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Why You Want A Grower Not A Shower


There are two types of men in this world: Showers and Growers. Well, okay maybe there are much more than two types of men in the entire world. But what we mean is that physically, when it comes to a guy’s… Well, his member, if you catch the drift, there are two types of members that can be spoken up. One is a shower. One is a grower.

grower vs shower

What is the difference between a shower and a grower? Let us walk you through it.


A shower is someone that has a big package even before they get their boner. Meaning their junk always looks big! However, when they do get aroused, nothing really changes. Nothing at all. They always have the same sized member no matter what they do. This might make it hard for you to tell when they are getting aroused.


Growers have tinier members that only get large and in charge when they do finally become aroused. This is usually what it is like for most men, but not all.

Why Are Some People Growers and Some Showers?

You might find yourself super confused as to why some are growers and some are showers. Why does this happen? Why are not all men created equal when it comes to that fact? Science tells us that it is mainly the gene pool that decides these things. Sometimes genetics plays no role and it just simply has to do with the fact that some men create more collagen in their bodies than others. Collagen is what makes our skin stay elastic. We all have it. Some just have a better production of it than others out there. It’s important to remember that everyone is different.

Blood circulation can also play a major factor in whether a guy is more of a grower or more of a shower.

Does Being A Grower Vs. A Shower Effect Their Intimacy?

Now you might be wondering whether or not being either has negative effects on their ability to perform in the bedroom. The answer is to that is a simple no. Whether they are a grower or a shower has nothing to do with how well they do in the intimacy department. That is absolutely just based on their skill.

You may be asking, ‘Well, if it doesn’t affect how they do in bed, then why do I care whether they are a grower or a shower. Why should I be concerned with what one I end up sleeping with or dating?’ That’s a great question and we can certainly answer that for you if you keep reading below!  

percentage of growers vs showers

Why You Want A Grower Instead Of A Shower

Okay, so you might not have any problems at all finding a grower, because a majority of men are gifted with this title. It’s not often you will find the latter. But in case you have a choice between the two ever in your life, here are a few reasons that you should pick the grower over the shower.

  • You have to worry about other girls staring them down

The major problem we’ve found that comes along with showers is that they are never flaccid. Their junk is always prominent and there for the world to see. So tight pants? Grey sweats? Forget about it! Unless, of course you do not mind other women constantly checking out your man’s package. Yep, they will even do it when you around. People are ruthless. This is just one reason that you want a shower not a grower. Growers are too obvious.

  • Growers Are Less Arrogant

Showers are much more arrogant when it comes down to it. They feel like they have the best of the best and they let that type of stuff interfere with their attitude. This can make them come off as much more unappealing. Especially if they have a large member as it is and are already good looking. More than likely they are going to be totally full of themselves.

  • It’s More Exciting Being With A Grower

Let us just be honest here… Women love a good surprise. And there is nothing that is more surprising than when you see a man’s small package go from extremely small and flaccid to extremely huge and hard. This is exciting no matter how many times we see it. Let us know if we are wrong on this ladies, but we think that it’s more fun to see it grow each and every time we play with it!

  • You’ll Always Know When You Turn Them On

One of the saddest and most unfortunate things about a shower is that you never really know when you have succeeded in getting them aroused. No matter what you do their junk always stays the same! It can be frustrating. There is something extremely pleasing in knowing when you get your man all hot and heavy. Very sadly this is not something that is easy to tell when you are with a shower. Growers on the other hand will never be able to hide it from you. You will always be aware of when you are successfully getting them all riled up.

  • You’ll Be The Only Person Aware Of Their Size

Well, okay that is not entirely true! Sorry to mislead you with that one. There will be other people that have seen your man’s package. Usually people he has had sexual relations with in the place or people that he has dated. But other than that, you will be the only one to currently be aware of what he has going on downstairs. With a shower, it’s much easier for people to know what his business is all about. One small pair of shorts or, like we said before, grey sweats will let the world know in a split second. All it takes is for someone to glance down. And honey, if he’s good looking, they will definitely be looking down every now and then.

  • They’ll Make Sex Feel Equal

We discussed how showers tend to be a little more arrogant than growers. That includes in the bedroom as well as outside of it. When you are about to get down and dirty with a grower you might find that you feel much more relaxed than you would if you were about to get it on with a shower. Growers tend to be a bit more modest in the bedroom. This makes it feel more comfortable for you. Especially if it is your first time or if it is just your first time sleeping with him. He will be more relaxed and in turn that will make you more relaxed. Why will they be more relaxed? Because they will feel a little nervous about what you initially think about them. That’s because they will not be their full size until they are truly aroused. Which means they will be a little nervous about what you think at first.

These are some of the very prominent reasons that a grower is much more fun, better and chill than someone who is a shower. Hopefully this advice helps you to know which one you would prefer to be with. That is, if you get the choice!


    • Thank you for sharing your insights. Please feel free to share more of your positive comments in the future. Have a great day, Charles!

  1. I am a MAJOR grower. It looks EXTREMELY small when flaccid, but erect it’s 6.5” and thick girth. Ladies love it! Growers are better. The gene is more because of hunting that they won’t hurt their junk, but showers it will flap around and bust.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please share more of your insights and experiences in the future. Have a great day, Luke!


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