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100 Hamster Name Ideas


Your landlord says no to a dog, and you honestly don’t have enough time for one anyway. You need a rental-friendly pet that can handle being alone for a while. After browsing through the pet store for a few hours, you realize that you have found the perfect option: a hamster. Now, you just have to get the perfect hamster name ideas. If you are not sure about what to call your pet hamster, the following list can help. 

50 Hamster Name Ideas for Males

1. Sparky: For energetic hamsters.

2. Whiskers: This is a cute name for a hamster with long whiskers.

3. Hamburger: Basically, any variation of the word “ham” will make for a cute hamster name idea.

4. Einstein: Who says that hamsters can’t be intelligent?

5. Maximilian: This is an ironic name since it makes your hamster sound large and ferocious.

6. Chocolate Chip: This would be a great name for a hamster that has black spots that look like chocolate chips.

7. Hulk: This is an ironic hamster name idea.

8. Butterscotch: Use this if your hamster is butterscotch in color.

9. Ripley: Cute!

10. Beefcakes: This is for chubby hamsters.

11. Porky: Fun!

12. Franklin: This is a very serious sounding name for a hamster.

13. Tank: This is a name for large animals, so it is used ironically when it is given to hamsters as their name.

14. Teddy: For adorable hamsters.

15. Jo Jo: Cute!

16. Brown Sugar: Use this if your hamster is brown in color.

17. Kaleface: Have you ever given your hamster kale to eat? If he loves eating kale, give him this name.

18. Tiny: For your tiny, cute hamster.

19. Chubby Cheeks: Hamsters always have such chubby, adorable cheeks.

20. Paul Bunyan: Paul Bunyan was said to be gigantic, which makes this an ironic name.

21. Buster: Cute!

22. Ricky Bobby: This is just a silly name to choose.

23. Butterball: For a hamster that looks like a little butterball.

24. Paws: Adorable.

25. Tigger: If your hamster loves to jump around, use this name for him.

26. Foodstuff: Because all he cares about is the food.

27. Gus: Simple.

28. Midnight: For a hamster that has a dark coloring or black fur.

29. Hamlet: An adorable variation on the word, “ham.”

30. Hampton: This sounds very elegant and proper.

hamster name ideas

31. Taz: Cute!

32. Caesar: This is a fun hamster name idea.

33. Powderpuff: Because he looks like a little powderpuff.

34. Boo Bear: This is an adorable name.

35. Lucius: Sweet.

36. Napoleon: Because he has an ego as big as Napoleon’s.

37. Dragon: For your ferocious, courageous hamster.

38. Budweiser: Because he has fur that is the color of beer.

39. Pablo: Adorable.

40. Bernard: Sometimes, fancy names like this are incredibly adorable for a hamster.

41. Skittles: Cute!

42. Larry: This is a simple option.

43. Pepper: This is one of my favorite hamster name ideas.

44. Chongo: Cool.

45. Sexy Beast: This can be used ironically.

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46. Rex: T-Rex is known for being a gigantic, ferocious dinosaur, so this name is ironic.

47. Cooper: For red-colored hamsters.

48. Platinum: For silver or gray-haired hamsters.

49. Quicksilver: This could refer to his fur color or his speed.

50. Copper: Another great name for red hamsters.

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50 Hamster Name Ideas for Females

1. Holly: For all of those Breakfast at Tiffany’s fans out there.

2. Churro: Because your hamster looks like a little churro.

3. Bunny: This would be a funny name for a hamster.

4. Goldilocks: Because your hamster has yellow fur.

5. Gingersnap: This is such an adorable name for a hamster.

6. Snow White: Fairy tale names are always a good choice when you are looking for hamster name ideas.

7. Pearl: For a white hamster.

8. Lovebug: For a hamster who loves to cuddle you.

9. Lily: This just sounds sweet.

10. Sugar Cookie: Use this for a hamster that is sweet like a sugar cookie or the color of a sugar cookie.

11. Cinderella: Cute!

12. Snowball: This is one of my favorite hamster name ideas.

13. Dorito: Adorable!

14. Sliver: Because your hamster is just a tiny sliver.

15. Bonita: This means pretty in Spanish.

16. Maggy: This just sounds pretty.

17. April: April is a cute nae.

18. Furball: Because your little hamster is nothing but fur.

19. Honey: This is a good name for a hamster that is yellow like honey.

20. Cuddle Bug: A great name for a hamster who loves to cuddle.

hamster name ideas

21. Goldie: This is a good hamster name idea for a hamster who is gold in color.

22. Sweety: Easy.

23. Snowdrop: This is an adorable name option.

24. Lady: This is a good name for a female hamster.

25. Orange Soda: A great name for an orange-colored hamster.

26. Buttercup: Cute!

27. Precious: This is always a good option.

28. Snookums: This name just sounds sweet.

29. Earmuff: Use this if your hamster looks like a pair of earmuffs with all of her fur.

30. Sweet Pea: Sweet Pea is perfect for a super sweet, adorable hamster.

31. Gretel: If you have a boy as well, you can name him Hansel.

32. Magenta: Cute!

33. Peppermint: This sounds cute, but there are no peppermint-colored hamsters.

34. Bella: In Italian, this name means beautiful.

35. Fufu: This is a silly-sounding name.

36. Mouse: Because your hamster looks like a little mouse and happens to be as quiet as a mouse is.

37. Panda: Use this name for a hamster that has black and white fur like a panda.

38. Minnie: This name was taken from Minnie the Mouse.

39. Banana: For a yellow-colored hamster.

40. Bourbon: For a hamster that has a lot of brown coloring.

41. Cocoa: This is a great hamster name idea for hamsters that have a lot of brown fur.

42. Bebe: This hamster name just sounds cute.

43. Tangerine: This would be one of the best hamster name ideas for an orange hamster.

44. Dolly: Cute!

45. Cashmere: Cashmere is very soft, just like your hamster is!

46. Gin: If you have a second hamster, you could name him Tonic after the drink.

47. Tinkerbell: Because your hamster is as tiny and cute as Tinkerbell is in the stories.

48. Ginger: This is always a popular option for a hamster that is ginger in color.

49. Chumlee: Cute!

50. Bonnie: If you have a boy hamster as well, you could name him Clyde and have Bonnie and Clyde at your home.


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