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23 Good Topics to Talk About With Your Boyfriend


When you begin dating someone and send your time trying to learn about one another, sometimes there can be lulls in conversation. If you find yourself sitting there and think “what do I say?!,” then here are a few topic suggestions for you.

Always make sure that you want to know the answers before you ask any questions. Don’t ask them if they like watching porn if the answer will haunt you when they’re away. Wait for the bigger questions until you’re ready.

Try instead to use some of these lighter topic suggestions to keep the information flowing.

1. Weekend plans

If the two of you have something planned for the weekend, then discussing it will help amp up your excitement about it. It will also give you something to talk about that will help you both get through you long, tedious work week and have you excited to see one another. Excitement will help the two of you to think of each other in a happier light.

2. Compliments never go out of style

Don’t go cheesy here, just tell them some things that you like or admire about them. It doesn’t have to be a life choice or something big, just maybe something nice that you saw them to a few days before. This will not only let them know what you like about them, but will also pump up their self-confidence a little bit.

3. Daily worries are another option as they can give your partner something to feel grateful for

Sharing life’s burdens also helps to bring you closer together as a couple. Please don’t just unload on your partner, but ask them what’s been worrying them lately, or if something they previously told you about worked out or not.

4. Work is always a possible topic

There are always new projects, horrible bosses, people you love and hate, and stresses that you undergo at work. Talking about them not only helps you to understand each other’s professional lives, but also helps to figure out where your ethics stand.

5. Telling secrets is always fun and can be done in a game format

Each of you take turns telling one secret and before you know it, you’ll know a whole lot about each other. Secrets can not only help your partner understand you, but can also make you feel like they can be trusted more. It will definitely help the intimacy grow between you.

6. Television

Let’s face it, TV plays a big part in everyone’s lives now so filling each other in on your favorite shows and movies can help to bring you closer together. Even better, it can help pinpoint any shows that you both watch so that you have a reason to look forward to talking after a new episode. It can also help you set up any future movie dates.

7. Everyone likes good food

Talking about your favorite styles, dishes, and restaurants can not only teach you about one another, but also help you to set up future date plans somewhere you’ll both be happy to go. Who knows, you may even be dating an unofficial chef that can cook your favorite meals.

8. Your dreams and visions

Telling your partner about your dreams will help them understand your motivations in life a lot better. It will also help you to understand each other’s personal sides a little more so that you know what they enjoy.

9. Vacations

Planning your vacations or getaways weeks ahead of time will help the two of you to get excited together about your trip. By the time the date comes, you’ll both be thrilled to be heading out together. Don’t jump right into this one in week one though, make sure you’ve been dating for a little bit and that weekend getaway won’t turn into a horror story for a future relationship.

10. Hobbies

Telling each other about your hobbies and how you spend your personal time will grow your knowledge of each other and you may even find something that you both love to do and can do together. It’s also a good opportunity to learn about something new from them and since teaching people new things always inflates a person’s ego a little bit, it will help build self-confidence.

11. Your friends

Learning about your partner’s friends can help you to understand what they’re doing when they aren’t with you. Friends are a huge part of a person’s life and can tell you a whole lot about who your partner is. If your partner hangs out with seven prostitutes and a drug dealer, you may want to reconsider your relationship in its early stages.

12. Proud moments

Tell your significant other about any moment lately that have made you feel very proud and ask them what they’ve experienced. This can also lead to discussion about childhood memories which are always lots of laughs as well as very insightful.

13. Offer to help

Working together on anything, even something small like the dishes, can bring you closer together. It will also help to feel grateful for having each other around which will lead to more moments like that. Just make sure you aren’t the only one offering to help all of the time or you could quickly find yourself in a one-sided relationship.

14. Long term plans

After you’ve been dating for a while, discuss where you see the two of you in five years. It will give you both something to work towards together and solidify where you stand with each other. Even if your goals are something silly like to paint a wall in your apartment, or something more serious, like to get in better shape, putting it out there will help you to achieve it.

15. Self-improvement

Discussing your own flaws and where you feel like you should improve will not only help your partner to see where your personal goals are, but also provide them with an opportunity to help you out. It also helps break down a wall for them and talk about their own shortcomings.

16. Family

While most of us would rather hide certain aspects of our families, talking about them openly will help to make introductions go a lot more smoothly as well as prepare them for any craziness they may soon witness. If they’ve met your family, keeping them up to date will help them to fit in better each time they are together.

17. Bedroom issues

Problems in the bedroom always need to be discussed because if you don’t, it will come back to haunt you. If you aren’t feeling it lately, talk about it and see if you can work the problem out together.

Most of the time, intimacy issues have nothing to do with your sex life and stem from something else like having witnessed your partner do something you didn’t like. Discussing the issues can help to figure out what to improve or change to keep the bedroom a favorite spot.

18. Sex, of course

Talk about your favorite places to be touched, your favorite positions, or whatever really gets your motor running. A huge chunk of a relationship is intimacy so pay close attention to it and make sure it’s getting the attention it needs.

Talking about your favorites can help your partner to understand how to please you better and that will make them more confident in bed.

19. Health

It’s important to know about each other’s well being. If you have asthma or diabetes, that’s something that people close to you need to know. Whatever you’re going through may also help your partner to understand your actions a little better and they will know how to best support you through whatever it is.

20. Advice

While it can be a touchy subject, having an input in how your partner can improve their lives could help them to see things from another person’s perspective. Try not to offer suggestions without being solicited or asking first, but when you can, add in some of your thoughts.

21. Your past is always a fun topic

It doesn’t have to be about relationships or your sexual past, just easy things like how you played soccer in high school, or were the president of the chess club. Your partner may have also done some of the things you did and you could have a new activity to revive together. You may find out that you’re still pretty decent with that old tennis racket.

22. The future

Again, just knowing where your partner sees themselves going in life is a great way to understand their ambitions and what drives them. If they plan on being a CEO of a busy company, you need to know where you’ll fit into all of that and if that’s where you’ll want to be.

23. Likes, dislikes, and opinions

Even if you do so in a joking format, you still learn a lot about the person you’re with. If they hate improper use of “your” and “you’re,” then you know to try and use proper grammar when texting them. Opinions can be a little trickier so make sure that you start out with the simple things before you jump right into politics or something equally serious.

Now that you have a few topic suggestions, put them to use and see just how much you can learn about your partner., If you’re up for it, pay close attention to how much your relationship grows and it could be a fun experiment for you to laugh about later when you’re on that pre-planned vacation together.


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