
Say My Name
Destiny’s Soundtrack
Free My Heart
Brighter Than the Sun
My Girl
Come Dance With Me
Finding Yourself
Headaches and Heartbreaks
Endless Love
I’ll Be Waiting by the Ocean
Keep on Walking
Living, Laughing and Loving
Shouting Into the Dark
Still Shining
My Guy
I Don’t Know You Anymore
Can’t Help Falling in Love
Everyone’s Got Something
The Roots of Culture
I Will Always Love You
Sky Above, Voice Within
Breath Deeper
I’ll Run After Your heart

Playlist Names for Pop Music

Poker Face
Baby One More Time
Going Gaga
Raindrops Keep Falling
Chain Smoking the Night Away
I’ll Be Missing You
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
All That I Want
I Swear
Daft Punk Wanna Be
Dance, Dance, Baby!
Nothing Compares to You
Wake Up in the Morning
All Night Long
That’s What Friends Are For
Let Me Love You
Get It Poppin’
Too Good at Good-Byes
Shape of You
Dark Horse
Dangerously in Love
I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It
Can’t Stop That Feeling
Bohemian Rhapsody
Purple Rain
What About Us
See You Then
Like a Prayer
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Uptown Funk
The Good Vibe Tribe
Rolling in the Deep
Thinking Out Loud
Where Did Our Love Go
What Lovers Do
I Will Always Love You
Tonight’s Going to Be a Good Night
Queen B Music
Love So Soft
Say You Won’t Let Go
That’s What I Like
Irreplaceable Songs
Locked Out of Heaven
Love Story
Endless Love
Shut Up and Dance
This Is What You Came for
Don’t Let Me Down
Good Vibrations
Crazy in Love
Night Fever
Billie Jean
Saturday Night Fever


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