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Great Office Attire Ideas for Women


The office isn’t the place to look untidy and neither is it the place to go full fashion — unless, of course, you’re working in the fashion industry. But if your nine-to-five job doesn’t require you to wear designer clothes, you need to find that balance between looking professional without compromising comfort and style.Business Insider notes that companies often ask their employees to dress in business casual, but what exactly that term means is a little unclear.

Of Mercer cofounder Dorie Smith explains that it’s an instruction that often confuses many. “Part of the problem is that there are so many trends that are so casual,” she adds. So to help you prevent any fashion faux pas in the office, here are some of the best office attire ideas you can try:

For winter

SOURCE: Harper’s Bazaar

Rainy and cold weather should never stop you from looking your best. Your bad weather office attire can include staples like sweaters, skirts, turtlenecks, pantsuits, oversized coats, and button-down shirts. Knit sweaters, menswear-inspired blazers, and wool coats are great choices, too. Pair these with boots, sculptural heels, and flats to complete the look. You can also make it more sophisticated with a nice bag if the occasion calls for it.

For spring

SOURCE: Marie Claire

Bodysuits are the new blouses and these are perfect for spring. Pair it with a midi skirt, neutral flats, and some accessories to make it look more sophisticated. If you’re aiming for something preppy, a feature article by Marie Claire suggests going for linen pants, a boxy button-down, and a pair of mules. Spring is also the best time to look colorful and cute so make sure you update your wardrobe to include shirt dresses and blouses with floral prints. Just remember not to wear anything too loud and distracting. Feminine shades like light pink and soft blue are ideal.

For summer

SOURCE: Glamour

The hottest days of the year aren’t exactly the easiest time to dress for work, but they’re also the most fun. Classic outfit combinations like the ones on Glamour will make you look polished without compromising comfort. To start, you can invest in a good midi wrap skirt and pair it with a black t-shirt and patterned mules. Dresses will also work great — just mix and match them with a denim jacket or a light coat. If you don’t know how to do it, just stick to the basics like knit pencil and maxi skirts. Take it from the versatile dress collection on Woman Within, which features trendy pieces that can be worn no matter how hectic your work schedule. The dresses are light, breathable, and easy to match with other clothes in your closet.

For fall

SOURCE: Harper’s Bazaar

Fall is the best time to create unexpected contrasts because wherever you go, contrasts are all you would see — from the colors and textures of the leaves to the general feel of the weather. For your work outfit, you can combine a suede jacket with sleek black trousers or go with shirts, dresses, and coats with bold contrasting colors. Playing with proportions is also a great way to find the best fall office outfit for you. You can style oversized blazers over pleated midi skirts for a sophisticated menswear-inspired look.

When it comes to attending your office events, make sure you pay attention to the little details. The dos and don’ts we listed here on Everyday Know include not wearing anything too flashy and making sure your outfit doesn’t include any type of denim or flip-flops. Monochromatic midi dresses, suits, and jumpsuits are ideal.

All in all, dressing for work doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. As long as you make sure you invest in the right items, you will have everything you need in your closet.


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