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Do Girls Like Guys With Hairy Legs?


Did you know that no one shaved their legs until about the 1920s? For hundreds of years, women wore dresses long enough to hide their legs completely. Shaving only became popular once the legs were visible to other people. Until that time, men and women were perfectly fine with having natural, hairy legs.

While the verdict is still out on whether guys like girls with hairy legs, there is a general consensus about how girls feel about guys with hairy legs. Unlike girls, there is no societal expectation for guys to shave their legs. In most cases, there is actually an expectation that guys won’t or shouldn’t shave. If you are a particularly hairy guy though, you may feel uncomfortable. You may already have hair on your back and neck to worry about, so a bit of extra hair on your legs is the last thing you want to agonize over.

Do Girls Like Guys With Hairy Legs?

For the most part, girls do not mind if a guy has hairy legs. The majority of girls are raised in a society that expects men to have natural hair on their legs. While most women do not mind some hair on a guy’s legs, there are others that do not want excessively hair legs. Other women love guys with a lot of hair, so excessively hairy legs could be a good thing if you find the right partner.

There are very few guys who shave their legs, so you really don’t have a lot of options if you dislike the hair on your legs. You could shave, but you will run into a couple of problems. First, there is the societal norm about guys keeping their legs natural. I am all for breaking with societal norms, but you should know in advance that there are people out there who won’t support your decision (although it is entirely your decision to make).

Next, shaving sucks. If you have never shaved before, then you are in for a surprise. It takes a decent amount of time to keep your legs shaved, and your legs are much larger and longer than your face. If you thought that shaving your beard wasn’t any fun, then shaving your legs every couple of days will be even less fun. If you skip too many days of shaving, then you end up with awkward stubble that itches and generally does not look attractive.

As a general rule, your potential date is probably going to prefer it if you have a bit of hair on your legs. If you are naturally hairless, do not worry about it. If you are a bit hairier than most people, it also isn’t a major worry. Most girls will not mind if you have extremely hairy legs, so there is no reason to think about it too much.

What Do Girls Like?

Everyone likes something different, so your best bet is to pick a look you like and stick with it. You cannot possibly make yourself attractive to 100 percent of women. Every woman has a different look or style that she finds attractive, so you can’t cater to everyone’s tastes.

In addition, you want to find a girl who likes you for who you are. While you can change your look or personality for a single date, you are ultimately going to revert to who you are. If you pretended to be someone you are not, then your date will leave you when she discovers the real you. If you act naturally and be yourself from the beginning, then you will attract a date who likes you for who you are and you don’t have to pretend to be someone that you are not.

When it comes to looks, hairy legs are probably not the most important factor. If you are already attractive, having hairy or not hairy legs will not suddenly cause every girl in the world to run away. While finding a guy with attractive legs is great, there are so many other factors that go into attractiveness. More importantly, your long-term relationships are going to be based on other factors like your personality and your intelligence. Instead of obsessing over a trivial detail like the hair on your legs, focus on learning new things, becoming educated and developing a great personality. In the long run, these improvements will help you find someone who is also more intelligent and personable.

All that ultimately matters is your overall attractiveness, your personality and your natural intelligence. After that, hairy or not hairy legs are only a bonus for your partner. Each person likes something different, so there is no reason to change yourself to suit some idealized version of how you should look. In general, most ladies will love your hairy legs.



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