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100 Guinea Pig Name Ideas


Guinea pigs are one of the most adorable animals. All you have to do is go on YouTube to find guinea pigs who have been trained to do tricks. Best of all, this is a low maintenance pet. They only require a little space, and they are fairly easy to care for. Guinea pigs are a popular choice for people who live in apartments because most apartments are fine with having guinea pigs without a pet deposit.

 female guinea pig names

Once you get your cute, cuddle guinea pig, you have to decide on the perfect name. Some of the best names involve qualities about the guinea pigs like their fuzziness or adorable looks. For the next five to seven years that your guinea pig is alive, it will have the same name. To make your naming process a little easier, we have compiled a list of 100 guinea pig names. While we divided the list into names for a girl or boy guinea pig, many of the names can actually be used for both. Pick your favorite or modify one of the cutest names for an adorable name idea.

50 Guinea Pig Name Ideas for Girls

1. Lily: This is just a sweet name for a guinea pig.

2. Ginger: Ginger is perfect for red-colored pets.

3. Daisy: Flower names are so sweet for a girl guinea pig.

4. Nutmeg: In addition to being cute, this is a good name for a brown-colored pet.

5. Sweetheart: If you have a sweetie, name her Sweetheart.

6. Princess: Princess sounds like a high-maintenance pig.

7. Buttercup: Buttercup is an adorable name for a guinea pig.

8. Tootsie: Tootsie rolls are brown, so this would be great for a brown-colored pig.

9. Cupcake: Cupcake is almost too cute.

10. Pumpkin: We think Pumpkin would be great for an orange guinea pig.

11. Caramel: Caramel could refer to the color of your pig or how sweet she is.

12. Sprinkles: If she has speckled fur, choose this name.

13. Cotton Ball: Your guinea pig looks like a little cotton ball, so this name makes perfect sense.

14. Honey: This is great for yellow-colored pigs.

15. Cookie: Cookie is a sweet name.

16. Cinnamon: This works well for brown guinea pigs.

17. Bella: Bella means beautiful, which makes this a very pretty name.

18. Ladybug: Ladybug is an adorable naming choice.

19. Rosie: Rosie sounds sweet and is great for auburn pigs.

20. Hazel: Hazel sounds cute, but I am not sure what color it actually is.

21. McFluffy: This is for fluffy guinea pigs.

22. Jelly Bean: Jelly Bean is just adorable.

23. Flower: Embrace your inner flower child!

24. Toots: This is a short, simple name.

25. Miss Piggy: If your child loves Sesame Street and the Muppets, this would be a wonderful, clever name choice.

guinea pig names for girls

26. Nibbles: This is very descriptive of what guinea pigs do to kale or spinach.

27. Piggy Sue: This is a modification on the human name, Peggy Sue.

28. Twistle: Twistle sounds like one of the noises that guinea pigs make.

29. Fluffy: Fluffy is the perfect name for your fluffy, little fur ball.

30. Loofa: Your pet might look like a loofah, but we do not recommend putting her in the shower!

31 .Sugar: Sugar is always a sweet name.

32. Baby: This tends to be a popular name choice among children.

33. Peaches: Peaches can refer to the name of your pig, but it also sounds super sweet.

34. Sofie: Sofie sounds cute, but it doesn’t really relate to any of your guinea pig’s characteristics.

35. Minnie: Technically, Minnie was a mouse. We still think that this would be a great name choice.

36. Luna: If your pig is as white as the moon, name her after the moon with Luna.

37. Onyx: This works well if your pig is onyx in color.

38. Toffee: Use this for toffee-colored pigs.

39. Brandy: Brandy in color or brandy the drink?

40. Apricot: This is a cute name for apricot-colored pets.

 girl guinea pig names

41. Gingerbread: We think red pigs should get this name.

42. Fawn: This is an adorable name.

43. Raven: This is great for black-colored pigs, but your guinea pig might develop a complex if you name it after a bird.

44. Cocoa: Cocoa is such a sweet name!

45. Mocha: Use this for brown or black pets.

46. Ginger: This is an obvious choice for red pets.

47. Peachy: Just peachy!

48. Cabernet: Perfect for wine lovers.

49. Ruby: Great for red guinea pigs.

50. Shadow: This is such a sweet name.

guinea pig names for boys

50 Guinea Pig Name Ideas for Boys

1. Ham: Ham it up with this name!

2. Ozzy: Such a cute name.

3. Paco: We think this is a lovely name choice.

4. Zipper: Because he zips along!

5. Stud Muffin: This is for your cuter pigs!

6. Snickers: This could refer to his color or the noises he makes.

7. Snickerdoodle: This name is just too adorable.

8. Peanut: A perfect name for your little peanut.

9. Piglet: This is a very obvious naming choice.

10. S’mores: This is for a brown and white pig.

11. Copper: A great name for red pigs.

12. Furball: Just adorable!

13. Tank: Use this if he is especially chubby and built like a tank!

14. Rocko: We think this is a cute name choice.

15. Pepsi: This is great for brown-colored pigs.

16. Bacon: He might be a pig, but is he actually bacon?

17. Chunk: For chubbier pigs.

18. Goliath: For little pigs with big hearts.

19. Pork Chop: This name might make your pig a little nervous.

20. The Hulk: This is for pigs with big personalities.

 cute guinea pig names

21. Hamlet: This is perfect for your little ham.

22. Godzilla: What an ironic name!

23. Bacon Bit: He’s a pig, but just a bit of one.

24. Squeaker: This refers to his squeaking noises.

25. Mr. Pig: Mr. Pig is an adorable name.

26. Homer: This is a good choice.

27. Chomper: If he loves to chomp down his food, go with this name.

28. Oliver: Oliver is a strong name.

29. Braveheart: This is for little pigs with big hearts.

30. Bob: If you can’t think of another name, I guess this one works.

31. Fabio: This sounds like a fun name choice.

32. Nemo: Nemo is cute, but I’m pretty certain he was actually a fish.

33. Leonard: This would be a funny name choice.

34. Bart: If you name your other pig Homer, you can round out your Simpson family.

35. Matty: This could refer to his matted fur or just be a cute name choice.

36. Boomer: Boomer sounds like a pig who makes loud noises.

37. Jet: Perfect for black pigs.

38. Rusty: Rusty is great for red pigs.

39. Popcorn: This is an adorable name.

40. Teddy: Technically, Teddy is a bear’s name. We think it works for pigs as well.

41. Sleepy: This is for sleepier pigs.

42. Patches: Patches is a great name if his fur has different colored patches.

43. Dumbo: Dumbo was an elephant, but we think it could be a great pig name as well.

44. Squirt: Perfect for a little squirt!

45. Fuzzbucket: For fuzzy pigs!

46. Speckles: This is great for guinea pigs with speckled fur.

47. Flash: This is for your speedier pets.

48. Snuggles: If your guinea pig loves to snuggle, give it this name.

49. Twix: Twix is perfect for brown-colored pets.

50. Whiskey: This is a great name for whiskey lovers and brown-colored guinea pigs!


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