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50 Gypsy Baby Names


Gypsies are featured in operas, novels and historical stories. In recent years, one of the most popular developments in baby naming is to choose a gypsy name. According to some, there are two primary groups of gypsies. Romany gypsies are believed to come from the Indian subcontinent, and they live in America and Europe. Irish travelers are of Irish origin like their name suggests and have a nomadic lifestyle as well. If you want to have a unique name, we have 50 gypsy baby names to start you out with.


25 Gypsy Baby Names for Girls

1. Kezia

This name actually comes from the Old Testament originally. It is also a name that is commonly used by the Romany gypsies. According to the Bible, Kezia was one of Job’s three daughters. Long ago, this name was often given to slaves and is still popular among the African-American community. It is said to mean cassia tree.

2. Selina

Selina is primarily popular among the gypsy community and has not broken the top 1,000 list of baby names yet.

3. Clementina

We love this beautiful name. While clementines are certainly a type of orange, this was not the original name meaning. In Spanish, this is a name that means mild or merciful. More famously, it was the name of Lady Clementina Villiers, who was a beautiful society lady of the 19th century. More recently, it was the name of Clementina Black, who was a British woman who wrote about feminism and trade unions.

4. Masilda

Masilda is certainly an unusual sounding name. It is probably a variation on the name Mathilda, which means battle mighty.

5. Patience

The meaning of this name is clear. This name has appeared in works of literature like Shakespeare’s Henry VIII and an Anthony Trollope novel. This virtuous sounding name is popular among the gypsies.

6. Naomie

This lovely name is a gypsy variation on the more traditional name, Naomi. It has a beautiful sound to it and a connection to the Bible.

7. Lavinia

Lavinia is such a pretty name. In Greek mythology, it was the name of the wife of a Trojan hero known as Aeneas. This name also appeared in Shakespeare’s Titus Adronicus and G.B Shaw’s Androcles and the Lion.

8. Vadoma

Vadoma is a variation on the Russian name Vadim. This Romany name has Slavic roots in a word that means to know. Long ago, pagan magicians were actually known as veduny. This word meant the knowing ones.

9. Hester

This name dates back to medieval times. Many people recognize this from the Nathaniel Hawthorne book, the Scarlet Letter. While it may have declined in popularity for a while, it was later used in John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meaney, Oscar Wilde’s A Woman of No Importance and Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy.

10. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is one of the first names that people think of when they think of gypsies. This is because of the character in Victor Hugo’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame. In the story, Quasimodo is a hunchback, and Esmeralda is a gypsy. While her birth name was Agnes, she was called Esmeralda by other people because of the emerald that she wore around her neck.

11. Penelope

Penelope might be a gypsy name, but it actually dates back much further than that. Penelope was the wife of Odysseus in Greek mythology. While she waited years for him to return home, she had to make up a clever trick to keep suitors from trying to remarry her. She would say that she would marry as soon as she finished her weaving. She would weave furiously through the day and secretly undo her work at night.

12. Theodosia

This lovely name is quite popular with gypsy communities. We think it is a more feminine variation of Theodora. While you do not hear this name often today, it was fairly popular about a century ago. Famously, it was the name of the American silent film starlet, Theodosia Burr Goodman.

13. Florence

Florence is a city in Italy and is based on a Latin word for flower. Plus, it was the name of Florence Nightingale, who was one of the world’s most famous nurses in history. Nicknames for this name include monikers like Flossie, Florrie, Flora and Flo.

14. Queenie

Queenie originally started as a nickname for girls who are named Regina. Later on, the gypsies began using it as a stand-alone name.

15. Gypsy

Instead of just picking a name that is popular among the gypsies, you could name your baby girl Gypsy instead. This name was famously used by the burlesque performer, Gypsy Rose Lea.

16. Rosella

This lovely name is a variation on the name Rose. In nature, there is actually an Australian flower called a Rosella.

17. Charity

Charity is another one of the main three Christian virtues like faith and hope. It is less popular than the other two virtues as a name, but you still hear this name from time to time.

18. Mahala

Mahala is such a pretty name. It is popular among the gypsy and Native American communities. During the Gold Rush, this name became so popular that it was actually used as a generic word for a Native American woman. If your daughter has this name, you can also use the adorable nickname, Halie.

19. Tillie

This is such an adorable name. While it is popular among the gypsy community, it has also risen in popularity in the United Kingdom. Currently, it is the 90th most popular name in Wales and England. Old-fashioned names like Lottie, Kitty, Maisie and Tillie have been rapidly growing in popularity.

20. Rhoda

Rhoda is a name that comes from the Bible. In the New Testament, she was the mother of John. It also happens to be the name of a character in the 1970s television sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

21. Leonora

Leonora has been the name of opera characters and characters in plays. It also has a beautiful ring to it.

22. Ethelinda

Ethelinda is an unusual sounding name that is a gypsy variation on the name Aethelind. The earlier version of the name was said to mean a noble maiden, which makes it a great name for a baby girl.

23. Margaret

Margaret has been popular on and off for years. Famously, Margaret Barry was known as a banjo player, a singer and an Irish Traveler. Plus, this name has been used by a number of queens and saints.

24. Mercy

Mercy is another one of the virtues that has been transformed into a name. It was originally popular during the late 1800s, but we think that this name is going to make a comeback in the next decade.

25. Sabina

Sabina is such an unusual, beautiful name. This lovely name has been the name of characters in Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth and Milan Kudera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It was also the name of the Italian satirist and actress, Sabina Guzzanti.

25 Gypsy Baby Names for Boys

1. Menowin

You are unlikely to hear this name in your son’s kindergarten class. This Romany name is quite popular in gypsy culture. Linguists think that this name originally came from German words that meant strength and friend.

2. Patrick

Patrick is a name that comes from the Irish Travelers. Patrick Dune was a famous Irish Traveler and musician. Long ago, this name was also the name of a saint who became the patron saint of Ireland. In recent years, this name has started to rise in popularity again.

3. Vadim

Vadim was originally a Russian name. Etymologists think that the name came from the Slavic word, vadic, which meant to know. Because of this, pagan magicians were called the knowing ones or veduny. This would be a lovely Romany name for a baby boy.

4. Lash

Believe it or not, this is actually a Romany variation on the more traditional name, Louis. Louis is said to mean renowned warrior. While this Romany baby name hit its peak popularity in the 19th century, it is starting to rise in popularity again.

5. Motshan

This adorable name comes from the Hebrew name Moses as well as the Yiddish and Russian name, Movcha. It is said to mean son.

6. Danior

Danior is a name that means born with teeth, although it is probably unlikely that any baby is actually born with teeth.

7. Paddy

Famously, John Keenan’s son was name Paddy Keenan. John Keenan was a famous Irish Traveler. Originally, this name started as a diminutive nickname for Patrick.

8. Pyramus

Interestingly, this baby name dates back to mythology. In the stories, Pyramus was in love with Thisbe in Babylon. The young families were kept apart by their families in an ancient form of the Romeo and Juliet stories. Originally, this Greek name came from the Pyramos river, which has a name that means fire.

9. Timbo

Timbo is a Romany version of the traditional French name, Etienne. That name means crown, but it certainly has a hip, chic sound to it. One of the most famous people with this name is Timbo Mehrstein, who is a Gypsy jazz violinist.

10. Django

Django may be a movie title today, but it actually started as the traditional gypsy languages. This name means I awake and was once the name of the Belgian-born jazz guitarist, Reinhardt, who used this as a nickname.

11. Nehemiah

This lovely name comes from the Old Testament and is a popular gypsy name. In the Old Testament, Nehemiah was a prophet who had to rebuild the city of Jerusalem.

12. Leander

Leander is a name that once came from Greek mythology. In the stories, he swam to Hellespont each day to meet the priestess of Venus.

13. Roma

This is a shortened version of the word Romany. Famously, it was the name of the first female governor of an Australian state, Dame Roma Mitchell. This is also another name for the goddess Lakshmi and was said to mean one with shiny hair.

14. Bohemia

When the Romany arrived in France, they came from Bohemia. Because of this, they were known at the time as Bohemians.

15. Vano

Vano is a Romany variation on the more traditional name, Ivan. This Romany name is said to mean God is gracious. It was also the name of the gypsy guitarist, Vano Bamberger.

16. Manfri

Manfri is a Romany variation on the name Manfred. The name is said to mean man of peace.

17. Patrin

Patrin is such a beautiful, unusual name. This Romany name means leaf trail. The Sanskrit term Patta is also said to mean leaf.

18. Shelta

Shelta would be such a beautiful name, but it actually did not start as a name. Shelta was originally known as the secret language used by Irish Travelers. It was said to mean a voice that moves. Linguists think that this name actually comes from a Gaelic word that means walking. While it was originally a girl’s name, we think that it would make a great boy’s name today.

19. Nan

The name Nan became famous as the name of Nan Joyce. She was well-known as an activist for Irish Traveler’s rights. This is actually a shortened form of the name Nancy, which meant grace. We think that it would be a great guy’s name though and is such an adorable name for a baby boy as well.

20. Silvanus

In mythology, Silvanus was the Roman god of trees. This lively moniker was popular in classical times, and it remained popular among the Romany gypsies. Now, it is starting to rise in popularity in the Western world again.

21. Duke

This name has been popular off and on for years. Interestingly, it is also a popular name among the gypsies. More recently, people recognize it as the name of the legendary American jazz musician, Duke Ellington.

22. Freedom

Freedom is a name like Patience or Mercy. It shows a virtue or a philosophical statement. It was the name of a character in the book the Host by Stephanie Meyer. It was also the name chosen by Ving Rhames for his son. While it would certainly be a fairly odd choice for a little boy, we think that it could work for the right child.

23. Ocean

While you do not hear this name nearly as much today, it was actually quite popular in the 1970s. Now, parents are starting to choose names like this again because they are so connected to nature. If you want a more classical sounding name, you can use a variation like Oceanus. One of the more famous instances of this name is Frank Ocean, who was known as an American singer.

24. Llewellyn

Llewellyn is such a pretty name that just rolls off your tongue. While it has appeared in works like McCarthy’s No Country for Old Men, it is also the name of a number of famous people in history. It was the name of Llewellyn Fawr, who was also known as Llewellyn Olaf an Llewellyn the Great.

25. Bartley

Bartley Gorman V was famously known as the King of the Gypsies. He was an Irish Traveler as well as an undefeated knuckle-boxing champion in Ireland. Barley was once a surname, and it dates back to the middle of the 16th century. The name is said to mean a birch tree meadow.


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